Here’s Why Your Opposite Zodiac Sign May Be A Match Made In The Stars

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When you think about what makes you compatible with someone, you probably think about the traits, values, and preferences you and this person have in common. But having areas where you and your partner are different can help create balance, and actually heighten compatibility. That push-and-pull can bring out new sides of each of you, and can encourage both partners to grow in unique and surprising ways. If you're single and want to date, consider dating your opposite zodiac sign for just the right balance of different, but not too different.

Your "opposite" sign in the zodiac is the one directly across from your own on the zodiac wheel. Opposite zodiac signs (also called polarities) often have contrasting attitudes about, well, most things, which can have the potential to create friction. But just as easily, this friction can create the kind of spark that keeps your love fresh and exciting.

Here's what makes each set of polarities such interesting and surprisingly compatible couples.

Aries & Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet associated with love), and makes the perfect partner for Aries, ruled by Mars (the planet associated with passion). While Libra may be more of a laid back, go-with-the-flow sign, and Aries is an impulsive and fiery sign, together they create a harmonious balance. The opposite sign of Libra, Aries helps pull Libra out of their comfort zone and release control. In return, Libra helps Aries take a breath before making impulsive decisions and offers them some much-needed stability. This push-and-pull creates just the kind of balance that Libra desires in a relationship.

Taurus & Scorpio

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Taurus and Scorpio are polarity that has no trouble in the romance department. In this couple, sensuality (Taurus) meets sexuality (Scorpio), and the combination is hot, hot, hot. Taurus’ warmhearted nature brings out a softer and sweeter sign in the emotional but edgy Scorpio. In return, Scorpio willingly offers Taurus the degree of physical affection they need to feel truly loved. They both prize loyalty, which creates a strong trust bond between them.

Gemini & Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are a great match because they both value curiosity and freedom. When these signs come together, there's an innate understanding between them that life can't be boring or confining. There's a natural and engaging meeting of the minds, and a battle of wits that keeps the other intrigued and engaged. They also share a similar openness about sexual exploration and experimentation, so the sexual and mental chemistry is equally hot.

Cancer & Capricorn

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Cancer and Capricorn share a need for stability in their relationships, and neither is interested in playing games, nor wasting their time on wishy-washy, unreliable partners. Cancer's priority is protecting their deeply emotional and delicate heart. Capricorn places a high value on their own time and effort, so playing games feels disrespectful and immature to this grounded sign. They also both have a desire for long-term connection and take their relationships very seriously. In each other, they find a partner who is truly worthy of their kind of love.

Leo & Aquarius

Leo's very accustomed to people falling quickly and easily under their spell. But when an Aquarius comes along, who typically takes a more slow-burn approach to relationships, it can be very frustrating (but also very intriguing) to Leo. Once they get past that initial dance and Leo successfully wins over Aquarius, they find they're the definition of opposites attracting. Leo is all about warmth, whereas Aquarius takes a cooler, more intellectual approach. This makes for a romance that is just right in temperament and temperature.

Virgo & Pisces

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When Pisces and Virgo fall for one another, the dreamer meets the realist. They might sound incompatible, but with some work, they can actually create a very nice balance together. Both of these signs are infamously willing to do anything for the people they care for, so they'll both work hard to understand the other's perspectives. Pisces' connection to Neptune, the planet associated with intuition, gives them a boost in this regard. And Virgo’s connection to Mercury, the planet associated with communication, gives them the ability to talk through all their differences until they reach a true understanding.

Ultimately, the right partner for you is the person who brings out the best in you; someone who makes you feel safe and loved. And if they happen to bring a little more balance to your life, even better.

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