What Gemini's Ruling Planet Means & How It Epitomizes This Sign's Vibe

What Is Gemini's Ruling Planet? It Epitomizes The Mutable Air Sign

It can also give you a clue what to expect this season.

by Valerie Mesa
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To say Mercury is a widely known and popular planet would be an understatement. But while the whole world dreads the thought of the next Mercury retrograde cycle, it often overlooks the signs Mercury governs, and how it governs. It may not be what you'd expect, but as Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury, perfectly epitomizes the mutable air sign.

You're familiar with Mercury's notorious retrograde cycles, but what you likely didn't know is that Gemini operates in much the exact same way. Whether you're meeting up with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday or perhaps making a quick cameo at a local soirée, the likelihood of a Gemini organizing either of these social events (if not both) is more than likely. Everything about this zodiac archetype never ceases to get people talking. Gemini’s personality makes them popular, thanks to Mercury, the celestial socialite. In addition to being born with the gift of gab and a brilliant mind, the innate duality of Mercury-ruled Gemini is just as versatile as it is resourceful. It's safe to say both Gemini and its sign of rulership know a thing or two about being center of attention.

When you're reading a birth chart, the third house — governed by Mercury — belongs to Gemini. This is the house of communication, siblings, peers, local community, the primitive mind, and the nervous system. The way Mercury expresses itself in your birth chart can ultimately determine how you manage and react to nervous energy.


Who Is Mercury And What's Its Role In Astrology?

The closest planet to the sun and the fastest in the solar system — orbiting around the sun every 88 days, according to NinePlanets.org — Mercury is the ruler of all things related to communication and cognitive functioning. Clever and uniquely swift, Mercury governs everything going through your mind on a daily basis, as well the insignificant and meticulous details you encounter in your everyday life. The things making it possible to get through your day-to-day — Post-it Notes and calendar reminders, automobiles, text messages, cell phone carriers, e-mails, stationary, and postal services — are all tools at Mercury's disposal.

According to Roman mythology, and Ancient.eu, Mercury served as mediator between the gods and mortals. He was the go-to interpreter, translator, and transporter of goods and messages. But this savvy deity was often portrayed as a trickster, given his ability to travel in and out of the underworld. (Sound familiar? I mean, have you ever seen a Gemini in action?) Legend has it Mercury was also known for being a bit on the devious side, known for pulling pranks unexpectedly, as per Ancient.eu.

Mercury is also the planet of mimicry; it's the way we learn how to communicate and pronounce words at a young age. After several years as a practicing astrologer, I've come to find your natal Mercury placement not only determines your style of communication, but it can also help you recognize the way you were spoken to as a child. (And it serves as yet another reason to watch what you say around a Gemini. Their innate instinct to relay the message doesn't come from a malicious place; it's just what they're born to do.)

Mercury As Gemini's Planetary Ruler

Obviously, Mercury and Gemini are two peas in a pod. And while the messenger god governs both Gemini and Virgo, there's a distinct difference in each of their mutabilities. For instance, since Mercury is the planet of communication — and the element air governs the mind — Mercury in Gemini is twice as potent as any other Mercury sign. That's not to say Mercury in Virgo's mutable earth isn't unique and incredibly resourceful in its own way, but it's a different energy over all. Geminis have the mental capacity to utilize both their left and right brain, and Mercury is to thank for that.

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