It may be the season of crying, but these Pisces season means will make you laugh through the tears.

21 Pisces Memes That Celebrate The Zodiac’s Most Emotional Season

Don’t start crying just yet.

by Andrea Hannah
VCG/Visual China Group/Getty Images

Pisces season officially begins on Feb. 18, and it’s about to be anything but easy breezy, fam. When the sun moves into the sign of the Fish for the next month, it’ll effect each sign differently, but the overall vibe is about riding those waves of emotion. Whether you’re looking forward to this dreamy, sometimes moody, month or you’d rather skip straight to spring, these hilarious Pisces memes are sure to make you laugh.

As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces presents a “wrap-it-all-up” energy before spring comes. It’s a sign of endings, new beginnings, rest, healing, and a whole lot of emotions. Plus, Pisces is a water sign, which is also known to feel all the feelings, so yeah, there can be a lot of crying. It make sense, though, right? Whatever you’re feeling, you’ll definitely want to settle into the quietness of this time of year and reflect before winter’s over so you can jump into the astrological new year with a fresh perspective.

All of this is to say, Pisces season is also about dreaming big dreams and planning for the future. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of space to think about your goals for when you’re feeling fresh and rejuvenated come spring. Until then, lay low, take a nap (or twenty), and dive deep into those emotional waters. And while you’re crying it out, be sure to take a break once in awhile to laugh at these Pisces season memes before your next sob sesh.

Pisces season brings on the tears for every sign, but for some signs, like fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, it’s a cry fest until spring. But, truly, you’ll be thankful you got it all out on the other side. As every water sign knows, you’ve got to feel it to heal it.

But more than anything, Pisces season is just about being in touch with your softer side. Whether you’re looking to power-up your psychic abilities or embrace your dreamy, romantic side, it’s all about vibing with your gentleness. Let yourself indulge in those rom-coms you’ve been meaning to watch, or just stare out the window and daydream for a bit. And be sure not to take yourself too seriously, either.

Happy Pisces season 2022, everyone! Grab your dream journal and tissue box, and get ready to feel it all.