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This Week Will Be An Upward Battle, So Take Things Slow And Steady

Every zodiac sign can feel the pressure.

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There’s a reason Aries is such a motivating and inspiring zodiac sign. After all, this is the first sign in the zodiac calendar, meaning that it carries the freshness and the newness of going after something for the first time. And as the sun moves through this cardinal fire sign, it will continue to blow on the embers of your heart until it bursts into a full-blown flame. However, your April 4, 2022 weekly horoscope shows that sometimes, that fire can leave you burned if you don’t keep it in check.

When the sun is in Aries, it inspires you to prove your greatness and establish yourself as number one. It makes you want to *win*. However, on April 4, Mars — Aries’ planetary ruler — will run into the inhibiting territory of Saturn, forming a conjunction at 22 degrees Aquarius. This could test your patience and your will to keep going. It could even bring up roadblocks, conflicts, and frustrations that set you back on your path to success. However, just things feel challenging right now doesn’t mean they will forever, and if these challenges make you feel like giving up, remember that nothing worth achieving is ever going to be easy. And the level of difficulty only makes it that much sweeter when you finally *do* succeed.

If you’re already over your weekly horoscope, don’t worry. It gets *so* much better. After all, on April 5, Venus — planet of love and friendship — will enter Pisces. This mutable water sign brings Venus to life, awakening the full extent its potential. While Venus is moving through Pisces, it’s in the exalted position to bring you an endless source of pleasure, beauty, and affection. Swim through this magical lagoon and feel free to linger there, because it feels so lovely that you might never want to leave.

Another planetary shift takes place on April 10, when Mercury — planet of communication — enters pragmatic and and sensual Taurus. This will bring patience to your thought process, encouraging you to take your time and fully immerse yourself in the present moment. However, as Mercury embraces the last few degrees of its transit through Aries, it will form a square with dark and devious Pluto, which could take your mind to some strange places. Be aware of what you say and how you say it, because your words can insult just as easily as they can inspire.

Here’s what each zodiac sign can make the best of what this week has to offer:

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This week, you may notice everything that makes you unique. However, you might also feel alone where you stand, as though you don’t fit in. At times, you might feel like you’re just like everyone else, prompting you to soul search for what you were born to do. In the end, you’ll realize that comparing yourself to others in any way will never tell you the true beauty of who you are. Remember — everyone is the protagonist of their own story, so make yours a damn good story.


You may feel a great deal of distance standing between you and the success you’re yearning for. However, instead of seeing yourself far beneath some arbitrary standard you’ve set for yourself, remember to see how far you’ve already come from where you were before. Admit it — you never dreamed you’d be able to get to where you are now. And yet here you are, proving yourself wrong. And chances are, you’ll prove yourself wrong again again and again.


This week, you may be missing the forest for the trees. If you find yourself clinging onto your beliefs too tightly, remember to consider all the beautiful things that can happen once you loosen your grip. Remaining loyal to an outdated idea is just as risky as letting go of a philosophy that’s tried and true. Sometimes, you have to take a risk in order to make things more interesting. Or at least, prepare yourself to take a route you’ve never taken before.


Lately, you’ve been facing your own mortality. You’ve been thinking more deeply about the fact that nothing lasts forever. And although the cycle of change is uncomfortable — OK, it’s downright terrifying — doesn’t mean that things can’t get more beautiful than they are now. However, sometimes things need to get worse before they can finally start to get better. You can choose to rip off the band-aid or you can extend the duration of the pain by taking forever to peel it off.

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This week, you may experience some pushback in a relationship that might feel somewhat adversarial. Whether you’re in conflict with someone you normally get along with beautifully, or you’re butting heads with your nemesis, every interaction might feel like a power struggle. Remember — having a healthy relationship doesn’t mean agreeing all the time, but responding to the disagreement in a way that radiates mutual respect.


You might feel like you have a *lot* on your plate this week. And no matter how hard you try to get back on that horse, you might feel like doing absolutely nothing instead. Procrastination is not something to punish yourself for, but something to examine more closely. What would you rather be doing, instead? And how can you include more of that thing in your daily life without neglecting your other responsibilities? Instead of hanging yourself out to dry, strive for balance.


This week, you may feel like your creative juices are running on empty. You might even feel like you’re having a harder time expressing yourself, and the more you try, the more you feel like giving up altogether. However, all this added pressure to the process is *not* helping. After all, the act of having fun is not supposed to feel like work. Stepping into the light is about shifting your perspective. Embrace the way the light feels instead of critiquing the way you look in it.


You may feel like the past is weighing on you this week, pulling you away from where you want to go. As you feel dragged back into patterns that feel comfortable and predictable, you may feel increasingly more frustrated. While you can’t control the cards you’ve been dealt, you can learn to play your hand in a way you haven’t tried yet. And remember — just because you’ve been taught one way to do something doesn’t mean it’s the only “right” way to do it.

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You may feel like you’re trying to see through a haze of brain fog this week. And the harder you try to get focused, the more confused you feel. And the more you try to explain yourself, the more your words are coming out all wrong. Be cautious of over-working your mind, because your intellect can crash just like a computer can when it’s swarming with too much data. If you don’t know all the answers, take a deep breath and focus on one question at a time.


This week, you may find that you’re not working with the stability that you’re used to. Instead of feeling confident in your savings, you may feel financially strapped. Instead of feeling grounded and anchored, you may feel like you’re walking on flimsy floorboards. Despite your frustrations, you’re also realizing how resilient you are; how resilient you’re capable of being when the going gets tough. It’s gonna take a lot more than a few inconveniences to knock you down.


You might feel the pressure to be perfect this week. You may feel hyper-focused on your flaws and incapable of seeing beyond the stains and the cracks. However, you can see what separates a diamond created in a lab from a diamond cultivated in the wild, and it’s all found in the imperfections. This week, ask yourself whether you want to be a carbon copy of everyone else or something raw and irreplaceably imperfect. You already know the answer, don’t you?


This week, you might feel distance growing between your outer self and your inner self. If you haven’t reserved time for spiritual reflection and some good old fashioned self-care, you might begin to feel weary, as though your soul feels neglected. And even though you may be running from your demons, you’re also realizing how liberating it feels to get to know them rather than pretend they don’t exist. This week, work on understanding every part of yourself; even the parts that feel unknowable