Roya Backlund


Roya Backlund is a Los Angeles-based weekly horoscope and astrology writer at Elite Daily. She's been obsessed with the zodiac ever since she discovered she was a Gemini at the age of six. Whether you want to delve deeper into your birth chart or have a laugh at how "accurate" astrology truly is, Roya's got you covered. Aside from covering horoscopes at Elite Daily and lifestyle topics at POPSUGAR, Roya is also a poet and fiction writer who's work has appeared in Words Dance Publishing, Rising Phoenix Review, Polyester Zine, and more. "Juice," her first collection of poetry, was released by Kings Zine in 2017. She holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from University of California, Irvine. When she's not writing, she's probably bugging one of her cats, heading to a Pilates class, eating raw oysters, or casting a spell. You'll probably laugh a lot if you're ever in her presence. Check out more of her work at or follow her on Instagram @opal_sea.

September 30 Will Be An Overwhelming Week For These Zodiac Signs

By Roya Backlund
If I could, I would bring you nothing but good news. But that wouldn't be very realistic, would it? Truth is, no matter how glamorous, romantic, and aesthetically pleasing Libra season sounds, there's no guarantee it's going to affect you in the way…