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Swifties, Here’s What You Should Bring To Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Friendship bracelets are a new Swiftie trend.

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It’s been a long time coming, but Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is finally here. Now that you’ve settled on your concert ‘fit, you might be wondering what essentials you should bring to the Eras Tour The Eras Tour is like a mini Swift-themed music festival, and you want to be prepared for anything and everything that may happen on the day of your show.

By just looking at Swift’s Eras Tour setlist alone, you know that a portable charger is necessary to make it through the over three-hour show. Actually, Austin Ashburn (@austinashburn4) who attended the second night of The Eras Tour in Glendale told Elite Daily that from start to finish, the show is “around five hours long.” That’s “not even including the car rides and line waits.” You’ll want to be prepared for a full-day adventure with everything you need in your bag. Speaking of which, most stadiums have very strict bag policies. Finding the right purse or backpack to match your Eras outfit is essential, but you want to make sure it’s actually one you can bring into the venue and get past security.

To help with packing for the Eras Tour, here’s everything you may want to bring to the Taylor Swift concert. There are even a few items you never would have thought to include on this list.

A Portable Charger To Get You Through All The Eras

Ashburn said the biggest Eras Tour essential is a portable phone charger. Even if you charge it beforehand, it may not last the entire day. Swift’s set is over three hours long, but you also have two opening acts and merch lines to wait in. If you’re using your phone the entire time, you’ll be draining your battery.

Bring a portable charger (or two) along with your charging cable, so that you have a backup. This power bank from Amazon has nearly 62,000 5-star reviews, with many raving about how quickly it brought their battery back to life.

Sunglasses For When The “Lights And Noise Are Blinding”

This is definitely something you may not be thinking to include in your bag, but Ashburn recommends bringing sunglasses. He argued that “most of the shows are taking place in the summertime,” and said he regretted not bringing them to the Glendale show.

Luckily, you can easily find sunglasses to match the Swift Era you’re channeling. For instance, Swifties going as her Red era may want to wear these heart-shaped sunglasses ($11) that she wore in the “22” music video. She also wore yellow heart-shaped sunglasses ($7) in the “You Need To Calm Down” video, but any color would do as long as it matches your era’s shade.

Earplugs Will Help You Hear Everything All Too Well

Many Swifties are raving about Loop earplugs on TikTok after wearing them at the first two shows of the Eras Tour. TikToker @__e.rxn said she “1000% needed” them for the show. They not only helped to protect her ears from the loud music and fans screaming, but they also helped with her anxiety walking through the large crowds in the stadium.

If you’re someone who also gets easily overstimulated, add these to your bag ASAP. Loop has some super cute color options as well, like gold, silver, and pink to match the Lover era.

Friendship Bracelets To Hand Out To Your Fellow Swifties

Bringing freebies to hand out to other fans at concerts is something that BTS’ ARMY is familiar with, but Swifties are also getting in on this fun tradition now. Instead of K-pop photo cards or cup sleeves, Swifties have decided to hand out friendship bracelets at the Eras Tour.

In true Swiftie fashion, these friendship bracelets are inspired by the different eras or feature inside jokes only OG fans would get. TikToker @laughygirlmaris shared some of the hilarious Eras Tour friendship bracelets she and her fiancé made together for her show. A great kit to get you started on your DIY journey is this one from Amazon that comes with colorful beads, letter beads, and two rolls of cord.

A Clear Bag To Fit All Your Concert Essentials

Most stadiums have a clear bag policy, but be sure to check the bag requirements ahead of time to avoid getting turned away at security. These clear bags from Etsy are super cute and match the different eras.

Your Credit Cards For Merch And Upgrading Your Seats

Similar to the clear bag rule, a lot of stadiums are becoming cashless as well, which means that you’ll want to bring a card if you want to purchase any Eras Tour merch at the venue. To make sure your credit cards are safe in your clear bag, it’s a good idea to get a small wallet. If you’re going bagless, a cute Eras Tour card holder to attach to your phone is a stylish idea.

If you happen to be a Capital One member, be sure to put your credit card in your wallet as well. One Swiftie, Lauren (@laurennnp), got upgraded to floor seats the day of the show by taking a video at one of the stadium’s Capital One booths, which had the elevator from the Taylor Swift Capital One commercial. If you post your video to social, you’ll be entered to win a “free seat upgrade.” To verify, you just have to show your Capital One card or log into the Capital One app on your phone.

An Unopened Water Bottle To Stay Hydrated

Many Swifties said that Glendale sold out of water on night two of the Eras Tour. TikToker @ashleypaigenicholson revealed that she had to buy a water bottle from the merch booth to stay hydrated. Lauren suggests checking your stadium rules and adding an unopened water bottle to your bag if it’s allowed.

Different stadiums have different policies, so definitely look into it beforehand. For example, the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles allows empty reusable water bottles. If your venue is also cool with bottles, you might want to get something collapsible that can easily fit in your clear bag.

Chapstick To Make Sure Your Red Lips Never Go Out Of Style

Lauren also argued that Chapstick is an essential item to throw into your Eras Tour bag. After all, you definitely don’t want to have chapped lips while trying to sing all 10 minutes of “All Too Well.” Since Swift is known for her iconic red lips, you may want to get something that’s tinted red. She would definitely approve of having her BFF Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty lip balm in your collection.

Comfortable Shoes So You Can Shake It Off All Night

TikToker @brittany.tucciaro’s tips for the Eras Tour include bringing comfy shoes. You may have found the perfect glitter boots to pair with your Fearless ‘fit, but you have to remember the show is pretty long. If you can, pack some sandals or these Silky Toes foldable shoes that TikToker @jizellemaia recommends putting on after you snap all your pics for Insta. An even better idea is to just choose comfortable shoes from the start, like Keds.

Hand Sanitizer To Stay Clean Throughout The Night

Another practical recommendation of what to bring in your Eras Tour bag from @jizellemaia is hand sanitizer. If you plan on eating, you might not have time to stop by the bathroom to wash your hands — especially if the lines are long. Having a pocket-sized sanitizer in your bag will come in handy.

Bath & Body Works has amazing scents and some cute holders that you can clip to the outside of your bag to save some space. You can also find a holder to match your era, like a gold glitter one for Fearless, pink hearts for Lover, and purple butterflies for Speak Now.

Tissues To Wipe Away The Tears After Every Track Five

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a Taylor Swift song. Between “All Too Well” and “Tolerate It,” it’ll be shocking if you don’t end up shedding at least a tear or two. To make sure you’re ready for a cry sesh, be sure to bring along some tissues. These can also be useful if you need a napkin for that stadium food you’re grabbing before the show.