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Justin Glaze and Katie Thurston on Season 17 of 'The Bachelorette'

Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About The Least Surprising Bachelorette Exit Ever

Sorry, Justin!

ABC/Craig Sjodin

After an entire season of flying under the radar, it seemed like Justin Glaze and Katie Thurston’s relationship was a secret work of art. But during the Aug. 9 Bachelorette finale, Katie decided their masterpiece love story would remain unfinished, as the Bachelorette said a heartfelt goodbye to the 27-year-old Baltimore sales consultant/artist during the finale episode of Season 17. Despite making it to the final two, Justin was sent packing riiiight after Katie’s Fantasy Suite date with Blake Moynes, and these tweets about Justin Glaze’s Bachelorette elimination honestly belong in a museum.

Despite staying out of the spotlight drama-wise throughout Season 17, Justin made a name for himself during Katie’s stint as the Bachelorette. After gifting Katie a stunning rose painting as part of his Night 1 entrance, he even managed to snag the first kiss of the season. And while yes, the art and the smooch were something special, Justin was actually best known for his hilarious facial expressions, which were works of art in themselves, TBH.

The thing is, despite all that, Justin and Katie’s connection just didn’t seem that apparent. Maybe it was the editing. Maybe they were just kinda coasting. Either way, it seemed like Twitter wasn't exactly surprised when Katie told Justin to (kindly) peace TF out.

While fans kinda suspected Justin wasn’t going to get the Final Rose (since the producers gave him approximately three minutes of screentime the entire season), the fact became truly apparent after Katie’s passionate overnight date with Blake. During their time together, Blake told Katie he loved her, and for the first time all season, she said it back.

So, not only were Blake and Katie admittedly in love with each other, but she *also* said he made her “feel good” multiple times in one night, which meant Katie and Blakes's extreme sexual chemistry probs held up in the bedroom. It also meant fans — and Katie — were feeling less than enthused about her date with Justin.

Viewers were clearly bummed about how little Justin content they got all season, but to make up for it, the franchise pulled together a “Justin face montage” to end his Bachelorette stint. And honestly, it was exactly what Bachelor Nation needed.

Here’s hoping this isn’t the last Bachelor Nation will see of the facial expression king. After he was lowkey snubbed during Season 17, the world deserves to see more of Justin’s hilarious reactions in a future season. #JusticeForJustin, amiright?