Venus Is About To Be In Aquarius & Here’s How That Could Affect Your Love Life

by Rosey Baker

The moment you never knew you were waiting for is about to arrive. Venus has been in the sign of Capricorn for about a month now, which infuses your relationships with stability, loyalty, and a dependability that can provide a solid foundation. This can also be experienced as a boring slog through a lethargic love life. But with Venus in Aquarius 2018, beginning on Jan. 17, you can take that stable foundation and launch yourself into some very surprising twists and turns. Even if you're not attached, relationships that form while Venus is in Aquarius will have a fun, surprising quality to them.

Venus is the planet of love, creativity, and partnership. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, a sign that is known for being a humanitarian, kind, offbeat, friendly, and almost always surprising in a refreshing (if not puzzling) kind of way. When Venus is under the Aquarian influence, and vice versa, the combination of energy is bubbly, amiable, and curious. Aquarius loves to explore, to think outside the box, to try new and untried things- and it's a sign that is unafraid to get real weird in the bedroom. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone under this influence, because now is the perfect time to explore.

Faithful On Your Own Terms

Aquarius is a sign that is as faithful as any other, although they're a little detached emotionally and can sometimes come off as someone who would cheat. Under this influence, you might need a partner who will understand that you need freedom above everything else. You need to not to be held down by your relationships, but to be freed by them. Relationships with others during this period will require unconditional understanding, trust, and faith in one another, if you're going to enjoy the benefits of this transit.

If you have trust issues, they'll certainly come up now. But if you're an independent person who can easily let go of any desire to control your partner, you'll find this transit offers many opportunities to expand your understanding of relationships.

Trying New Things

If you're in a relationship, this would be a good time to start really exploring your kinks. Been curious about a swingers' club? Go check one out with your sweetie now. Always wanted to f*ck in the woods? Get out there and take a risk. If you've always been against the idea of going on The Bachelor but also very curious how well you would fare, you might just get a case of the "F*ck It"s and make your move. You never know what can happen, and now more than ever, you can get off on that idea.

You have a chance now to completely renovate your entire life and you can do it in the most exciting way. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb, and feel free to just embrace your fear and move past it anyway. You have the planetary boost to make that happen now, and to have fun doing it.

Foundation Built On Friendship

Most importantly, you'll notice the importance of friendship in your intimate relationships right now. People who stimulate your mind are the ones who are really after your heart, because what is a relationship without the freedom to be yourself wholly, without fear of judgment? A partner who doesn't support you in your desire to explore, who doesn't encourage you to take risks and who isn't interested in taking them with you is not your friend. And partners who aren't your friends also suck in bed.

I mean sure, you can have a nice time having makeup sex with someone you hate inside deep down, but isn't it more liberating to be with someone who can laugh with you?

Keeping An Open Mind

Most of all, under this influence, it's important to keep an open mind and an open heart. Adopt a level of detachment from your emotions not to bury them but to explore them without judgment. If you are a jealous person, remove yourself just enough from jealousy in order to actually see how it makes you feel- does it stimulate you enough to actually, oh, I don't know, turn you on?

These are the kinds of surprises you can expect to make use of this month, so I hope you're down for the adventure. It's way more fun of a ride when you're willing to throw your hands in the air and enjoy it.