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These 3 Signs Are Looking At The Bright Side This Week

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Go for your goals. Compete your hardest. Believe in your damn self. I mean, it’s Aries season after all. You know what you desire, so what’re you waiting for? This cardinal fire sign wants you to ignore the white noise and do whatever it is that you *really* want to do. If something doesn’t excite your heart and fill your soul with passion, it’s a waste of time (especially when the sun is in Aries). And if you happen to be one of these lucky zodiac signs who will have the best week of April 4, 2022 — Aries, Sagittarius, and Pisces — then you’ve got the power of the planets on your side.

However, just because Aries season wants you to push forward doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles standing in your way. After all, on April 4, Mars — Aries’ planetary ruler — will form a conjunction with slow and restrictive Saturn. This could leave you feeling stuck where you stand, as though nothing is moving at the speed that it should. And as you struggle to fight against what’s holding you back, you might grow even more frustrated.

Give yourself patience and embrace the fact that great things take time. Even though this week may be more challenging than others, there’s still plenty of good juju to go around. On April 5, Venus — planet of love and beauty — will enter dreamy, empathetic, and romantic Pisces. In this mutable water sign, Venus is exalted, which will heighten the level of glamour and satisfaction in your life. It will also bring you closer to the people you care about and open your heart to the lovers and friends you have not yet met.

Here’s why these zodiac signs have so much to look forward to, despite the hurdles that land in your path along the way:

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Aries: You’re Learning How To Live Life Without Anyone’s Approval

Aries season is still in session, which means that the sun is returning to the position it was in at the moment you were born. When this happens, it forces you to reconnect with what brings you confidence as you embrace the direction your life is taking you next. However, this year is rife with challenges, thanks to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in your 11th house of community. This year, your solar return is teaching you how to live life on your terms, because you can’t wait for anyone’s approval before you can accept yourself.

Sagittarius: You’re Reconnecting With Your Creative And Artistic Agency

A lot is happening for you right now, Sagittarius. After all, the sun is moving through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, which is bringing out your need for creativity, romance, and self-expression. Life is much too short to be spent resisting your desires and repressing your instincts. Instead of waiting for perfection, take a chance on something that feels raw and messy. Open your heart to whatever it is that makes you feel *alive*, because beauty doesn’t come from a flawless formula; it comes from something wild and spontaneous.

Pisces: You’re Embracing So Much Love, Romance, And Friendship

You’re approaching a beautiful moment in your love life, thanks to the fact that Venus will enter Pisces on this week. Venus *loves* moving through Pisces, because the planet of friendship and flirtations is well-suited to the mystical and dreamy energy of this water sign. You’ve got it going on, Pisces. Absorb everything this glamorous planet is all about, because you’re on the verge of so much poetry, fashion, and indulgence. Oh, and definitely romance, too.