Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may be getting married.

J.Lo And Ben Are Reportedly "Seriously Talking About Getting Married"

Are those rumors about Affleck shopping for an engagement ring true? 💍

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Ever since they rekindled their romance in April 2021, fans have been wondering whether Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting married anytime in the near future, and it sounds like plans are already in the works. On Aug. 24, a source for Us Weekly claimed the lovebirds are “seriously talking about getting married,” which is pretty major. “They are both madly in love and don’t want to let one another go this time,” the insider claimed, even adding that Affleck reportedly considers J.Lo the “one that got away” and is “determined to make sure that doesn’t happen this time.” OMG, my heart!

While Affleck and Lopez have yet to confirm any engagement or marriage rumors themselves, Affleck was reportedly spotted ring shopping on Aug. 23. According to Page Six, the actor appeared to be looking at engagement rings at a Tiffany’s in Century City, California, and while he may have been casually browsing, he did have his mom and his son Samuel with him, which seems... not casual. However, according to a source for E! News, Affleck’s visit to Tiffany’s was reportedly only part of a scavenger hunt he was doing with his kids at the Century City mall.

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“They split into teams with his daughters on one team and Ben, Sam, and his mom on the other," the E! News source claimed. "They went all around the mall and into various stores crossing off each of the items they found. One of the stops was into Tiffany and they had to find something in the store. Ben walked in with his son and his mom and they quickly found what they needed and walked out. Ben held a pen and crossed it off his list.” Sorry, Bennifer shippers, but Lopez and Affleck may not be tying the knot just yet.

They may not be ready to say “I do,” but it does seem the pair is ready to combine their families. A source reportedly close to Lopez claimed to E! News, “Jennifer has made a big effort to get to know Ben's kids and welcome them into her home and her life. They have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and letting the kids have fun and bond.”

Back in July, another source for E! News claimed family was their priority at the moment rather than ring shopping. “They have been meshing their lives and families and don't feel the need to get engaged yet or even tie the knot," the insider shared. "They have both been there and don't feel it's necessary. They are both very secure within their relationship and Ben worships her."

If and when Affleck does propose, I don’t know how he’ll beat the 6.1-carat pink Harry Winston diamond he gave Lopez back in 2002, but I’m sure he’ll find a way.