This Will Be The Worst Month Of 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign, So Here's How To Cope

by Rosey Baker
Brian Powell/ Stocksy

The new year is picking up steam this week and as we get further away from the holidays you may have turned your focus toward the bright future ahead of you. As the crankiest astrologer alive, I figure it's my responsibility to let you know about any roadblocks you should expect. Specifically, the worst month of 2018 for every zodiac sign, and how to get through that. The universe can be a real snarky b*tch, and sometimes when one sh*tty thing happens we can be all, "Everything is ruined my whole life is a sham and what even is happiness because I don't know anymore!"

This article is to help you avoid falling into the pit of negative thinking during the tough times of 2018. You need to remember that challenges are an invitation to slay your inner dragons and move forward with more strength and wisdom and understanding of yourself. The world around you is a reflection of your own belief systems, so you can do the work now to take responsibility for the things you can change, and to find the courage in yourself to change them now. This includes your own perspective. Believe in the power of you, and if that doesn't work, believe in the power of Oprah.


June 2018 is likely to be a tough month for Aries, as your sixth house of health and daily responsibilities will be lit up. You need to take the time out of your life to make sure your health is good and you're getting the rest you need. I know you hate to slow down, so attempting to meditate this month can help.


September 2018 is likely to be a month with a lot of upheaval and change, as Uranus will have a strong influence over your chart. I know you hate change Taurus, but this month will be one to remain patient and go with the flow.


August 2018 seems to be a time period where your seventh house of love and partnerships will be compromised. There's potential for misunderstandings now, so be clear about what it is you want and need in your relationships.


March 2018 is going to be a difficult month for you with the Mercury retrograde, because Cancers hate taking communications risks, but this month will be full of them. If you slow down and are careful and direct, you will be fine, though misunderstandings will be unavoidable.


August, while it's your birthday month, is also a Mercury retrograde period. When you're making birthday plans, be sure to make them either before of after the retrograde to avoid misunderstandings around your guest list.


The last month of 2018 is going to be a tough one for you, Virgo. You can expect conflicts to occur in your personal and professional life as your eighth house will be somewhat challenged at this time. Try to breathe deep and keep your life and plans as simple as possible at this time.


January 2018, ahem, right now, is the most challenging time of the year for Libras. You might be filled with tension, anxiety, and a lack of sleep due to overworking yourself. Your health could be compromised, so take the time to see doctors and attend to these issues.

The good news is, it's almost over.


April 2018 might have you feeling a little more sensitive than normal Scorpio, as you might have been confronted with past relationships during the retrograde in March. My advice is to let your resentments go; they really only hurt you in the end.


November 2018 is a month for correcting your mistakes across the board. The more you are willing to take responsibility for your past, the better off you'll be in the future. This can be tough for Sagittarius, but humility is a bitter pill.


During April 2018, the Mercury retrograde will be creating some chaos when it comes to your health, so if there's any health related issues you've been ignoring, take care of them now. The more you make those efforts now, the less you'll be affected by this retrograde.


July 2018 you'll be feeling both your health and your love life tested. While your overall year is likely to be a good one, this month in particular might feel like you're backsliding. You aren't though; you just need to give some attention to the areas of your life where it's due.


May 2018 is a month when Jupiter's influence in your chart could lead to some severe overindulgence. They say "work hard, play hard," but for many Pisces, work and play are connected. You need to take time to stay grounded.