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What Is An Air Sign? Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius Share This Element

Consider them the social butterflies of the zodiac.

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The elements are one of the key principles in astrology. Once you have a grasp on the way they function, the study of the cosmos really begins to fall into place. So, what are these elements? They're fire, earth, air, and water, and you can think of them as the ebb and flow of your birth chart. Each zodiac sign is represented by a specific element, which describes the natural forces culminating together to bring that zodiac sign to fruition.

According to Miami-based astrologer Valerie Mesa, the elements are really important. “As an astrologer, whenever I read birth charts, that’s one of the first things I was taught to look at,” she previously told Elite Daily. “The energy of [the combination of elements] in a person’s chart really showcases the type of person you’re dealing with,” she explained. The elements are integral to the flow of nature in a very literal sense.

“Each element is so important to human life,” astrologer Indigo Witt tells Elite Daily. If you're interested in knowing which one tends to produce the smartest and most intellectual people, you need to ask this million-dollar question: What is an air sign? “Air represents that first breath you take when you enter the world,” Witt offers.

If a person has significant Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius in their chart, they live for mental connections and social discourse. Existing primarily in their brain, they probably crave knowledge as though it's sustenance for survival. “Air signs encourage change, connection, and expansion,” Kyle Thomas, a celebrity astrologer, tells Elite Daily. “They are the most flowing and flexible of the elements and aid people in opening up their perspectives and exchanging ideas.” They’re madly in love with human nature and everything that makes people tick. Having long and deep conversations well into the evening sounds like the most romantic thing of all. They thrive at parties; in fact, it wouldn't even be a party without them.

Air signs have an edge of logic and project a charismatic energy in a bold and profound way. Here are all the juicy details on these breezy and prolific creatures:

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What Does It Mean If You Have An Air-Dominant Chart?

Air is all about intellect, communication, and the mind. For people with a wealth of planets placed in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, the qualities of air play a big role in their personality. “This would make a person more logical than emotional,” Mesa tells Elite Daily. “They think with their head as opposed to their heart.”

Air-dominant people are prone to overthinking. “The air element is very intellectual,” Witt offers. “It's very much about the mind, [and] air signs are definitely a little bit quirky.” The wheels never stop turning in their head, which can make them indecisive and possibly erratic at times. They think about all sides of a situation — it’s almost impossible to stop the thinking and processing.

Communication is huge for air signs, so they’re likely someone who prefers to talk things out — which is always a stimulating conversation because air signs seem to know everything. “This well of information, facts, and opinions will spill out to you because they've always got so much on their mind,” professional astrologer Taryn Bond previously told Elite Daily. They likely jump from one topic to the next before anyone can process the last 12 fun facts they’ve spewed.

Air people have a knack for compartmentalizing, strategizing, focusing on the details, and relating to other people. And while they are amicable and highly social, they tend to be detached. Think of literal air: it’s really hard to contain. It’s just flowing about — so air signs are not fans of being tied down or restricted. “They don't really enjoy structure, they like to float through things,” Witt notes, adding that their free-flowing nature can make them difficult to understand.

“They are very inventive people,” Witt continues. “They are very forward-thinking, and they like to be different.” Similar to fire signs, air wants to do things first. “It's in a more intellectual way,” Witt clarifies. They like to discover things. “They're the people that want to show you they know things other people don't know.”

What Are The Air Signs?

Gemini: The Social Butterfly, Artist, & Clever One

You know that individual who dances through a party, flitting and fluttering from person to person as though they're a fairy? They’re probably a Gemini. After all, they're ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This mutable air sign is famous for adapting to social situations with expert ease and exuding charisma and wit wherever they go. Both mutable signs and air signs are known for their versatility, so many astrologers like to call Gemini the “mutable of the mutable.”

“They're the most mercurial out of all of the air signs,” Witt notes. “They just are back and forth ... you never really know what you're going to get, but they're definitely a lot of fun.” Geminis are full of facts, and they will always teach you something and make you laugh.

This air sign is almost like a hurricane. “There's this side of Gemini where everything's fine and they have light, flirty, happy side,” Witt explains. “And then they have this literal storm circling them that is so unpredictable,” she continues. “They have this very extreme, sudden, unexpected, shocking energy to them.”

The symbol for Gemini is the twins, so duality is a big part of their nature. “People with Gemini placements are very big on debating, and they can actually be big contrarians,” Witt says. “They want to disagree with you and see how you react. They want to say things to you and get to the nitty-gritty of what you're actually thinking,” she continues. “They're very mischievous, very witty people.”

They're also highly creative thinkers who can multitask, solve complex problems, and promote an artistic vision. If you were born with Gemini placements, you never fail to find a way.

Libra: The Poet, Romantic, & Diplomat

There are some people who flirt with such effortless ease, you can't help but fall in love with them. There's a high chance that person is a Libra because this cardinal air sign can charm your socks off. Ruled by Venus — planet of love and beauty — this zodiac sign has a naturally enticing aura surrounding them. Symbolized by the scales, they're constantly searching for balance in every facet of life. “Libra’s very good at establishing harmony between people,” offers Witt.

This is the diplomat of the zodiac. They’re skilled when it comes to calming people down and being the neutral person in the room, and they just want everyone to get along. “Libra is like the cool breeze that comes by and you're like, ‘that feels so good,’” Witt says.

Witt points out that Libra represents Venus in an intellectual and aesthetic way. “It's about Pinterest boards and making things look pretty and ... having a certain aesthetic and looking presentable,” she explains. “They are really big on smelling good, looking good, and making other people feel the same way.”

They have a great sense of style, and they will live and die for their interpersonal relationships. If you were born with placements in Libra, you're someone who can navigate conflict like a diplomat.

Aquarius: The Eccentric, Revolutionary, & Leader

If someone is rebelling against the status quo and threatening to overthrow it altogether, they probably have some Aquarius in their chart. This fixed air sign is ruled by Uranus — planet of erratic change and revolution — as well as Saturn — planet of authority and long-standing traditions. They're always attempting to move the course of humankind in a progressive direction. They’re the humanitarians of the zodiac.

“Aquarius is really the inventor,” Witt offers. “They're really focused on freedom, and they're really big on being eccentric and original,” she notes. “I would say Aquarius almost like a tornado ... they’re just big on shaking things up.” Aquarian energy is all about making people uncomfortable and making them think about things. “They want to say things that are shocking and ... that everyone's thinking but afraid to say,” Witt adds.

They're famous for having exceptionally unique personalities that go against the grain and stand out in a crowd. People born with Aquarius placements are never afraid of being different.


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