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Virgo And Pisces Thrive Together For A Surprising Reason

They’re truly each other’s better half.

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In life and in astrology, opposites don’t always attract, but if you know anything about Virgo-Pisces compatibility, then you know this odd couple makes for a surprisingly strong match. While a Virgo man and Pisces woman (or Pisces man and Virgo woman, or any Pisces and Virgo regardless of gender) don’t have much in common, they do complement each other in a way few other signs can.

And although opposing signs can make for a challenging pair, Pisces and Virgo tend to complete each other in surprising ways. Out of all the opposing sign matches, Pisces and Virgo is one of the more harmonious, according to professional astrologer Taryn Bond. As opposite signs existing along the same axis (when you look at the zodiac wheel, there’s an axis line that runs straight across from Virgo to Pisces, as it does with all opposing signs), they are “two sides of the same coin,” Bond tells Elite Daily. “Their axis is about service and spirituality,” she continues. “But it’s also a mutable negative polarity axis, so really what that means is they’re both so willing to compromise but also see things from alternate perspectives and that’s kind of the beautiful thing because it’s so different than like two fixed signs together.” What this means is the two signs’ modality — mutable — makes them super adaptable and agreeable.

As opposites, these two also complement each other in ways that other signs can’t. Since both signs are known as selfless givers, it makes sense they would provide a service to each other, whether they realize it or not. In Virgo-Pisces relationships, Pisces can provide Virgo with unconditional love, while Virgo helps keep Pisces organized and on top of things. In fact, when these two signs get together, they may even feel like they’ve met one of their soulmates.

Virgo Brings Practicality To Pisces

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You might think pragmatic Virgos and idealistic Pisceans would butt heads, but according to astrologer Clarisse Monahan, having the perspective of the other is actually mutually beneficial. "Virgo helps bring Pisces down from the clouds into a more pragmatic viewpoint, while Pisces helps take Virgo out of the day-to-day monotony of life,” she previously told Bustle.

“Virgo can really help Pisces with practicalities … like being on time to things,” Bond tells Elite Daily. “And also finding lost objects — just the practical details of life, which can be really grounding — literally helping Pisces function.” Virgos are also adept at being discerning with their time and having boundaries, “and they almost can teach Pisces by example,” says Bond.

Pisceans will love how Virgos support all their dreams and schemes ... but always bring them back to reality before they drift too far. "Virgo’s earthy nature provides a container into which dreamy Pisces can plant their wispy seeds and garner immediate results,” astrologer Lupe Terrones previously told Bustle. “They offer a lens to each other, through which they can learn more about themselves and what life has to offer." They're truly each other's better half.

Pisces Offers Virgo A Bigger Picture

Virgo is very organized, detail-oriented, and particular, but if anyone can awaken the emotional depths of this earth sign, it’s an easygoing Pisces. And while Virgo provides Pisces with a container box for their fluid dreams and wild imagination, the opposite is also true. Pisces helps Virgo step out of the box, lift up their head, and look beyond the horizon at new possibilities.

“Pisces can definitely help Virgo lift their focus away from the details and being super focused on what’s right in front of them and dream a little bit,” notes Bond. “They can help Virgo — instead of making what’s in front of them better — think about what could be and imagine something that’s outside of their current reality and what that might look like,” she adds. They encourage Virgos to have big dreams rather than tunnel focus on where they are currently.

They Are Both Adaptable

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These two get along exceptionally well, thanks to their shared mutable modality. “It’s the most mutable of the mutable because it’s also perceptive,” says Bond. “Their modality is trying to always change, always adapt, accommodate, and improve.” This makes Pisces and Virgo both really forgiving signs as well, so they’ll actually hear when the other person says they see something differently. Rather than approaching differences with stubbornness, like fixed signs might, they are open to listening and changing their opinion.

“[There’s a] willingness to meet the other person where they are,” Bond tells Elite Daily, adding that both signs have a natural understanding and admiration that other people have different perspectives. “Both signs like the fact that other people see things differently, especially a partner who they respect,” she says. “It’s like there’s a joy and spark in curiosity … there’s something charming about the fact that the other one sees things so differently.” While Virgo is interested in expanding their world view, Pisces has a genuine curiosity and compassion that allows them to listen tirelessly.

They Have A Strong Intimate Connection

While these two share a love of perfection, beauty, and intellect, they really hit their stride in the bedroom. A Pisces and Virgo in bed together can make some serious magic, as the two shy signs will feel comfortable enough to explore. Though the sex likely won’t be too wild, it definitely won’t be lacking passion. As Rebecca M. Farrar, MA, an archetypal astrologer, previously pointed out to Bustle, "Pisces could be a way for Virgo to loosen up a bit and stop planning as much and trust more of their intuition rather than intellect," and that applies in the bedroom, too.

“Generally with Pisces-Virgo [in the bedroom], Virgo would probably take the lead,” adds Bond. “I think the only issue that would come up is if neither of them wanted to, because Virgos can sometimes go one way or the other in terms of what they prefer, and Pisces is a very receptive water sign, not trying to be the leader necessarily.”

These two signs may not always be on the same page (and a Virgo may not always be as sensitive as an emotional Pisces would like) but as far as opposing signs go, these polar opposites are a match made in astrological heaven. Whether you’re a Virgo or a Pisces, you may just find your perfect match in your opposing sign.


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