Billie Eilish's lyrics about love and sex are hot.

These 20 Billie Eilish Lyrics About Love And Sex Are Everything I Wanted

Her lyrics are hotter than ever.

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When you think about Billie Eilish, “romantic” probs isn’t the first word that comes to mind. The singer’s moody, macabre anti-pop ballads likely won’t be chosen for anyone’s first wedding dance song, but if you listen carefully, you’ll find that Billie Eilish’s lyrics about love and sex cut deeper than you may have realized. Both her debut record, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, and her second studio album, Happier Than Ever, offer plenty of musings on love, sex, and heartbreak, and though it’s unclear whether Eilish is currently dating actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, the lyrics from the second album make it clear she’s def over her ex-boyfriend, Q.

Eilish and Q (whose real name is Brandon Quention Adams and stage name is 7:AMP) reportedly dated from the end of 2018 to the middle of 2019, and it seems their breakup inspired some of Eilish’s most powerful tracks. And while her lyrics may not be particularly sentimental (I mean, she literally sings, “I'm not sentimental,” in “Billie Bossa Nova”), there’s no denying that her lyrics about love and sex are hot AF. Here are just some of Eilish’s most fiery song lyrics of all time, many of which seemingly allude to her ex.

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  • “Heart made of glass, my mind of stone / Tear me to pieces, skin to bone.” — “Lovely”
  • “I'm scared / I've never fallen from quite this high / Fallin' into your ocean eyes.” — “ocean eyes”
  • “I came committed, guess I overdid it / Wore my heart out on a chain / Around my neck, but now it's missin.’” — “8”
  • “And let me crawl inside your veins / I'll build a wall, give you a ball and chain.” — “hostage”
  • “Remember not to get too close to stars / They're never gonna give you love like ours.” — “ilomilo”
  • “I'm not sentimental / But there's somethin' 'bout the way you look tonight / Makes me wanna take a picture / Make a movie with you that we'd have to hide.” — “Billie Bossa Nova”
  • “If you only pray on Sunday, could you come my way on Monday? / ‘Cause I like to do things God doesn't approve of if She saw us.” — “Oxytocin”
  • “I've been loved before, but right now in this moment / I feel more and more like I was made for you.” — “Halley’s Comet”
  • “Our love is six feet under / I can't help but wonder / If our grave was watered by the rain / Would roses bloom?” — “Six Feet Under”
  • “I like it when you take control / Even if you know that you don't / Own me, I'll let you play the role / I'll be your animal.” — “bad guy”
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  • “We fall apart as it gets dark / I'm in your arms in Central Park / There's nothin' you could do or say / I can't escape the way I love you.” — “i love you”
  • “You better lock your door / And look at me a little more / We both know I'm worth waitin' for / That heavy breathin' on the floor / I'm yours, I'm yours.” — “Billie Bossa Nova”
  • “Giving you all you want and more / Giving you every piece of me / I don't want love I can't afford / I just want you to love for free.” — “Bored”
  • “Was I stupid to love you? / Was I reckless to help? / Was it obvious to everybody else / That I'd fallen for a lie? / You were never on my side / Fool me once, fool me twice / Are you death or paradise?” — “No Time to Die”
  • “But I loved you then and I love you now / And I don't know how / Guess it's hard to know when nobody else comes around / If I'm getting over you / Or just pretending to / Be all right, convince myself I hate you.” — “Male Fantasy”
  • “Lips meet teeth and tongue / My heart skips eight beats at once / If we were meant to be, we would have been by now / See what you wanna see, all I see is him right now.” — “watch”
  • “Gold on your fingertips / Fingertips against my cheek / Gold leaf across your lips / Kiss me until I can't speak.” — “hostage”
  • “If you find it hard to swallow, I can loosen up your collar / 'Cause as long as you're still breathing / Don't you even think of leaving.” — “Oxytocin”
  • “Deadly fever, please don't ever break / Be my reliever 'cause I don't self medicate / And it burns like a gin and I like it / Put your lips on my skin and you might ignite it / Hurts, but I know how to hide it, kinda like it.” — “My Strange Addiction”
  • “Cause I, I'm in love / With my future / Can't wait to meet her / And I, I'm in love / But not with anybody else / Just wanna get to know myself.” — “my future”

Nobody plays the bad guy better than you, Billie.