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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Embrace Limitless Growth This Month

Take that, Mercury retrograde.

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Flowers are lining the hillsides in bright hues of orange and yellow. The days begin with rain showers, only to end in blinding bursts of sunshine. You’re feeling replenished and rejuvenated; ready to water your roots and watch how fast you grow. Spring has sprung and the month of May has arrived with *much* in store. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best month of May 2022, then you’re blossoming more brilliantly ever. However, with that being said, it takes a lot to grow into something magical. Behind all the beauty is the harsh reality of hard work and resilience.

You’re getting a solid dose of trials and tribulations this month, because on May 10, Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini, bringing you confusion and crossed wires. This retrograde is bound to be a fascinating experience, because Mercury — planet of logic and communication — rules over Gemini. This clever and easily distracted air sign thinks faster than it can sometimes keep up with, so be careful of thinking yourself into a wall. By the time Mercury retrogrades back into plodding and pragmatic Taurus on May 22, you may feel stilted by an idea that you keep coming back to, no matter how much you may be ready to let go of.

By May 16, you’ll experience a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, making this a month of major transformation. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of destruction and rebirth, connecting you from one chapter to the next. It’s through the energy of this passionate, yet painful water sign that you can embrace your inner darkness and channel it into something powerful.

Here’s why these three zodiac signs are having a blast either way:

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Aries: You’re Gearing Up For An Incredibly Beautiful Solar Return

The month of April begins with the sun in Aries, fully immersing you in your own private dream world. During your solar return, you’re reconnecting with your spirituality, your creativity, and your sense of self. As you celebrate your strengths, you’re also learning how to honor your weaknesses, because being imperfect is also what makes you beautiful. Let the next few weeks center on your own evolution of the self, because you aren’t the same person you were last year. Now, you’re more “you” than you’ve ever been.

Taurus: You’re Embracing The Winds Of Change And Pioneering A Movement

As the month begins, the sun will be in your quiet and introspective 12th house, encouraging you to embrace healing as you prepare for the demands of Taurus season. Before you can truly embrace your solar return, you need to journey through your inner world and embrace the emotions you’ve been carrying. Allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel before you let it all go. Embrace the love and clarity you’ve been searching for, because it’s all leading you toward so much growth.

Pisces: You’re Pouring Your Creative Juices Into Something Powerful

Pisces season may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean the party is over. In fact, this month, you might be in an even *better* place than you were before. As Jupiter and Neptune meet up in Pisces , it’s clear you’re loved and evident that you’re blessed. This month, you’re feeling excited to be who you are and ready to radiate the level of confidence that matches your true potential. The more you learn how to express yourself, the more others will understand how to love you. When you share your secrets, they stop being secrets and they start becoming the truth. Share your truth, even when it hurts.

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