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Billie Eilish Has DEF Moved On From Her Ex, According To Her New Album Lyrics

Happier Than Ever is all about being in a much better place.

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Two years after Billie Eilish dropped her debut record, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, the singer released her second studio album, Happier Than Ever, on Friday, July 30. Eilish gave fans a preview of her latest project with singles like “Your Power” and “Lost Cause,” both of which were rumored to be about her ex-boyfriend, Q. The two reportedly dated from the end of 2018 to the middle of 2019. Since it seemed their breakup inspired some of Eilish’s most powerful tracks, fans wondered if the rest of her album would have a similar theme about loving someone and learning to let them go. Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever lyrics about her ex will make you emotional.

With the album finally here, and it’s safe to say that Billie is in her artistic bag on Happier Than Ever. “I can’t even process it,” she said in a July 29 Instagram post about the record’s release. “This was the most fulfilling, most satisfying, and profound experience I’ve ever had with my music. I love every song on this project so so much it literally scares me thinking about putting it out into the world for anyone to listen to. I feel like crying. I grew so much in the process of making this album and experienced so much self-realization and self-reflection.”

If you’re an Eyelash, you’re *def* going to fall head over heels for the album in just one listen. Not only is Eilish’s voice and production as gentle yet impactful as ever, but her lyricism is super vulnerable and emotive — especially when she’s talking about her past love life. So you’re probably wondering: Who is she singing about? Are these songs about her ex, Q?

Eilish’s ex-boyfriend, Q — whose real name is Brandon Quention Adams and stage name is 7:AMP — already has a bad rap amongst Eyelashes. In February, they found out through the singer’s The World’s A Little Blurry documentary that her ex once stood her up at Coachella. Due to her rocky relationship with Q, fans think these songs below could be about him.

“I Didn’t Change My Number”

According to fans, Eilish is calling out an ex on her song “I Didn’t Change My Number.” The track is about the star moving on from someone who hurt her. Although she says she didn’t change her number to avoid that person, she changed who she replies to. “You were easy on the eyes, eyes, eyes/ But looks can be deceivin',” she sings in the second verse. “I gotta work, I go to work/ You don't dеserve to feel so hurt/ You got a lot of f*ckin' nerve/ I don't deserve.”

In the chorus, Eilish seemingly tells an ex, “I should have left when Drew said you were bad news.” Drew is a friend of the singer’s, so it appears she had a feeling Eilish’s ex was not the one from the start.

“My Future”

In “My Future,” Eilish says she knows she’s supposed to feel lonely since she isn’t with someone anymore, but she actually feels the opposite now that she’s learned to put herself first. “‘Cause I, I'm in love with my future/ Can't wait to meet her/ And I, I'm in love but not with anybody else/ Just wanna get to know myself,” she sings, showing she’s moved on.

“Lost Cause”

“Lost Cause” may be one of Eilish’s most telling tracks on Happier Than Ever. Fans think it’s about Q because it’s the seventh track on her album and his stage name is 7:AMP. Also, in the first chorus, Eilish seemingly reveals an ex once ditched her, which has fans thinking it could be about the time Q stood her up at Coachella. “You weren't even there that day/ I was waitin' on you/ I wonder if you were aware that day/ Was the last straw for me and I knew,” she sings.

“Your Power”

Although Eilish said “Your Power” is about “many different situations,” fans aren’t so convinced. According to them, the song is about a manipulative ex who abused his power in their relationship. “I thought that I was special/ You made me feel like it was my fault, you were the devil,” Eilish sings on the track.


“NDA” references Eilish’s other Happier Than Ever tracks like “I Didn’t Change My Number” and “My Future,” so of course, it shares a similar theme about pushing past heartbreak. “Didn't change my number, made him shut his mouth/ At least I gave him somethin' he can cry about/ I thought about my future, but I want it now,” Eilish sings in the second verse.

“Therefore I Am”

Eilish sends a message to all her haters in “Therefore I Am,” including someone who used to be part of her life. “I don't want press to put your name next to mine,” she says on the track. “Cause I hate to find articles, articles, articles/ Rather you remain unremarkable/ Interviews, interviews, interviews when they say your name, I just act confused.”

“Happier Than Ever”

Just like the title track implies, Eilish lets her ex know she’s better off without him on “Happier Than Ever.” She sings, “When I'm away from you/ I'm happier than ever/ Wish I could explain it better.” In the third verse, Eilish says that although her ex hurt her, she won’t “talk sh*t” about him online because that’s “embarrassing.” She then finishes the track by saying, “Just f*ckin' leave me alone.”

Eilish’s Happier Than Ever lyrics prove she hasn’t let anyone’s negative actions or words affect her self-worth. She’s learned how to love herself and not rely on others to make her happy. Bravo!