Libra and Sagittarius have strong sexual compatibility.

Here’s Why Libra And Sagittarius Are So Sexually Compatible

It's a good thing these two signs love going out, because otherwise, they'd never leave the bedroom.

by Cosmo Luce
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Relationships between air and fire signs are usually quite dynamic, and a Libra and Sagittarius relationship is no exception. Both of these signs thrive on getting each other off in the bedroom, watching one another succeed, and having the stability and security of a long-term commitment. This match thrives thanks to their red-hot sexual chemistry and their shared love of a good time. (If you never want the party to end, invite a Libra-Sag couple. Trust.) Libra-Sagittarius compatibility is strong, but like any other pairing, it has its weaknesses, too.

You’ve heard the saying “opposites attract,” and in this case, it’s true. “Libra is a cardinal air sign and Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign,” says Valerie Mesa, an astrologer at “Together, both archetypes complement one another a great deal.”

These two signs are drawn to each other’s fun-loving, carefree nature. “Both of these signs feel energized in social atmospheres; they enjoy going with the flow,” Mesa says. That doesn’t mean things always flow easily, though. When these two signs butt heads, it’s usually because they share the same goals but have different ideas about how to achieve them. “Venus-ruled Libra prefers to approach situations with charm, grace, and thoughtfulness; Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius’ approach is larger than life itself, as they enjoy the thrill that comes with every gamble,” Mesa explains.

That difference explains why this pair doesn’t always work out. “Libra's desire to compromise could trigger Sagittarius' desire for freedom and vice versa,” Mesa says.

Here’s what else you should know about this couple:

Libra-Sagittarius Sex Is Amazing


It’s a good thing these two love going out, because otherwise, they might never leave the bedroom. Between Libra's deep capacity for tenderness and Sagittarius' attention and care, their physical chemistry is dynamite. A Libra lover is careful and attentive to their partners' needs — they take pleasure in giving pleasure — and a Sagittarius flame has an intense, focused energy that turns up the heat.

In terms of communication, Libra is excellent at articulating their needs and perceiving the needs of their partner. There won't be hang-ups about one lover or another's capacity to perform. But if there ever is a hiccup, it’ll smooth itself out. Sagittarius is good at taking feedback, and their adventurous spirit means they’re always willing to try something new.

Mesa says their passion stems from their opposing elements: “Air contains oxygen, and fire needs oxygen to burn.” Whew.

Libra & Sagittarius Can Struggle With Trust

The main challenge a Libra and Sagittarius face is trust. Even though Sagittarius ultimately prefers to be in a relationship, they have the tendency to swiftly change directions when they feel the connection is no longer working. This sign sometimes struggles to understand their wild, roaming hearts can make their lovers nervous — and this can be a particular sore spot for sensitive, loyal Libra.

According to Mesa, “Libra might not completely trust Sagittarius' risk-taking behavior and non-committal ways, and Sagittarius could feel triggered by Libra's desire to compromise and meet them halfway, which could lead to distrust.”

If Sagittarius is able to show Libra exactly how much they care about their relationship, though, this couple’s trust issues will resolve in a heartbeat.

Libra Is More Likely To Make The First Move

Neither of these signs want to feel tied down — they both enjoy the excitement and intrigue that meeting new people brings. But once feelings develop, they behave differently. “Libra would be the first to commit compared to Sagittarius, as they prefer to wander and keep their options open,” Mesa explains. This romantic sign blossoms when they’re in a happy relationship.

Watch out, though. “Libra’s flirtatious charm could easily lure someone in... even when they’re not ready for a relationship,” Mesa warns.

Sagittarius & Libra Will Have Plenty Of Questions For Each Other


Libra and Sagittarius are open to commitments, but both of these signs want to make sure that the commitment is right before they give a relationship their best efforts. Early on, a relationship between a Sagittarius and a Libra will involve plenty of discussion as these two explore what makes each other tick.

Their Lifestyles Are Different, But Compatible

Libra has a finely tuned sense of balance — after all, the sign is represented by the scales. When paired with Sagittarius, the vibe swings equally between adventure and domesticity. Even though Sagittarius loves to travel, they'll love coming home to their shared Libra household, adorned with all of the finer things that a Libra needs to be comfortable and secure in their space.

Libra & Sagittarius Are A Great Long-Term Match

Sagittarius and Libra are deeply invested in each other’s success and happiness. Libra loves to help their inner circle achieve their highest goals and ambitions, and with Sagittarius' direction and drive, they’re sure to watch their lover soar. Far from a selfish sign, Sagittarius will also be sure that whatever rewards they reap are shared with their partner. Accordingly, a Libra and Sagittarius relationship has a strong base for long-term success.

Once these signs commit and find a solid sense of trust and balance, their passion and compatibility will keep them burning bright for years to come.

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