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Your Weekly Horoscope Is Full Of Twists And Turns, Thanks To Taurus Season

Plot twist.

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Prepare for unexpected bursts of insight and genius undertakings that send you straight into the stratosphere. After all, your April 18, 2022 weekly horoscope is full of plot twists and tantalizing gossip. Shocking information may be divulged and the surprises could send you down a tailspin. However, they could also lead you to a brilliant idea that changes *everything*.

It all begins on April 18, when Mercury — planet of communication and logic — joins forces with innovative and unpredictable Uranus at 13 degrees Taurus. This will initiate game-changing conversations, making it the perfect time to present your wildest theories and shoot your shot. Your mind is channeling some powerful energy this week, so don’t discount your revolutionary instincts. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect the unexpected, because nothing is as it seems right now.

You may feel a dark, yet motivating shift unfold as the sun in Aries squares off with Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — on April 18. An adversary may cross your path, forcing you to fight harder for your dreams than ever. This antagonistic energy may put your strength to the test, making it the perfect time to use the best cards you have in your deck. While you may be up against a challenge, it will activate your *deepest* source of power. However, don’t stoop so low that you no longer recognize yourself, because winning is nowhere near as important as respecting your integrity.

By April 19, you’ll begin a new chapter as the sun enters grounded, sensual, and pragmatic Taurus. Unlike impulsive and instinctual Aries, this fixed earth sign waits patiently before making a decision, weighing the pros and cons for as long as it needs to before forming an opinion. However, once Taurus has its heart set on something, nothing can change its mind. Let the solid gold commitment of Taurus guide you toward a goal that aligns with your spiritual purpose. And don’t forget to immerse yourself in the present moment every step of the way, because this Venus-ruled zodiac sign is intrinsically connected with the five human senses — sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Let these senses help you connect with the world you live in on a much deeper level.

Keep the tenacious and thick-skinned mentality of Taurus close, because on April 24, Mercury will square off with rigid and restrictive Saturn, inhibiting your self-expression. Although you may feel like something is holding you back, allow this cautious energy to remind you to think before you speak. After all, you can’t put Pandora back in the box once she’s been set free.,

Here’s what each you can expect this week, according to your sun and/or rising sign.

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This week, you’re joining the force of something new. In fact, you may even feel surprised by who your teammates are, because you’re connecting with likeminded souls who can help you accomplish anything you set your mind to. However, don’t trip over yourself trying to get to first place, because winning isn’t always the point. What really matters is that you’re going after goals that align with your desires, regardless of whether you’re in first place.


You’re unleashing something from deep inside you; something so wild and unpredictable that you barely even knew it was there. And yet, this new shade of who you are feels completely right and entirely in line with your true self. Follow this path toward your more authentic self and don’t be afraid to make waves. You may have to choose between something or someone this week, so trust your instinct and do what *you* feel is right.


This week, you may be seeing something from a perspective you’ve never considered before. And as you witness something in a completely different light, you may come to terms with the fact that even when something seems impossible, there’s still a bit chance that it is, in fact, possible. Let go of your fear of change and embrace the idea that there’s still so much to learn from others. Don’t get so lost in your own mindset that you forget to look past it.


You may find an unexpected source of power in someone (or something). You might even feel compelled to invest your energy into something for the longterm; something you never could have imagined being a part of. Embrace your instinct to merge with something meaningful to you. However, take your time as you get acquainted with this new emotional temperature, because you don’t have to jump right into the deep end. Take it one step at a time.

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You’re diving into a major opportunity this week, especially as it relates to your career and your professional concerns. It may be time to release a statement that lets everyone know what you’ve been up to. Chances are, your progress will astonish people and lead to even more powerful breakthroughs. Don’t let your fear of making moves in the *real* world stand in your way from participating in it. The world needs you influence, so share it freely.


You’re expanding your mindset this week. Open your mind to all sorts of possibilities, because you’re realizing that so much is possible. You have options right now, so take advantage of this platter at your feet. However, don’t take too long before making up your mind, and try not to let the fear of hard-work hold you back from making the decision you *really* want to make. You won’t be trudging through the mud for long, because you’re on your way to greatness.


This week, you’re shattering the bonds that have left you clinging onto the past. You’re separating yourself from something that has been nothing more than dead weight, and at first, you might feel unsteadied by so much newly discovered freedom. Give yourself time to stretch your wings before you fly away. However, the process of transformation is rarely an easy experience, so prepare for your struggle to pave the way for the power you’ve been craving.


This week, you may experience some shakeups in your life, especially in your relationships. You may crave independence from too much clinginess, but you may also forge an innovative partnership with someone you weren’t expecting to connect with. However, the direction this new relationship takes you could make you feel like you’re stepping a little too far outside of your comfort circle. Find balance, because there’s no reason to rush.

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You’re embracing bumps in the road this week. Instead of letting an inconvenience or a spontaneous interruption break you down, you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to try something different. Chances are, you’re discovering a new way to view productivity and structure to your daily life. However, be careful how far you veer away from the path you’ve been taking. You don’t want to get sucked into something you don’t want to be a part of.


This week, you’re discovering an new way to have fun. You may be tapping into a hobby that brings out your inner fire, letting the flame catch onto everything you touch. Unleash your artistic vision onto the world, because you’re feeling the rush of inspiration take you straight to a creative breakthrough. However, if you’re not perfect on your first try, don’t get discouraged. Imperfections are simply the key to what you need to put more effort into.


This week, you may find that something feels off. You may even feel like you’re not in a comfortable place, however, that discomfort also means you’re growing. You know you’re leaving behind your nest and learning how to fly away; it might also take a few tries before you catch some air. Try not to resist the journey you’re embarking on, because you’re right where you’re supposed to be. While you may feel unsettled, you’re also planting your roots somewhere new.


You may have some wild and out-of-this-world conversations this week, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. By opening your mind, studying new things, and learning everything you can, you’re also getting the answers to the questions that have been dominating your imagination. Don’t be afraid to go deeper; to get to the core of the truth you’re searching for. You’re tapping into something groundbreaking; something that could change the way you see your ego.