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Each Zodiac Sign's 2024 Love Horoscope Makes Romance A Priority

Lurv is in the air *and* in the stars ✨

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Romance took a major hit in 2023. Even before Venus retrograde seemingly targeted basically every celeb couple — leading to what’s not-so-lovingly referred to as the “summer of breakups” — longtime lovers like Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn and Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott couldn’t make their relationships work.

Fortunately, your 2024 love horoscope is not only sans a season of splits, but it includes two eclipses in the partnership-oriented sign of Libra, plus a rare Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus. In other words, your love life is in for a major upgrade in the year ahead.

2024 In Astrology: Love Edition

According to the cosmos, Venus is the primary planet responsible for all things love and relationships, which means that her trajectory across the stars plays a significant role in the development of your romantic affairs.

In 2024, the goddess of love will be connecting with a series of planets — most notably, Jupiter, the planet of growth, optimism, and expansion on May 23. The last time Venus conjoined lucky Jupiter in her home sign of Taurus was March 13, 2012, making this a rare alignment between the two most beneficial planets in astrology. This conjunction signifies the start of long-lasting relationships that are fruitful and worthwhile, so be sure to plan all of your first dates or hard launches on this day.

The North and South Node will also be continuing through Aries and Libra in 2024, marking where the eclipses will take place. This axis represents the need to balance the need for independence and autonomy versus the desire for partnership and socialization. When these eclipses take place, there will be a sudden call for recalibrating your relationship not only with others, but with yourself as well.

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Below, you’ll see what the stars have in store for your love life in 2024, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21 - April 19)

It’s a big relationship year for you, Aries. Starting on March 25, your romances will be front and center, with the Libra lunar eclipse in your seventh house. This cosmic event will bring your most intimate connections with others into sharp focus, asking that you find a way to balance who you are to others, versus the person you are when flying solo.

Expressing your desire for affection and intimacy will get easier once Venus shifts into your first house of self-expression on April 5. You’ll be focused on amplifying the love you have for yourself, making it easier to gain the attention of potential special someones actually worthy of your time.

By Oct. 2, the Libra solar eclipse sets the entirety of your focus on present partnerships, reminding you not to over-rely on the presence of another person. Learning how to lean into your connections is necessary, Aries, but they shouldn’t interfere with your solo endeavors.

You’ll be reevaluating your love life starting on Dec. 6, as Mars, your chart ruler, stations retrograde in passionate Leo. Loving others out loud is your way of expressing your appreciation, but it’s important that the people you’re investing in can reciprocate this energy. If not, it’s time to channel that love into your own creative pursuits and hobbies.

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 19 - May 21)

You’ve always been one to prioritize love, Taurus, and this year’s no different. The full moon in Virgo on Feb. 24 sheds light on your desire for stable and reliable lovers, inspiring you to look at potential SOs through a logical lens. Though these romantic flings may be short-lived, they still need to make sense to you, or else they’re a waste of time.

Your long-term relationships may reach a turning point during the full moon in Scorpio on April 23, as you’ll be craving connections that allow you to be vulnerable.

Fortunately, as Venus, your chart ruler, conjoins Jupiter by May 23, the doubts and fears you’ve had in relationships will subside, filling you with optimism about what the future holds. You’ll finally feel validated by the people around you that have proven that they can be trusted.

As the fall season comes around, the Virgo new moon on Sept. 2 allows you to pursue a new love that prioritizes your desire for dependability. Though any new relationships may not be without their flaws, they are still serving you in a productive way.

By Nov. 1, the new moon in Scorpio invites deep, intimate romance into your world. With the short-term love affairs in the rearview, you’ll be setting your sights on a partner who can stand the test of time.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21 - June 22)

2023 may have ended on a uncertain note, but as Mercury, your chart ruler, stations direct in Sagittarius on Jan. 1, you’ll finally gain some clarity in your love life.

This energy will reach its peak during the Libra lunar eclipse on March 25, encouraging you to flirt, mingle, and put yourself out there. You’ll be called to surround yourself with people that can reciprocate your energy, and it’ll be easier to see which connections have been throwing you off balance.

By Sept. 30, the sun and Mercury in Libra connect in your fifth house of creative pursuits and passions, bringing increased understanding and awareness regarding what you’re looking for in romantic partners. It’ll be easy for you to articulate your desires, but be sure that they’re not fleeting emotions.

The Libra solar eclipse on Oct. 2 marks the start of a fun new fling, offering opportunities for creative inspiration — but by Nov. 25, you’ll be reevaluating your role in the lives of other people as Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius once again. If you’ve been dissatisfied with where a potential situationship is heading, this will be the time to chat things through.

Fortunately, the Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 1 offers an optimistic glimpse at what your romantic life could look like. Do you see a future with your special someone? If so, it may be time to set some plans in motion. The downside: You may not see them actualize until Mercury stations direct on Dec. 15.

Cancer Zodiac Signs (June 22 - July 20)

You’re getting a total of four lunations in your seventh house of relationships this year, Cancer. (There’s typically only two, so this is a *big* deal.) This means that your love life will experience some significant growth in the coming months, and it all begins with the Capricorn new moon on Jan. 11. If you have any long-term plans for the current person you’re seeing, this will be the time to set them in motion.

By the time the Scorpio full moon illuminates your fifth house of sex, dating, and creativity on April 23, you’ll be fixated on a new lover that sets your soul on fire. Passion in relationships is everything to you, but you’re not just looking for something short-lived.

Fortunately, by June 21, the Capricorn full moon brings your desire for structure and security in love into sharp focus. Though playing the field is fun, stability in your romances is much more your speed. This same Capricorn full moon comes around once more on July 21 — a rarity that signifies an important romantic aha moment for you. Are you currently seeing someone that appears to be the real deal? If so, it might be time to lock it down.

The fourth and final Capricorn lunation unfolds on Dec. 30, offering a chance to turn over a new leaf in love. This new moon supports your desire for long-lasting romance, so whether you’re going on a first date or making things official with your partner, this relationship has some serious lasting power.

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Leo Zodiac Signs (July 20 - Aug. 21)

Your love life starts with a bang in 2024, Leo. Planet of transformation Pluto will be shifting into Aquarius on Jan. 20, initiating some extreme shifts in your relationships that span over the next 20 years. By Feb. 9, the new moon in Aquarius confirms these new changes and brings opportunities to initiate authentic relationships that don’t require you to dim your light.

Your romances will reach a significant turning point during the Venus-Pluto meetup in Aquarius on Feb. 17, questioning any current power dynamics. These two planets uniting may intensify your need to possess your loved ones, so try to exercise plenty of trust and boundaries in these dynamics.

Luckily, the mood lightens by the May 23, with the Sagittarius full moon illuminating your desire for freedom when it comes to sex and dating. If you’ve been feeling too restricted in your love life, this will be the time to break free and have some fun.

The Aquarius full moon in your seventh house on Aug. 19 allows you to consider what the future holds for you and a special someone. Are you ready for something serious? If not, the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius starting Nov. 25 will offer some clarity. If your dating life has become overly complicated and stressful, it may be time to simplify things.

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 21 - Sept. 22)

As 2024 opens, you’ll be setting your sights on potential romantic prospects. You may be considering whether you’d like to invest in someone you might not currently see as long-term partner material. This reality check will peak on Feb. 28, as the sun unites with Saturn in idealistic Pisces, putting a sharp focus on the realities of your relationships.

Hopeful new beginnings are initiated by the March 10 new moon, granting you the chance to turn over a new leaf in love. You may be considering the potential of a new flame or the status of a current relationship. Either way, you’ll be feeling hopeful about what the future holds.

By Sept. 17 the Pisces lunar eclipse will illuminate your seventh house, spotlighting your bond with a special someone. You may realize that the dreams and aspirations you have for your relationship are within reach.

However, by the time the Capricorn new moon on Dec. 30 rolls around, you’ll be back to viewing the future of your love life through a realistic lens. Whether you’re seeing someone new or starting a new chapter with a long-term lover, you’ll be focused only on the long-term benefits of this union.

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

You’re the main character in 2024, Libra. On Jan. 20, Pluto shifts into innovative Aquarius, prompting some major revelations and changes in your passions. The Aquarius new moon on Feb. 9 will allow you to set your sights on connections that allow you to be your most authentic self. Allow yourself to challenge tradition, especially if it doesn’t align with your identity.

By April 1, Mercury will station retrograde in assertive Aries, prompting you to reevaluate the current state of your love life. Have you been struggling to assert yourself in your love affairs? If so, you’ll be eager to get some things off your chest.

Any revelations that you have about your current relationships will reach a peak by the Aries solar eclipse on April 8, prompting you to reestablish a sense of independence in love. You navigate partnerships with ease, but with your newfound perspective, you’ll be more concerned with maintaining a sense of autonomy.

The Aquarius full moon on Aug. 19 brings your unconventional approach to intimacy into focus, allowing you to challenge any rules in dating that no longer suit you. The Aries full moon on Oct. 17 sheds light on your desire for more independence in your love life. Have you been overly relying on the presence of someone else? If so, this is the time to blaze your own trail.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

During the Pisces new moon on March 10, you’ll begin to see the potential of a budding romance, inviting you to get closer to some prospects. While you normally approach dating cautiously, you’ll be more willing to maintain an open-minded perspective when it comes to matters of the heart.

By the Taurus new moon on May 7, you’ll be leaning into the comfort a romantic partner is offering. Security in love feels good, doesn’t it? The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus on May 23 confirms this, and promotes the start of a stable and consistent relationship.

Your love life kicks into overdrive by June 8, as Mars, your chart ruler, shifts into sensual Taurus. You may be called to take sudden action when it comes to the state of your relationship, advancing connections to a place that offers even more intimacy and stability.

Things begin to shift once again during the Sept. 17 Pisces lunar eclipse, illuminating the ways you intimately connect with your passions. If you’ve been unable to see the potential of a new romance, this is when you’ll start to feel more optimistic about what the future holds. Things begin to stabilize in your love life during the Taurus full moon on Nov. 15, increasing your desire for reliable people around you.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22 - Dec. 19)

2024 has plenty of exhilarating connections in store for you, Sagittarius, and it all begins with Mercury stationing retrograde in Aries on April 1. You’ll be weeding out fizzling love affairs to make room for those that ignite your fire. By the Aries solar eclipse on April 8, you’ll set your sights on an exciting new fling that allows room for your solo pursuits.

By May 25, Jupiter, your chart ruler, shifts into conversational Gemini, expanding your partnerships. During this transit, you may find a no-strings-attached romance start to become a little more serious. While you may still feel unsure of how things will play out, you’ll enjoy the process of getting to know someone that keeps you mentally stimulated. The Gemini new moon on June 6 allows you to ask some important questions about the state of this union. Is it the real deal? Though putting labels on things may feel intimidating, it shouldn’t take away from the fun you’re having.

As Mars moves into chatty Gemini on July 20, you’ll start to see the trajectory of your romances pick up some speed. Will the relationship develop into something more serious before you lose interest? The impulsive vibes in love will reach another significant peak by the Oct. 17 Aries full moon, suggesting the start of an exciting new flame.

The Gemini full moon on Dec. 15 brings your focus back to your partnerships one final time, signifying a turning point in your love life. You may not have all the answers, but that’s what makes it fun. Your partners have always been your best teachers, and in 2024, you will gain plenty of new insight through others.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs (Dec. 19 - Jan. 20)

On April 29, Venus shifts into comfort-loving Taurus, inspiring you to settle into a new romance that brings pleasure and security. It’ll be easy to prioritize personal satisfaction, and the relationships you’re in will only amplify this energy.

By the Taurus new moon on May 7, you might find yourself hard-launching a romantic relationship that brings mutual trust and reciprocated benefits. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your fifth house of dating, sex, and creative pursuits on May 23 only solidifies this union, allowing you to set forth on a beneficial dynamic between you and your special someone. If you’re single, this will be the most ideal time to go on dates, or attend a social event.

On June 17, communicative Mercury conjoins Venus in nurturing Cancer, allowing you to engage in vulnerable and receptive conversations with other people. If you’ve been meaning to get some feelings off your chest, now is when you’ll be heard without judgement. The Cancer new moon on July 5 gives you a chance to find comfort in the company of others. While you don’t like to appear needy, you’ll be yearning for a familiar presence that knows exactly how to comfort you.

Satisfying love affairs come into sharp focus by Nov. 15, illuminating romance and intimacy. If you’ve been neglecting your urge for connection, this is the time to get close to a trustworthy potential someone.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19)

Romance is top of mind for you as the Jan. 25 Leo full moon unfolds in your seventh house of partnerships. This desire will intensify by Feb. 17, as Venus meets Pluto in your sign of Aquarius. You may struggle to make your wishes known without sending the wrong message. In order to have close connections, you’ll have to let yourself be a little *gulp* vulnerable.

Things become more playful in love as Jupiter shifts into curious Gemini on May 25, opening up opportunities for light-hearted connections in your dating life. Though some of these encounters may be short-lived, the stimuli they bring you will be worthwhile.

By the Gemini new moon on June 6, you’ll be interested in dating people that keep you guessing. Things begin to shift during the Leo new moon on Aug. 4, placing your emotional needs in relationships front and center. You’ll be more inclined to make your feelings about a special someone known, loud and clear. Shooting your shot may seem intimidating, but at least you’re being honest with yourself.

The year comes to a close with Mars stationing retrograde in your seventh house on Dec. 6, slowing down the developments that have been taking place in your romantic relationships. Are you satisfied with the company you’re keeping? If not, this is the time to reevaluate who you’ve been investing in.

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 20 - March 20)

Love is in the air as the Virgo full moon unfolds on Feb, 24, illuminating a promising love interest that checks all of your boxes. You’re usually selective when it comes to dating, but you may find yourself attracted to someone who meets your standards, and might seriously consider what the future holds for your love affairs by March 21, as Venus links up with Saturn in Pisces.

The July 5 Cancer new moon allows you to explore a romantic affair that feels emotionally mature, comfortable, and reliable. Make your needs known to your current love interest. It will only amplify their attraction to you.

On Aug. 4, Mercury stations retrograde in analytical Virgo, initiating some important conversations about the state of your romantic affairs. You may find yourself criticizing your union in a way that’s not entirely constructive. Before calling it quits, be sure that it’s not over an issue that can be easily resolved.

By Aug. 28, Venus in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces, blurring some of the lines in your romantic pursuits. The Sept. 2 Virgo new moon offers you a chance to start anew in your relationships with a clear head. You’ve always enjoyed taking care of your partners, and this will be the time you can focus on how you can improve the state of your relationship.