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Here's The Full Order Of Katie's Bachelorette Eliminations This Season

It's all over, folks.

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Katie Thurston might have been sent home on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, but that didn’t stop her from finding true love onscreen. The Season 25 fan-fave had all the trappings of a phenomenal lead, which is why fans were thrilled when the social media queen was crowned The Bachelorette’s Season 17 lead. As the Seattle native looked for love, fans were eager to see if Katie would finally find her perfect partner (and who she would dump along the way). So, if you’re wondering who went home each week during The Bachelorette, you’ve come to the right place. Consider this your one-stop-shop for all the Season 17 post-rose ceremony tea.

ICYMI, Katie caused a ~buzz~ from the moment she stepped out of the limo on Night 1 of Matt’s Season. The social media star — who gained a massive TikTok following in 2020 for her sex-positive posts — gave Matt a vibrator when they first met, joking that it helped her get through quarantine. While she ended up keeping the toy (she said Fantasy Suites were too far away to be without it), Katie became an instant icon in the eyes of Bachelor Nation.

After Matt sent her home during Week 6 of *his* Bachelor journey, Katie made it clear she wasn’t over the idea of finding her person. "I am who I am, and there's someone out there who wants that," she said in her exit interview. And considering how many guys were fighting over her during her reign as the Season 17 lead, it’s obvious she was right. After a lot of sweat, tears, and sex puns, Katie gave her Final Rose to Blake Moynes in exchange for an engagement ring. While the pair is busy planning their wedding, here’s a recap of who went home each week of Katie’s epic season:

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The Bachelorette Episode 10 Eliminations (Aug. 9)

The Bachelorette Season 17 concluded with a three-hour episode that showed everything from Blake’s proposal to an awkward Katie-Greg showdown. After Greg Grippo officially peaced out in Episode 9, Katie decided to continue her journey and went on her Fantasy Suite date with Blake. After spending the night together — and telling him she loved him — Katie decided it wasn’t fair to continue on with Justin Glaze since, in her mind, she already picked Blake.

After sending Justin home, Katie got ready for the proposal while Blake sweated over whether or not he was ready to get down on one knee. Ultimately, it must have felt right, since he gave Katie a stunning solitaire engagement ring and asked her to marry him.

Despite Katie and Blake literally riding horses into the sunset together, the Bachelorette clearly still had some ill feelings toward Greg. During the “After The Final Rose” special, the former couple talked about his shocking self-elimination and (maybe) gaslighting. After sort of hashing it out, Katie and Greg both (very tensely) wished each other well, and Season 17 ended with Katie and Blake slow dancing on-stage while rose petals showered them from the ceiling. Aww!

The Bachelorette Episode 9 Eliminations (Aug. 2)

This week was… a lot. Going into hometowns, Katie was feeling lots of pleasure to impress her final three men’s families, while Greg stressed over Katie’s feelings for the other men. After proving to Blake’s mom and sister that the couple had more than just physical chemistry and reassuring Justin’s friends that he was being vulnerable enough with her, Katie had a seemingly perfect time meeting Greg’s family. But when he told her he loved her and didn’t get the response he’d hoped for, Greg began spiraling and wondering if there was a future for them.

Later, he went to her hotel suite to talk things out. To put it lightly, it did not go well. The two ended up having their first fight in what was clearly a severe communication breakdown. It ended with Greg leaving the show and a bereft Katie fully wanting to quit as well.

It’s unclear what the Aug. 9 three-hour finale will look like, but whatever happens, it seems like Katie and her two remaining contestants (Blake and Justin) are in for a rough time.

The Bachelorette Episode 8 Eliminations (July 26)

Thanks to the “Men Tell All” special, there wasn’t much time devoted The Bachelorette proper this week. However, that doesn’t mean the episode was short on in-season drama. In fact, the few minutes that did show Katie’s time at the resort in New Mexico featured one of the most emotional moments on the season so far.

Following a devastating phone call with his son, James, fan-fave contestant and bonafide sweetheart Michael Allio made the decision to leave the resort and go home. “With hometowns coming up, I feel like it’s wrong for me to give you half of what you need me to be,” Michael told Katie. “I’m leaving because my son needs his dad.”

Katie was supportive of Michael’s choice to be with his son, but from the sound of things, Michael would not have been the guy she would’ve sent home next, since she told Michael that she thought he’d be around til the end of the season. But unfortunately, that’s not how things went; coming up on hometowns, Katie is left with three remaining guys: Blake, Greg, and Justin.

The Bachelorette Episode 7 Eliminations (July 19)

This week, Katie was forced to make some tough decisions with hometowns just around the corner. First off, she and Greg had their second 1-on-1 date, during which she recreated the sights of her hometown, Seattle. At dinner, she admitted she was falling in love with him, and they kissed as some very Seattle-esque fake rain poured. Meanwhile, Brendan became concerned when he realized he was the only remaining guy to not get a 1-on-1 date with Katie. So, he showed up at her door to plead his case, but she ultimately decided they weren’t far along enough in their relationship and sent him home early.

Next, the men headed out for a group date in which they painted… suggestive paintings. Katie had a ton of heart-to-hearts with them that night, as Andrew told Katie he was falling for her and Michael got the group date rose for his sweet reassurance that no one could love her like he can (even if he’s really missing his son). Then, Mike P. finally got his 1-on-1, during which a “cuddle expert” helped them get in touch with their physical chemistry. As much as Katie was fond of Mike, she admitted during the day portion that her heart just wasn’t there, and she tearfully sent him packing.

When it was time to make her big decision at the rose ceremony, she ultimately said goodbye to just one guy: Andrew. Although he came back (presumably the next day) to end things on a happier note, it got emotional again when he expressed his feelings for her. Katie asked if he’d be willing to come back to the competition, but he turned down her offer, seeing as she’d just eliminated him. Cue the tears!

The Bachelorette Episode 6 Eliminations (July 12)

Week 6 got off to an… interesting start, as Katie challenged the guys to take part in “Operation WOWO,” in which they abstained from “self love” (aka masturbation) for a week. Luckily, the guys had a few other things to do this episode to keep themselves occupied. Justin Glaze and Katie had a faux wedding 1-on-1 date in which she got vulnerable about envisioning a wedding day without her dad. During this week’s group date, the guys took part in a comedy roast hosted by drag legends Shea Couleé and Monét X Change.

Meanwhile, the men turned against Hunter even more after he confidently guessed he would end up in Katie’s top four. Then, Katie and Connor Brennan went on a 1-on-1, but the physical chemistry just wasn’t there, and he was sent home. Katie and most the guys were devastated by Connor’s departure, but Blake Moynes appeared with a boombox under the Bachelorette’s window to lift her spirits. After Connor’s exit, Katie’s journey to find love became even more serious after she sent Tre Cooper, Hunter Montgomery, James Bonsall (aka “Box Guy”), and Aaron Clancy packing. Hometowns are officially on the horizon as we head into the second half of this season.

The Bachelorette Episode 5 Eliminations (July 5)

This week, the house experienced another shakeup as Blake Moynes officially joined the competition. Sparks flew between him and Katie as they embarked on a horseback riding 1-on-1 date and she opened up about why sex positivity is so important to her. Later, she and Andrew Spencer shared a sweet 1-on-1 as they opened up about what they want in a future family. There was also a sports-themed group date hosted by Franco Lacosta and Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorite Wells Adams, during which sweet Michael had an injury scare and Hunter Montgomery got the group date rose, despite alienating some of the guys with his intense tactics.

Of course, not all of Katie’s guys could stick around for another week. She ultimately said goodbye to Josh, Andrew M., and Quartney. With 12 contestants left heading into Episode 6, the Bachelorette’s search for love is truly heating up.

The Bachelorette Episode 4 Eliminations (June 28)

Fans know the June 28 episode was going to be an explosive one, thanks to teasers indicating Clare and Tayshia’s Bachelorette season contestant Blake Moynes would show up. However, that wasn’t even the big drama of the episode. No, that (dis)honor went to Thomas Jacobs, who, in the June 21 episode, revealed he had considered the possibility of becoming the next Bachelor when going on Katie’s season. After a truth-or-dare group date, Tre decided to take things into his own hands and tell the Bachelorette just how concerned he and many of the other men were about Thomas being there for the wrong reasons.

With that all out in the open, Thomas paid Katie a visit before the Week 4 rose ceremony to try and clear things up, saying he went into the experience open to all kinds of opportunities but was falling for her. It wasn’t immediately clear what Katie was going to do from there, but all became clear at the end of the rose ceremony. With one rose left, Katie called Thomas’ name, and fans were sure she’d decided to keep him. However, instead, she stepped back from him, rose in hand, and told him off before sending him packing. And he wasn’t the only one who got the boot. In addition to Thomas, Katie eliminated Christian Smith, Conor Costello, and David Scott.

But Katie didn’t actually shrink her dating pool by four. After the rose ceremony, she went and found Blake, who was waiting in a separate hotel room, to tell him he’d officially be joining her cast to compete for her heart. Fans will have to tune in for Week 5 to see how the other guys react to this decision.

The Bachelorette Episode 3 Eliminations (June 21)

Week 3 got off to a dramatic start. After Karl Smite claimed some of the guys weren’t there for the right reasons (but refused to name names), the other contestants banded together during the rose ceremony at the start of the episode in an attempt to warn Katie about him. She ultimately listened and sent Karl, John Hershey, Garrett Schwartz, and Kyle Howard home.

The rest of the episode featured many powerful moments, especially when Katie opened up about being a sexual assault survivor and reiterated the importance of consent during a group date hosted by former Bachelor star Nick Viall. She also grew closer to single dad Michael, who told her about his late wife and shared his hopes of creating a new love story. But drama didn’t leave the house when Karl was sent home, because after Thomas Jacobs admitted he’d originally gone on The Bachelorette with hopes of building a platform and not necessarily falling in love, the other guys turned against him. Could another Bachelorette men unionization effort happen to eliminate Thomas? Only time will tell.

The Bachelorette Episode 2 Eliminations (June 14)

Katie’s Bachelorette journey began in earnest this week, and it was a wild ride. First up was a group date in which the guys took a sex quiz and attempted to prove themselves as the “best lover.” Karl Smith stood out with an... interesting lecture in which he claimed to know the Bachelorette better than she knew herself, while Mike Planeta won the group date challenge for his heartfelt letter about waiting until marriage to have sex. Then, Katie and her first impression rose recipient, Greg Grippo went on the first 1-on-1 of the season, during which they attempted to go camping and bonded over both losing their fathers. Finally, a mud wrestling date pitted some of the other men against each other, because apparently dirty cowboys are still sexy.

There was no rose ceremony in this episode, but it did mark the introduction of a whole lot of drama. The only elimination on the June 14 episode was that of Cody Menk, who got the boot in the middle of a group date after Aaron Clancy told Katie he didn’t believe Cody was there for the right reasons. Katie spoke to both men to get their sides of the story, but ultimately didn’t feel she could trust Cody, so she sent him packing.

The Bachelorette Episode 1 Eliminations (June 7)

ABC/Craig Sjodin

As Bachelor Nation knows, Night 1 is the time for contestants to make a good first impression on the lead and distinguish themselves from their competition. Sparks flew between Katie and several of her suitors, but it was Greg who received the first impression rose.

Katie made it clear she’s not messing around when it comes to finding her husband, so several suitors were sent home during the first rose ceremony of the season. By the end of Night 1, Katie said goodbye to seven men: Austin, Brandon, Gabriel, Jeff, Landon, Marcus, and Marty. Even if they didn’t win Katie’s heart, maybe they can win some new Instagram followers!

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