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What Is A Fire Sign? Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius Share This Element

They definitely bring the spice.

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When it all comes down to it, astrology is just a study on the way the energy of the cosmos impacts your life and the world you live in. Although it can appear like a conundrum of zodiac signs, glyphs, planets, and degrees, it's really that simple. But as you begin deciphering the nuances, complexities, and deeper meanings of your chart, there's no better place to start than with the four elements: fire signs, earth signs, water signs, and air signs.

“The elements are really, really important,” Miami-based astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Elite Daily. “As an astrologer, whenever I read birth charts, that’s one of the first things I was taught to look at.” In astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the following: fire, earth, water, or air, each holding a different meaning. “The energy of [the combination of elements] in a person’s chart really showcases the type of person you’re dealing with,” Mesa continues.

The elements are one of the main factors that differentiate the signs, but also group them together, according to astrologer Indigo Witt. “You can find different characteristics that match between the three signs within each element,” she explains. The elements are also vital to human life. “All of these different elements represent the basic human survival needs,” Witt offers. Air relates to taking your first breath, fire is the first spark of the mind, water is what creates life, and earth is what grounds and keeps life on earth.

If you want to know a secret, fire signs are often the wildest, most expressive, and hardest to contain. What is a fire sign, exactly? If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, then you know all about the flame that never stops crackling inside of you. “Fire has everything to do with creativity, fertility, passion, excitement, [and] that rush of energy,” notes Mesa. “It’s what creates that contagious atmosphere of joy,” she adds.

Your birth chart contains a mix of elements, but you may harbor more of one element than the others. If you're someone with a lot of fire energy in your chart, you love making a creative impact on the rest of the world. You can't help but shout your feelings from the rooftops. You're unafraid of being on stage, baring your soul for all the world to see. While others might repress their emotions and feel tepid about what excites them, fire signs can't stand the thought of living a life without enthusiasm. “Fire signs are known for their innate strength, courage, and passion,” Kyle Thomas, a celebrity astrologer, tells Elite Daily. “They provide the catalyst to make things happen.” If there was one phrase to associate with fire signs, it would be "carpe diem" because fire signs know from deep inside their bones that life is meant to be lived.

To learn more about the people under this passionate, creative, and energetic element, here's everything you need to know about fire signs.

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What Does It Mean If You Have A Fire-Dominant Chart?

For those with a majority of their planets in fire signs, the qualities of this element make up a major part of who they are. The four elements are further broken into yin and yang or positive and negative polarities (also called masculine and feminine, but it doesn’t actually have anything to do with gender). Yin signs are receptive, and Yang are active. “The yin signs are all the earth and water signs, and they’re receiving, processing, and responding to the environment,” professional astrologer Taryn Bond previously told Elite Daily. “Air and fire are agency action. They’re bringing something new, bringing an idea into the world — something to then be received.”

A fire-dominant chart will indicate a person who is action-oriented and forward-thinking. These people tend to be straightforward and creative. “It's [a] very life-bringer energy,” Witt tells Elite Daily. “This element is associated with your first impulse, so I find that fire-dominant people are very impulsive with the way that they confront things,” she continues. They typically want to be the first to do something.

Fire people aren’t really the type to ruminate on a decision. “This is the type of person that you know right off the bat is going to act on impulse,” Mesa says. They might be easily triggered and may struggle with a short temper. But they also get excited about things, and their joy is contagious.

Fire is associated with identity, the self, and how you directly express yourself and show up in the world, according to Witt. “Fire-dominant people tend to have a strong sense of self and strong identity, and they have a need to express themselves, usually through some type of art or leadership,” Witt says. These are headstrong people with a need to lead and be courageous. They are risk-takers, trailblazers, and can be the competitive type. “They feel [like] almost like a hero in their lives,” Witt continues. “They need to be the main character.”

What Are The Fire Signs?

Aries: The Initiator, Fighter, & Go-Getter

Aries jumpstarts the entire zodiac cycle, and that alone should say a lot about this cardinal zodiac sign. They are the definition of initiators. “Aries is literally the act of taking a match and lighting a candle,” Witt says, “because Aries is that first spark of fire.” Or, think of Aries as a fireball of energy pushing everything forward. Aries waits for no one to follow their calling, and they march to the beat of their own drum.

Ruled by Mars — planet of combat and aggression — this zodiac sign is not screwing around when it has its eyes on something. If you were born with Aries placements, you're someone who goes with your gut, lets nothing stand in the way of what you desire, and rarely ever second-guesses yourself.

Leo: The Creative, Romantic, & Hero

Only one zodiac sign is ruled by the sun, and it just so happens to be Leo. Is there any celestial body that attracts more attention than the sun? Leo is just as glamorous and noticeable. Leo has no problem having all eyes on them because this fixed fire sign flaunts their creative energy for all the world to see. “Leo is the campfire that everyone is feeding off of and also attracted to [and] fascinated by,” Witt says. It’s fixed fire: It doesn’t come to you, but people naturally flock to it — and if you know any Leos, you know they can’t help but garner an audience.

Of all the fire signs, Leo tends to have the most romantic and artistic perspective on life. Leo is ruled by the heart and represented by the lion. They are fiercely loving and loyal and exude an energy of royalty. They cling to their ideals and radiate their values wherever they go. If you were born with Leo placements, you're the star of your very own show.

Sagittarius: The Philosopher, Adventurer, & Seeker

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, and their passion for life often changes shape and adapts to new forms. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius craves something larger than life, something grand and expansive. Think of Sagittarius as a spark that catches fire while the wind whisks them away or a wildfire expanding out. “It's spreading everywhere, and it's kind of uncontrollable,” Witt offers. “Or [it’s] like a torch that's being passed around.”

Wherever the adventure may be, Sagittarius is already en route. The ultimate way of life for this zodiac sign is to garner as much experience as they can. If you were born with Sagittarius placements, you likely spend most of your time daydreaming about visiting every country on earth and tasting every cuisine at your disposal. You always want to expand your worldview.


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