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Aries' Ruling Planet Perfectly Describes Its Energy

by Valerie Mesa
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Getting acquainted with all 12 zodiac archetypes is pretty impossible if you haven't done your due diligence on understanding their planetary rulers, let alone researching the unique mythology behind each of these heavenly bodies. However, before I discuss what Aries' ruling planet means and how it describes the sign's energy, I'm going to take this a step further.

The universe works in mysterious ways, but the divine synchronicities — such as the ancient practice of astrology — bring perspective and validate purpose. There is no such thing as another you, and that's extraordinary.

The planets are the guardians of the galaxy, and I'm not talking about the Marvel superheroes either. The divine light of these ever-glowing luminaries is as mystical as it is sacred. The sun is a symbol of your soul purpose and identity in the physical dimension; the moon is your emotional instinct and shadow self; Mercury is your mind and communication style; Venus is your sweet aesthetic and love language; Jupiter is where you experience luck, expansion, and bounty. As for Mars, aka Aries' planetary ruler...


Who Is Mars And Why Is He So Powerful?

Mars is equivalent the gasoline you put in your car. Without it, your car won't start. The same would happen to your energy levels if it weren't for Mars and its cardinal fire. However, aside from the undeniable rush of adrenaline and red-hot passion, the mythology behind this heavenly body really seals the deal, in terms of its general potency and audaciousness.

For instance, despite being considered second to Jupiter, Mars was known as the god of war, as he loved violence and conflict. So much so, the Romans considered Mars the protector of the Roman army, as well as the father of the Roman empire. His warrior-like essence represented everything related to the military and many soldiers believed their victory depended on his blessing. All things related to the military were associated with the god of war, and it was up to him to decide who would win the battle. The Romans believed it was Mars who kept enemies at bay and protected the state.

In astrology, however, Mars is a symbol of your will, energy levels, and sexual desires. Your Mars sign and house placement can ultimately determine how you go to war, and how you express your anger and most carnal instincts. (If you're curious in learning more about your Mars sign, The AstroTwins created a Mars sign calculator.)

Mars As Aries' Planetary Ruler

Just like their rambunctious, aggressive, and fiercely passionate planetary ruler, those born under this cardinal fire sign have absolutely no problem taking the lead. Aries isn't the first sign in the zodiac for nothing; they were born to be fearless leaders. This is precisely why they are typically known for being easily angered and impatient. I mean, can you imagine having a hot-headed planet like Mars as a planetary ruler?

With that being said, next time you judge an Aries, make sure you know who you're dealing with first. Besides, you never know when you might need the god of war to fight your battles.

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