Chelsea Jackson

Chelsea is Elite Daily’s Staff Writer and resident astrologer, covering all things related to the cosmos above. She primarily writes about new and full moons, Mercury retrogrades, and monthly horoscopes for the signs. You may also find her writing about the astrological compatibility between Hollywood’s latest couple, or explaining how your Saturn return will affect you (it’s not as scary as it sounds).

Chelsea has been practicing astrology professionally since 2019, first getting her start freelancing for Astrology Answers. Since then, she has written for publications such as Refinery29,, and Sanctuary Astrology, primarily focusing on horoscopes, as well as rare astrological events like the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. She also conducts natal chart readings for clients in her free time, discussing their astrological placements as a way to counsel and offer insight into their innate qualities and talents.

As an Aries sun, Cancer moon, and Cancer rising, Chelsea is always looking for her next favorite food spot or re-watching her favorite comfort show, Family Guy. You may also find her obsessing over her crushes’ birth chart on the weekends, reading a new book, or listening to Reiki ASMR videos on YouTube. When she’s not on her phone, she’s drinking espresso martinis with her friends and going on some sort of impulsive adventure with her fellow fire sign besties.


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