Here's How Understanding Your Venus Sign Can Actually Save Your Relationship

by Rosey Baker

Valentine's Day is coming up next month, but you don't need a holiday for an excuse to try and better your relationship. Astrology is a useful tool when it comes to understanding what makes us (and our partners) really tick, especially in our love lives. In fact, your Venus sign will tell you about your love language — both the ways you express affection and the way you expect affection to be expressed. The 5 Love Languages, a book by Gary Chapman divides the ways people express love (and need love to be expressed) into five categories; quality time, acts of service, giving/receiving gifts, physical touch, and words of affirmation.

Understanding your Venus sign is very similar to your love language because Venus is the planet of love and personal relationships, and depending on what your Venus sign is, it can reveal a lot about how you give and interpret love. In order to find out someone's Venus sign, all you need is an accurate birth time and location. You can enter that information into this free birth chart calculator, which will tell you exactly what sign Venus is in. Then you can come back here and check out what your partner's love language is, based on their Venus sign.

Aries- Physical Touch

Aries need to know they're the best, and they need to feel it, physically, from the ones they love. And, if I'm being honest, they need a good fight every now and again with some makeup sex immediately following that.

Taurus- Quality Time

Venus in Taurus people need stability. They need someone they can count on. They don't necessarily need a huge fancy dinner, but some quality time connecting with their loved one makes them feel more secure.

Gemini- Words of Affirmation

Picture a dog you could pet with words of love and encouragement. That's a Gemini. They're ruled by the planet Mercury, the communication planet, and they need words of affirmation to bring them peace and serenity.

Cancer- Acts of Service

Cancers like to care for others and to feel cared for themselves. They need someone to cook for them, especially. They're ruled by the moon, which governs our relationship to our mothers, which makes them an especially nurturing sign.

Leo- Gifts

The sign of Leo expects to be showered in affection in ways they can show off to others, being the most performative sign in the zodiac. Give them gifts and give them life.

Virgo- Words Of Affirmation

Virgo is a sign that is prone to give love through acts of service, while they appreciate receiving love through words of affirmation. Appreciating them for the work they do, and how well they do it, is the way into their hearts

Libra- Quality Time

Libra is a very romantic sign, the sign that symbolizes justice, fairness, partnership and equality. What's most important to them (even above physical affection) is spending quality time with their partner. Doing fun things together, both in and out of the bedroom.

Scorpio- Physical Affection

Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, making this sign a powerful sex machine. Sex for them is more than just sex. It's a spiritual, transformative experience. They need a partner who is as DTF as they are.

Sagittarius- Words of Affirmation

In truth, Sagittarius is a powerfully independent sign, who is consistently exploring the world, traveling, and seeking knowledge. They need more than just your words of affirmation; they need you to mean them, and they need a partner who respects their independent spirit.

Capricorn- Receiving Gifts

Capricorn loves to expressions of love that come with monetary value. They are a classy sign, and they seek security, so not only do gifts show them how much you care for them, it shows them you can afford to.

Aquarius- Honestly, I'm Stumped.

Aquarians are the oddball sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Uranus, and they're known for being incredibly unpredictable. I wish I had an answer to this, but frankly I think any of the above could be true for them.

Pisces- Acts of Service

Pisces are known to be the martyrs of the zodiac, so having a partner who is willing to pick up where they leave off in their own lives (being busy putting out fires in the lives of others) is more appreciated by this sign than any other.

Again, if you and your partner have trouble communicating, or one person is feeling under appreciated (or maybe you both are!), understanding your Venus signs, and your love languages, can truly help shine some light on the situation. Don't be afraid to use astrology as a tool in your relationship; even just talking about it can open doors of understanding.