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Libra's Ruling Planet Could Actually Help Explain Why The Sign So Flirtatious

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There are so many different ways to learn astrology. For example, you could simply memorize the characteristics and archetypes associated with each zodiac sign. You could also learn about the meaning behind the four elements and how they influence each zodiac sign. However, one of the quickest and most important ways to begin your astrological training is by studying the planets. In astrology, each zodiac sign is ruled by a specific planet. Every planet has its own specific power that influences your birth chart in a unique way. It always has a mission, an aim, and a desire. By understanding a planet, you'll also understand the zodiac signs they rule over on a deeper level. Since Libra season begins on Sept. 22, let's talk about what Libra's ruling planet means, because it will explain this cardinal air sign to a T.

Libra is ruled by Venus in astrology, and if you happen to be a Libra rising, that means your chart ruler is Venus. In the most basic sense, it would essentially mean that Venus is the most significant planet in your birth chart. Venus transits will always affect you more than any other planetary transit. The nature of Venus (such as what zodiac sign it's in, the aspects it makes, the astrological house it's in, etc.) in your birth chart captures your personality and your essence in a significant way.

It also captures the way Libra functions as a zodiac sign and helps describe everything it's so famed for. Libra wouldn't be Libra without Venus, and Venus wouldn't be Venus without Libra.

Libra Is Ruled By Venus & Here's What That Means


If you happen to be ruled by Venus, then lucky you, because that essentially means you're impossible to resist. In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, romance, friendship, beauty, art, money, and seduction. In your birth chart, Venus describes everything ranging from your personal style to your love language. It describes an area of life where you have an added charismatic flair or a talent for persuasion.

As a zodiac sign, Libra is associated with harmony, diplomacy, aesthetic beauty, and one-on-one relationships. Libra is always aiming to establish an even balance between extremes; to soften rough edges and sharpen loose ones. It strives to be a mediator during conflict and to help people who are very different from each other find common ground. Libra can also be incredibly witty and charismatic. It's notable for being one of the most flirtatious and well-liked signs in all the zodiac.

You would never see these qualities in Libra without Venus. Libra represents the side of Venus that's concerned with harmony amongst people and a desire for sublime beauty. The reason Libra can navigate a brand-new social setting and leave with everybody's phone number is all thanks to Venus and the way this planet is built to charm.

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, you might even feel the power of Venus more strongly during Libra season. When Libra season begins, Venus will be in vivacious, theatrical, and confident Leo, spicing things up with a romantic energy marked by grand gestures and artistic expressions of the self. By Oct. 2, Venus will enter organized, helpful, thoughtful, and intellectual Virgo, inspiring you to cleanse your space, contribute to your wellness, be of service to your loved ones, and secure a stimulating mental connection. Pay attention to how much stronger Venus feels during this time. It won't be difficult to notice.

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