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Here’s The Best Sex Position For Your Venus Sign When You Want Something New

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If you've read about your zodiac sign and thought that some of it sounds right, but it's not quite you, that's because there's actually a lot more to the whole thing than just your sun sign. For instance, there's your moon sign, which speaks to your emotional side like your feelings and intuition. Then there's your rising sign, which describes your social personality and how people see you. And, of course, there's also your Venus sign, which describes your romantic and sexual side. So, if you're looking to spice things up, the best sex position for your Venus sign might be how you can bring new heat to the bedroom.

Learning your Venus sign is a bit more complicated than your sun sign, as it requires specific information about both the time you were born and the location, in addition to your date of birth. Your first step, then, should be to enter that info into an online Venus sign calculator. Once you know your sign, you can start learning all about your more sensual and affectionate side and create a more complete picture of who you are in an astronomical sense. You can also put it to good use tonight with these frisky sex positions ideal for your Venus sign.

Aries: Reverse Cowgirl

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Those with the Venus sign Aries aren't afraid to be bold and take control in the bedroom. While your partner's going to have a great time with you thanks to your enthusiasm and passion, at the end of the day your main priority is your own pleasure. As a result, positions where you control the action are going to be your preferred go-to bedroom moves. It's also what makes reverse cowgirl a fave, because it lets you set the pace and intensity.

Taurus: Lotus

Taurus is a sign focused on sensuality, so there's no need to rush into the bedroom. Instead, you want to take your time, be present and grounded in the moment, and just connect with your partner on a physical and emotional level. While there are times when even you will crave a quickie, you typically prefer to take your time, which is why the lotus position is ideal since it requires slowing things down a bit. To get into the lotus, the penetrating partner sits cross-legged on the bed. The receiving partner then sits on their lap, wrapping their legs and arms around them.

Gemini: Lady Godiva

Gemini is all about seduction through communication. As a result, it's no surprise they enjoy oral pleasure of every kind, whether that's chatting, kissing, or, ya know, oral. This is why Gemini's a big fan of the Lady Godiva position, in which the giving partner lays flat on their back and the receiving partner straddles their head.

Cancer: Sexy Spoon

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For a Cancer Venus sign to fully open up and be vulnerable in bed, they need to feel safe, cared for, and connected on an emotional level. So it's no surprise that the sex positions they enjoy most create that kind of close and secure intimacy. The sexy spoon position gives them all that and more. In this position, the receiving partner lies on their side, while the penetrating partner snuggles up tight and penetrates them from behind, wrapping their body around the receiver.

Leo: Standing Doggy with a Mirror

Leo loves to be the center of attention and it's no different in the bedroom. They get off of being adored and appreciated and they aren't shy about flaunting what they've got. This is why adding a mirror in their adult playtime is a huge turn-on for this prideful sign. Standing doggy in front of a mirror gives both Leo and their lover an eyeful while getting it on.

Virgo: The Rocking Horse

For Virgo, sex is as much about connection as it is about part of their holistic approach to mental and physical well-being. It's both a great tension releaser and a way to feel close to their partner, so they want a position that's equally efficient in getting them off and promotes connectedness, like the rocking horse position. To achieve this position, the penetrating partner sits crossed-legged and leaning back against a wall. The receiving partner then straddles them on their knees.

Libra: 69

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If Libra's your Venus sign, then you're all about balance and harmony in the bedroom. You give as good as you expect to take when it comes to pleasure, and nothing says reciprocity quite like 69. This oral sex position is all about giving and receiving in equal measure. Everyone wins in bed with a Libra Venus sign.

Scorpio: Soaking Wet Doggy

Scorpio has a strong connection to water, so it's no surprise they enjoy a bit of submerged nookie. Plus, this passionate Venus sign loves the intimacy of being alone and close to their partner in a steamy shower, feeling like the rest of the world's shut out. Soaking wet doggy is the perfect way for you to get dirty while getting clean. Just make sure the floor isn't too slippery.

Sagittarius: The Champagne Room

For a free spirit who's a Sagittarius Venus sign, sex is typically spontaneous, passionate, and uninhibited. So, the best sex position for them is one that's flexible and can be achieved just about anywhere at any time. Enter (literally) the champagne room sex position. This one is a seated sex position where the receiving partner sits on the lap of the penetrating partner, facing away from them.

Capricorn: Cowgirl

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A Capricorn Venus sign is a bit more traditional when it comes to bedroom activities. It's not what they don't love to get busy as much as anyone else, it's just that they enjoy the classics when it comes to sex positions. Capricorn is also a leader and a take-charge type in bed, so the cowgirl position lets them be the boss and it effectively gets them off since they can control the pressure and pace.

Aquarius: X Marks The Spot

Aquarius Venus signs are very experimental and open in bed, and they can easily get bored by too much of the old standby positions. This means it's likely that they've tried some more advanced positions, and although the novelty spiced things up, their fave positions are going to keep things a bit more unique but don't always require acrobatics. This is why the X marks the spot position is so much fun for them. To achieve this position, the receiving partner lays on their back with their hips at the edge of the bed. The penetrating partner lifts their legs straight up, enters them, then crosses their legs into the shape of an X.

Pisces: Facing Spoon

A Pisces Venus sign is all about romance in the bedroom and wants both a physical and emotional connection during sex. As a result, they enjoy positions that promote a deep soul connection and plenty of eye contact. Facing spoon position is perfect for a lazy weekend day full of lovemaking. To achieve this position, each partner lies on their side facing one another. The receiving partner then opens their legs slightly to allow the penetrating partner to enter them. Once inside, the receiving partner can then put their legs back together, and then begin thrusting slowly and gently.

While astrology can give you plenty of insight into who you are, nothing beats a Venus sign for helping you to embrace and discover who you are in bed.