The Unique Magic You Possess, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

My favorite thing about astrology is that it serves as a constant reminder that we are all completely different from one another. Despite the magic power you possess, according to your zodiac sign, one thing is for sure: There's no such thing as another you, and the day you were born, the sky conjugated and formed a cosmic elixir with your unique energy and attributes. Have you ever seen a copy of your birth chart? The circle, houses, and planetary symbols are all an exact screenshot and representation of the sky on the day you were born. The planets are cosmic gods that swim through every part of our psyche. They are the rulers of universal vibration. We see what they wants us to see, but we seek our individual destiny.

It's almost as if we were all mystical beings with secret abilities and superpowers. Truth is, all 12 zodiac signs possess their own magic, and when each of these authentic energies come together, they become the circle of life and of universal truth. So, whether you're a intellectual Gemini making everyone's life easier with your brilliant mind and duality, or a luscious Taurus spreading abundance and sensuality with your evergreen thumb, you're still spreading magic by simply being yourself, and that in itself is already cosmic AF.

Aries: You Ignite The Fire Everywhere You Go

In Roman mythology, your ruling planet Mars is the god of war and battle lust. You're the first fire sign in the zodiac. Your fire is pure as it is the very first spark of ember and light. It is that very same fire that lights up your path and inspires passion and courage everywhere you go. You are bold and fiercely determined, which in turn sparks enthusiasm and zealousness. Your strength is like no other.

Taurus: Your Sensuality Provokes Earthy Delights

You inherited your goddess charms and overflowing abundance from your ruling planet, Venus. You experience life through your five senses, which in turn creates an innate sensuality to your lifestyle and demeanor. It's no coincidence Beltane, also known as the most fertile day of the year, arrives on May 1. Taurus season is the time of the year when Spring takes over the land, and the world can indulge in earth's delights. Your beauty is part of nature's eternal signature.

Gemini: Your Duality Is Mischievous And Supernatural

Your ruling planet Mercury was the only one who could travel to and from the underworld, besides Pluto. Mercury escorted gods and mortals to the underworld, traveling through the dark corners of the psyche and back to earth. Your mind is both mutable and flexible, switching back and fourth between the left and right-brain, eventually mastering both sides. Your mind is literally out of this world.

Cancer: Your Gifted Intuition Is Mystical And Nurturing

You are a child of the ever-changing moon. You are innately intuitive and eternally blessed by your angels and ancestors; hence there are a number of gifts that were bestowed upon you since birth. Your psychic empathy can sense when your loved ones are in pain, and like a true mystic, you know just what they need. Whether it be a family amulet or your great grandmother's tea leaves, your intuition will suffice. So mote it be.

Leo: Your Authenticity Is Bright And Enchanting

The sun is your ruling planet, and your vibrant energy is equivalent to its warm and sunny rays. You are generous, loving and your laugh is infectious. Your authenticity is your greatest super power, and the world simply cannot get enough of your light. Dancing, singing, loving, and laughing are some of your favorite things. Your is heart is like a diamond.

Virgo: You Possess Natural Healing Powers

You are the devoted servant and goddess maiden. You are eternally concerned with the needs of others, and your Mercurial mind was built to create utter perfection. You are a natural healer as you are connected to the divine source. Mercury is also your ruling planet; although, instead of communicating the messages you receive, you rationalize and mentally compartmentalize.

Libra: Your Charming Energy Is A Magic Mirror Of Your Surroundings

You're socially curious and utterly charming, like a true child of Venus. Given that your ruling element is air, you experience Venus' beauty from a mental perspective, as opposed to Taurus who sees the world through its earthy senses. You're chameleon-like and somewhat difficult to read, as you are the epitome of Goddess Aphrodite's magic mirror: an eternal reflection of your surroundings.

Scorpio: You Are Magnetic And Powerfully Connected To The Divine

Your ruling planet is Pluto, planet of transformation and God of the underworld; hence your extreme passions and impenetrable mind. You are highly intuitive and a natural mind reader, as you fearlessly walk through the shadows of other people's minds. Your obsessions stem from your emotional intensity, which at times could be overwhelming to those around you. You are the lightest light and the darkest dark. There is no in between.

Sagittarius: You Bring Optimism And Heal Negativity

You are a child of Jupiter, planet of abundance, healing and expansion; ergo, you are often referred to as the wanderer of the zodiac. Your optimism could be somewhat over-the-top, but that's where you power lies. Nothing is impossible in your eyes, and there's always something waiting for you on the other side of the horizon.

Capricorn: You Inspire Others With The Power Of Wisdom

You are strict, but also dependable. Some might say that you come across as cold or distant, when the truth is, you're simply being righteous with yourself and those around you. You exude integrity and ancient wisdom. You are proof that with hard work and dedication, anyone can get to the top.

Aquarius: You Spread Peace And Bring People Together

You are a social rebel as you are ruled by Uranus, planet of chaos and unexpected change. Your gifted mind is progressive and futuristic; hence you can bring the whole world together by simply being yourself. The universe blessed you with an eccentric point of view, and that is your biggest superpower.

Pisces: Your Intuition Is Otherworldly And Full Of Compassion

You are a cosmic hybrid of the entire zodiac wheel, as you are the sign of universal oneness and divinity. Your ruled by Neptune, planet of compassion and subconscious realms; hence you are eternally traveling between space and time. Your intuition is godlike and your heart is overflowing with compassion. You are a mystical being.