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These Are The 3 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs, But It's Not What You Think

They’re simply more persuasive than others.

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Being manipulative is generally considered a toxic quality for someone to have. I bet even the mere mention of the word is bringing back memories of two-timing exes, shady colleagues who sabotaged your success, and cold-hearted politicians who derail society time and time again. However, not all forms of manipulation are that insidious. While it is a dangerous talent, its influence can be used as much for good as it can for evil. The three most manipulative zodiac signs are definitely capable of both.

Let's be real — we, as human beings, manipulate each other every single day. Think about it, you're kind of manipulating your friends when you convince everyone to go to the expensive, trendy brunch spot you love on Sunday mornings. You're also being manipulative when you persuade your professor to give you an A- instead of a B+ on your overall grade when you know you skipped class seven times. You're even being a little manipulative when you bring your SO flowers and chocolates after a fight (that you started).

Some people are simply more persuasive than others. And Gemini, Cancer, and Scorpio are the zodiac signs who are most inclined toward the art of manipulation, with Pisces and Leo as honorable mentions. More evolved people with these signs will use their powers of persuasion to help those in need, to fight for what they believe in, to enlighten and uplift whoever they meet. On the other hand, they can also use their talents to do terrible, unmentionable things. Either way, their abilities are something to be seen.

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Gemini: The Charming Enchanter

You've heard the horror stories about the two-faced wizard that is a Gemini, and I'm here to tell you they're true (to a certain extent). They contain a multitude of faces, and they'll wear whatever face suits their environment best. Adaptable by nature, they can breeze through any type of community, shapeshifting into someone that community will trust. They also have a dangerous way with words, weaving together beautiful statements that may or may not be true. You'll believe them regardless. These Geminis can sell you hot tea on a sweltering summer afternoon in the middle of Arizona.

At the heart of a Gemini's intentions is a desire to make things interesting. Their manipulations are usually more tongue-in-cheek than genuinely dangerous (unless they mean to be). They have a fierce need to leave their mark on the world, even if it isn't necessarily the mark they're meant to leave. They simply want the chance to live every life there is to live, to get to know people who are completely unlike them.

Cancer: The Sulking Sweetheart

So, is it true? Are Cancers manipulative? This zodiac sign gets its power from their deep, uncharted sea of feelings. These waters aren't always calm; they can be stormy, thunderous, and overwhelming. And their inherent knowledge of the human spectrum of emotion is what makes them capable of manipulation.

Since they're rarely ever direct while communicating their intentions, Cancers can resort to brooding and moping until their unhappiness is made clear. Symbolized by the crab, their hard outer shells can make them feel distrustful of most people while also being human lie detectors, which can make manipulation the easier way out of conflict. This dichotomy of wanting love, but also being dubious of all who try to love them, often causes them a ton of stress.

Truly, a Cancer just wants to hold on to their loved ones as close as possible. They have a lot of love to give, maybe the most love of any other sign in the zodiac, and they're very eager to give it. In fact, it's not possible for a Cancer to completely lose someone. They'll think about you years after you've stopped talking, wondering how they can love you from afar.

Scorpio: The Sneaky Strategist

The scorpion very appropriately symbolizes the most manipulative sign in all the zodiac. They're a small, sneaky little creature whose unexpected sting packs a deadly punch. This is the power a Scorpio is capable of. They have an inner sense of ambition that they keep close to the chest, spending a lot of time surveying their environment with a hidden agenda. Capable of picking up on your weaknesses, they can tell you exactly what you want to hear and memorize everything you tell them in return, just in case that information might prove useful later on.

What makes them so uniquely powerful is that Scorpios can see perfectly in the dark. They pick up on important details that people are often too afraid to look for. This ability lets them easily sidestep others. But underneath their cunning ways is not just an attempt to gain control, but also to protect the interests of themselves and those they love. If you have a Scorpio on your side, you're very lucky. If you're on their bad side... well, you better start making amends.

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