those with a scorpio rising sign are intuitive and mysterious

How Being A Scorpio Rising Sign Affects Your Personality & Love Life

Your intuition is off the charts.

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Right off the bat, you’re either magnetically drawn to a Scorpio rising or steer very clear. Scorpio rising signs are some of the most polarizing yet alluring people you’ll come across. Though they’re typically quiet by nature, their energy is loud AF.

Not to be confused with a Scorpio sun sign, the rising or ascendant is based on the time you were born. It’s possible to have any combination of sun and rising sign: You could be a Scorpio sun with a Scorpio ascendant, or a Gemini sun with a Scorpio ascendant. While the sun sign defines a person’s ego and core identity, the rising sign shapes the overall vibe you project to the world.

Things like your mannerisms, persona, physical appearance, first impression, and outward energy are all described by this placement. “It’s also an energetic vehicle that really tints the theme of your life,” Miami-based astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Elite Daily. Imagine you’re plucked from your comfort zone and plopped into an unfamiliar scenario — this is where your rising sign really takes charge. It’s your autopilot mode and natural way of being, perceiving, and interacting with the outside world.

If you’re a Scorpio rising, your automatic demeanor makes you seem *super Scorpio-y* to others — even if you don’t have any other Scorpio placements. Here’s everything astrologers have to say about having the scorpion on the ascendant, from appearance and personality to compatibility and career.

What Is A Rising Sign?

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Any astrologer will most likely tell you the rising sign is more indicative of your personality than the sun sign. Why? It’s specific AF. It’s what makes you unique: How many people do you know who were born within a month of you? Probably a fair few. How many of them were also born on the same day at the same time? Not so many. This corner of your chart holds all the juicy deets that are specific to you. You may even resonate with the traits of this sign more than you do your actual “zodiac sign” (your sun sign).

Your rising sign is literally the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth, so it represents you physically entering the world and taking that first breath.

The ascendant sign is also the first of the 12 astrological houses, which each describe a facet of life. Because the houses fall in line through the signs based on where the ascendant is, this placement just got infinitely more important. To find yours, simply plug in your birth date, time, and location into an online birth chart calculator.

Scorpio Rising Personality Traits

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by both Pluto and Mars and represented by the scorpion and phoenix. This astrological cocktail on the ascendant creates a highly observant and intuitive person who thrives through chaos. As death and rebirth are key Scorpio themes (thanks to Pluto), these rising signs are always reinventing themselves and are surprisingly welcoming of change for a fixed sign (think of a phoenix rising from the ashes). They are mysterious, passionate, loyal, and sometimes obsessive individuals. Scorpio risings have rich emotional depths, but they’d rather keep their watery interior locked away like a frozen ice box — just as their fixed water might suggest.

So, how do they reconcile their adaptability with fixed stubbornness? Change is always exciting to them — as long as it was their idea. Hit them with unsolicited advice when they already have their mind set? It might as well be a personal attack, and they may do the opposite just to spite you.

These people are no strangers to situations of major upheaval or turbulence, especially in childhood. “These [were] moments in their lifetime where they had no choice but to start again and sort of shed their snakeskin,” Mesa offers. While they’re pros at transforming, they never forget the situations that made it necessary, so they learn to put up walls to protect themselves.

As a naturally skeptical and private sign, Scorpio risings are extremely difficult to get to know. “Scorpio risings tend to be on that defense mode,” astrologer Indigo Witt tells Elite Daily. They have an innate tendency to distrust the world. Control, power, and jealousy are major buzzwords for this rising sign, and it can all be tied back to their need to feel secure, stable, and protected.

Scorpio risings are experts at noticing the tiniest details of their surroundings. The critical mind of a Scorpio rising does not jive with math that isn’t mathing. The phrase “something’s not adding up” is very Scorpio rising, according to Witt. “They are just squinting their eyes looking around like, ‘something’s off,’” she shares. “They’re very good at pointing out things that don’t make sense.” In keeping with that, this ascendant sign is not cool with misaligned words and actions. If you tell a Scorpio rising you’re going to do something, they’ll hold you to it.

Because they represent all that is taboo, Scorpio risings tend to be interested in darker subjects, magic, the occult, and anything mysterious. “They love those types of things because it allows them to feel seen or understood ... the sign of Scorpio is overall a very misunderstood sign,” Witt offers. Your tarot-obsessed friend who calls themself a “baby witch” and binges on true crime podcasts? Probably a Scorpio rising.

Scorpio Rising Physical Appearance & First Impression

Ask an astrologer about a Scorpio rising’s first impression, and the word “polarizing” will come up again and again. People are either intrigued and almost hypnotically attracted to them, or heavily intimidated by their energy. It’s love or hate, essentially, which is oh-so-Plutonian. “Scorpio risings by nature have a very strong, intimidating, intense, judgmental — even if they’re not trying to be — energy,” Mesa continues, noting their default “don’t mess with me” vibe.

“They have this energy of something magic about them,” professional astrologer Taryn Bond tells Elite Daily. This is often both why strangers approach or avoid Scorpio risings, “because there's just something so mysterious,” Bond adds. There’s also the Mars influence to consider, which rules action, aggression, sexuality (not to mention Scorpio rules the sexual organs). The result? Someone dripping with a sexual yet mysterious energy with a possible dash of danger. It’s a black leather jacket personified.

A Scorpio rising’s appearance goes hand-in-hand with their persona. “It's always the eyes,” Witt says. “They're so piercing. They're like pools ... It literally feels like they're looking into your soul,” she explains. Plus, they have the brows to match. “Scorpio has the best eyebrows,” says Witt. Essentially, they’re the definition of “siren eyes”: they will hypnotize you and you’ll either be in love or scared for your life — or both. “You can’t not look at a Scorpio rising’s eyebrows and eyes,” Mesa concurs. Think Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Natalie Portman, Lily-Rose Depp, and Katy Perry — all prime examples of Scorpio rising power.

Scorpio risings often have a serpentine or Scorpionic face shape with sharp, darker features. “It’s the very pronounced cheekbones, the pronounced chin, a prominent nose — very strong features in general,” Mesa offers. They tend to have a clenched jaw, furrowed brow, or a tension or focus to their face.

If there’s any sign with major RBF, it’s a Scorpio rising. These are the people who get the constant “what’s wrong?” and “you look so mad” comments when they’re perfectly fine. “The Scorpio rising looks like they are an assassin,” Witt comments. “They look like they’re just ready ... and it’s scary sometimes.”

Scorpio Rising In Social Settings

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The first impression is rarely a true representation of a Scorpio rising’s authentic self. “People can have a completely different perception of Scorpio rising before they talk to them,” Bond offers. “They can seem like two completely different people: The person they present versus the one they don't.” Once they’ve done their observations, the Scorpio rising will decide how much of themself they’ll allow to slip out from behind the wall.

Scorpio risings generally don’t want people to notice when they enter a room. They’re uncomfortable with the idea of being perceived and would love to blend into the shadows. These ascendants are natural investigators, and they love getting deep — small talk is physical torture. They have a magical power over people that “just makes you want to reveal all your deepest, darkest secrets,” according to Witt. You can tell they are drinking in your every word with their unfaltering eye contact, but good luck learning a single thing about them. “They will purposely withhold things about themselves, and you're only going to know as much about [them] as they want you to,” Witt continues.

As one of the darker zodiacs, Scorpio can tend to see the worst in people first before allowing someone to prove them wrong. “It really takes a lot of passion, trust, and loyalty to have a Scorpio open up to you,” Witt says, which is why they’re often misunderstood.

“Scorpio risings are very particular with who they hang out with,” Mesa concurs. But once they’re devoted, “they’re ride-or-die,” she says, pointing out their extra giving and attentive side. But this placement doesn’t need a whole lot of social comfort to crack some good sass. “These are very funny people because they're very sarcastic,” offers Witt.

Scorpio Rising Compatible Placements

Clearly, not everybody can hang with this polarizing placement. So, what signs are compatible with Scorpio risings? Because Venus rules what you find beautiful, Scorpio Venus people will be drooling over this rising sign “like a moth to a flame,” according to Mesa. “Mars in Scorpio as well,” she continues, “because Mars rules Scorpio, so there’s an automatic passion and attraction there.”

Other water placements get along swimmingly with Scorpio risings (including Scorpio suns). This applies particularly to Pisces placements, as this sign falls in their fifth house of romance, and Cancer suns. “Cancer suns love Scorpio risings,” Mesa offers. “Gemini and Scorpio is also a vibe because [Gemini] is their eighth house, so there’s a mischief and an intriguing vibe between those two,” she adds. With Taurus in their seventh house of partnerships, Scorpio risings can’t help but attract these people into their lives.

Bond notes that Aquarius placements can be “weirdly comforting” to Scorpio risings because Aquarius lands in their fourth house of home and family. Leo is another surprising connection with Scorpio, according to Witt. “They are obsessed with each other and that square between Leo and Scorpio is very passionate,” she says.

With Scorpio in the fifth and seventh house, respectively, Virgo and Taurus risings also love a good Scorpio ascendant. And with the shared Mars energy, Aries and Scorpio tend to be attracted to each other, while earth placements have a natural flow with this rising sign.

How Do Scorpio Risings Flirt?

If a Scorpio rising likes what they see, they’ll just keep on looking and let their magical eyes do the work. “They blatantly stare,” Mesa says. “They have this ability to make it seem like you’re the only one in the room ... It’s a very hypnotic, trance-like energy.” They’re master manipulators, so they’ll probably get you to approach them without lifting a finger. “It’s almost like a mood control because you can feel a Scorpio rising’s energy, even when they’re not around you,” Mesa adds. They’ve got it all mapped out, but they know how to make everything seem like your idea.

“Scorpio risings are aggressively flirting silently,” says Bond. “It's almost like they put out energy [to] whatever person they’re into and draw them toward them with the magnetism thing.” They might also dress up for someone, but it’s not going to get much more direct than that, depending on the rest of their chart. Although, they will obsess over their crush for a long time.

Scorpio Rising Careers

Scorpio is one of the most ambitious signs. Fixed, with Mars on their side, there’s nothing that can get in their way once they’ve locked in on a goal. “They have passionate dreams they’re set on,” Witt says. “They will not let anyone tell them they cannot do it.” And with Leo in their 10th house of career, this is an area they’re OK with standing out in. They want recognition for their hard work.

“They don't like doing things that feel minuscule or unimportant,” Witt says. “[They like] anything that is going to illuminate their passions,” and they put their heart and soul into whatever they do. They may excel in fields like acting, filmmaking, graphic design, painting, writing, music, dance, or another form of art. They thrive in settings that allow them creative expression.

Scorpio is often also interested in mathematics, astrology, medicine, the military, politics, or justice. “They make amazing lawyers because they're very good at pushing a point [and are] very, very good at debating,” Witt offers. Of course, they also make natural detectives and researchers.

With Aries in their sixth house of work and daily routine, Scorpio risings love to start new things and may have many careers. “They want to be self-directed,” Bond muses. “It's very important that they find a job with people who recognize that they have a vision and they can bring it to life without needing to be micromanaged or controlled.”

It’s impossible not to be impacted by the energy of a Scorpio rising, whether you’re lucky enough to break through the alluring ice wall or not. If so, you’re in for a lifetime of soul-bonding devotion with a healthy dose of dry humor and sarcasm to keep you humble.


Taryn Bond, professional tropical astrologer practicing synthesis of evolutionary, modern, traditional, and intuitive techniques rooted in a humanistic, soul-based astrological approach

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