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The Meaning Of "Getaway Car" Will Make Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriends So, So Scared


Taylor Swift's new album is EVERYTHING. Some singles are so shady, they're amazing. She has definitely mastered the art of creating songs we all want to talk about forever. "Getaway Car" was a track that many fans were trying to interpret before the release of Reputation, but most of us got it very wrong. The meaning of "Getaway Car" is actually so shady, and no, it's not about any of her public feuds.

The song, currently available on iTunes with the rest of Reputation, starts,

Swift took an unexpected route with the lyrics to "Getaway Car." Many fans thought the title suggested the song would be a romantic tune about her reported boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. In fact, it's about a past lover that she had a "cursed" relationship with. The best part? The song just keeps getting more detailed.

The chorus goes,

This song is really changing my perception of Swift. I feel like the media portrays her as a heartbroken gal, but in reality she's a relationship badass. In the second verse, she starts to point fingers at who the possible ex is.

Hmmm... now "we're both sorry." Could this have to do with Calvin Harris? I can definitely see it.

Harris and Swift had a terrible falling out after their whirlwind romance. Swift appeared to have shattered the DJ's heart, causing him to throw a public temper tantrum and accuse her of "making him look bad."

The song ends,

Clearly, this song is about a breakup that Swift won. But we shouldn't be surprised that the meaning isn't what we expected — Swift had so many surprises up her sleeve for Reputation release week. The kween herself unexpectedly dropped Reputation's tracklist on the evening of Nov. 8.

The tracks were listed on top of a black and white photo of Swift's face. The pop star looked gorgeous with a bold lip and her natural curls bouncing around her face. Also, how does Swift look so perfect with curly hair AND bangs? Is there a trick to this? Someone send help for my hair.

The list included all our favorite already released singles, "Look What You Made Me Do," "... Ready For It," and "Gorgeous." Side note: I so expected "LWYMMD" to be the first track instead of its actual spot as No. 6. Swifty, you never cease to surprise me.

"Getaway Car" was definitely a shock, and there are plenty more surprises on Reputation. I'm already putting the album on repeat. THANK YOU, SWIFTY.

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