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Calvin Harris Talks Breakup With Taylor Swift And It's Intense


The world is not done talking about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. How do we know? Calvin Harris isn't even done talking about Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

In the aftermath of their famous breakup roughly a year ago in July 2016, Harris did not handle it super well.

Swift appeared to have shattered the DJ's heart, causing him to throw a public temper tantrum and accuse her of "making him look bad."

This was due to Swift revealing she helped him write his massive hit, "This Is What You Came For," something Harris appeared to have wanted to credit for all by himself.

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In defensive tweets, Harris said,

Yikes. And no, it didn't stop there. In following tweets he wrote,

Now, Harris is singing – er, DJing? – a different tune.


In an interview with British GQ, he admits lashing out at Taylor Swift was not the right move, saying he "snapped."

Nothing like a year's worth of perspective, eh, Calvin? Still, it takes a big person (celebrity or not), to admit they're wrong.

In his interview, he added,

Look, can I be honest with you, Cal? I forgive you. I forgave you a year ago. Plus, your new song "Feels" with Katy Perry is a damn delight.

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You know how the celebrity saying goes: Forgive, forget, take back your explosion of emotions on Twitter.