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I Tried To Get Back Together With My Ex & Got Stood Up

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It was my junior year of college. I had just been dumped by another brown-eyed brunette with commitment issues and a stamp collection. After three years of failed relationships, missed signals, and leading a one-man mission to reach the bottom of a…

How To Bring Up Moving In Together For The First Time, Because It Can Be Daunting

By Rebecca Strong
In any relationship, there are certain significant conversations that can feel a bit anxiety-inducing. Of course, there’s “the talk” about defining the relationship. There’s also the discussion about getting engagement. And then there’s the…

10 Things About Birthdays That Millennials Find All Too Relatable

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Out of everything you can count on in life, birthdays are one of them. Even if you don't necessarily celebrate yours, you get a birthday once a year. I'm one of those people who loves going all-out for their birthday. I try to fill up the entire…

15 Tweets About The Moment You Know You're In Love That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Retweet

By Griffin Wynne
The hippies will tell you that love is all around us, while indie musicians will sing about finding love in coffee shops until the sun comes up. But what more can be said about love, specifically in 280 characters or less? I thought you'd never ask.…

I've Been To Over 200 Hotels & Determined The Ones With The Best Restaurants So You Don't Have To

By Kristin Corpuz
One of my favorite parts of traveling frequently is being able to try different types of foods. I'd best describe my palate as "adventurous," and I jump at any opportunity to expand my culinary horizons. And while trying new foods in quaint…

8 Women Reveal The Completely Strange Gifts They've Gotten From Significant Others

By Laura Moses
When it comes to gift-giving, it truly is the thought that counts. But sometimes when you receive a gift that's unexpected, confusing, or just plain weird, you might wonder what the thought behind the gift actually was. It's totally normal to be…