Lexi Williams


Lexi Williams is the Associate TV Editor at Elite Daily, where she covers, assigns, and edits content about all your favorite shows — including the ones you don’t yet know you need in your life. Before Elite Daily, Lexi worked at Wine Spectator magazine, where she wrote about food and drinks in pop culture. A native Floridian, she holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Miami, with a concentration in journalism. In her free time, Lexi enjoys reading, attempting new dance-fitness classes, and, TBH, watching TV. She is obsessed with strong female leads — both onscreen and in real life — and counts Leslie Knope and Hermione Granger among her close personal mentors. For oddly specific memes, pictures of her dog, and never-ending support in living your best life, follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @lexi___williams. For everything else, get in touch at lexi.williams@bustle.com.

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