Corinne Sullivan


Corinne Sullivan is a dating writer at Elite Daily, where she writes about love, sex, and relationships and shares overly personal stories that embarrass her husband sometimes. She’s always down to analyze a text, swipe through a dating app, or look at too many photos of a celebrity wedding. Corinne’s bylines have also appeared in PopSugar, Woman’s Day, Refinery29, Female First, The Millions, We Heart Writing, Yahoo, MSN, and more. She is the author of Indecent (Wednesday Books, 2018), about which one Goodreads user said, “I have never felt so much secondhand embarrassment and anxiety while reading a book.” She received her bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing concentration from Boston College and her master’s degree in fine arts for fiction writing from Sarah Lawrence College. When Corinne is not caring too much about celebrity breakups or helping her friends create the perfect dating app profile, she’s reading a book every chance she gets. She can also be found singing along to ‘80s playlists while spinning on her Peleton or dancing (either with DanceWorks New York City or in her kitchen while making dinner). Her passions include wine, her fat corgi-lab mix Jack, and Lifetime movies about teenage pregnancy and/or cyberbullying. You can follow Corinne on Twitter and Instagram at @corinnzo and learn more about her work at

3 Signs Someone Isn't Playing Hard To Get, They're Just Not Interested

By Corinne Sullivan
OK, I'm going to be real: I don't get the point of playing hard to get. I don't get the point of games in general. If I made the rules of the dating world, I would say: If someone shows romantic interest in you and you feel the same way, then…