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How To Figure Out Your Astrology Chart: Taylor Swift Version

How To Figure Out Your Astro Chart (Taylor's Version)

Swifties, this one's for you.

Any diehard Swiftie knows Taylor Swift is all about astrology, considering how many references she makes to her sun sign, Sagittarius (aka “The Archer), along with other cosmic terms, in her lyrics.

But, while the Tortured Poets Department crooner’s songs allude to her own astrological makeup, there’s actually a Taylor Swift album that matches your own sun, moon, and rising (aka your “big three”) signs’ vibes. Though you could easily find the era that matches your sun sign with a simple search, in just a few more steps, you could also figure out your astro chart (Taylor’s version) and it’ll be even more personal.

Jake Shane (aka octopusslover8 on TikTok) understood the assignment when he unlocked his Swift-themed chart with Elite Daily earlier this summer. “I think I’m a Midnights sun, a 1989 rising, and a Reputation moon,” he said at the time. How he got there is anyone’s guess, but you can get there too using a method similar to how to figure out your birth chart.

Understanding the contents of your natal chart can help you to better understand what you need to feel fulfilled and emotionally supported as you navigate life’s highs and lows, so can you imagine how things could be once you learn your T-Swift chart? Oh, the possibilities...

For those of you who happen to live in the cross section of SwiftTok and AstroTok, this one’s for you:

Step 1: Your Rising Sign (Taylor’s Version)

Despite how much people refer to their sun signs as their only zodiac sign, the rising sign (or ascendant sign) is the *most* important part of your birth chart. Not only is it the part of the chart most specifically determined by the time and place you were born, but it signifies the moment that you took your first breath as an autonomous human being. It tends to be the part of your birth chart you relate to the most, potentially even more than your sun sign. It represents what you instinctively seek throughout the course of your life, and can lead you to fulfilling your ultimate destiny.

Since your rising sign (or first house) can also indicate the first impression you give off to others, the Taylor Swift album that matches your rising sign is the one that you can relate to the most. It’s the album that feels closest to your most authentic self; the one you’d play for someone if you were trying to get them to understand you in the way that you see and understand yourself. For me, since I’m a Cancer rising, I’d consider myself to be a Folklore rising. The vibes are sentimental, melancholy, and emo AF, which is how I see myself, 99.9 percent of the time.

Step 2: Your Sun Sign (Taylor’s Version)

Your sun sign represents the most public, visible version of yourself. While it’s commonly considered to be the part of your chart you relate to the most, it more so represents the traits you always aspire to embody. Since the sun is the light of the sky, it represents the part of your birth chart where you tend to attract the most attention. It’s how you shine, show off, and exude the most confidence, and the sign that it’s in can point to the qualities other people see in you almost instantly. The sun is the main character in your birth chart, and is unafraid of being perceived or seen, even if others are intimidated by its light.

Since the sun tends to signify how you’d prefer to be acknowledged, there’s a lot of focus on self-awareness, independence, and autonomy when it comes to this placement. When selecting the T-Swift album that best matches your sun sign’s energy, think about the album that you put on when you want to feel confident, liberated, and fearless (which doesn’t necessarily have to be Fearless); the album that gases you up and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Since I’m an Aries sun, the Taylor Swift album that matches my fiery vibe is Reputation, hands down. The vibes of this album are all about being unapologetically yourself, which is the energy I’m told I give off (when I’m not in my Cancer rising feels, of course). This is the album I play when I need to be reminded that I can overcome any obstacle and to never give up on myself.

Step 3: Your Moon Sign (Taylor’s Version)

As the luminary with no light of her own, the moon represents the part of ourselves that we only share with those that we trust. She signifies your emotional needs, as well as the things you reach for when you’re in need of comfort or support. However, since she’s the swiftest astro planet in the sky and changes signs every two days, she can also represent your ritualistic habits; the things you find yourself going back to, time and time again, for some sort of emotional relief. The sign the moon is in can describe how you express your emotions, what you need in order to feel safe and comfortable, and the kinds of routine behaviors you partake in. The moon in your birth chart exposes the most intimate parts of yourself.

As the nighttime luminary, the moon’s vibe is private, discrete, and hidden. La luna’s not as obvious in her expression as the sun, which is why you may not notice someone else’s moon placement right away. As a Cancer moon myself, I find that people tend to be surprised at how sensitive I am, because it’s the part of myself that I selectively share with others. The Taylor Swift album that aligns best with your moon sign is the one that you play when you’re in need of a good cry, or are looking for something comfortable and safe to listen to. It’s the tracklist that puts you at ease, while also making you feel emotionally understood. Since my moon and rising signs are the same (*sighs*), I would consider myself to be a Folklore moon, with Fearless as my second choice just because it’s so nostalgic.