13 Seductive Scents That'll Turn On Your Aquarius Partner

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Head-strong, thoughtful, and playful, Aquarius is as sexy as they come. If you're looking for scents that'll turn on an Aquarius, there are a few key things to keep in mind. "To turn an Aquarius on, aim for unconventional and natural scents," Astrologer Six tells Elite Daily. "Try to avoid anything too artificial-smelling. This air sign prefers scents they can tolerate on a consistent basis." Since Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (in addition to Uranus), they recommend fragrances featuring cinnamon or other earthy smells.

Likewise, astrologer and author Mecca Woods recommends woodsy fragrances, like cedar and sandalwood. "Aquarius hates to be locked into categories or labels, so a gender-neutral or unisex fragrance is the way to go. Not only are cedar and sandalwood gender-neutral, but they also offer a sensual, calming quality that can help ground a frazzled or distracted Aquarius in the moment," she tells Elite Daily. "Fragrances with spicy notes offer just enough excitement to the senses to keep things interesting, which Aquarius prefers," she adds.

With this in mind, get into the body oils, butters, candles, and hair mists that'll have your Aquarius raring to go.

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Every Man Jack Sandalwood Deodorant

Six's main bit of advice? "Don't wear anything too obnoxious! Aquarius is big on their community and the company they keep, which means it's important to make sure you're not overpowering with your scent," they say. A deodorant that smells like sandalwood is a perfect way to go. Noting that Aquarius is ever the humanitarian, Six also recommends picking products that are environmentally friendly — and this deodorant is vegan and cruelty-free.

Sel Océan Gourmand Hair + Body Mist

Considering Aquarius vibes with natural smells, this honeysuckle and sea salt hair mist is another way to turn your Aqua crush on.

Boy Smells Fleurshadow Candle

Incense, violet, patchouli, and roses — Fleurshadow by Boy Smells is a sensual, forest dream.

OilPerfumery Santal Royal Oil

This OilPerfumery dupe of Guerlain's Santal Royal smells like jasmine, cinnamon, sandalwood, leather, oud, and musk. Dab some of this on and there's high-key a chance your Aquarius crush will be all over you.

Otherland Canopy Candle

The Otherland "Canopy" candle smells like "California fig, ivy greens, and summer dew" — the perfect mix of fragrances to set the mood.

Soap Cherie Body Oil

Sure, this Soap Cherie body oil from Urban Outfitters smells like lavender and patchouli, which is always a good move with Aquarius. But most importantly, it has adorable flowers that will probably tickle your Aqua crush when they see it.

Bohicket Apothecary Sweater Weather Wax Melt

"Aquarius is an on-the-go air sign, which can run their nervous systems ragged from time to time," Woods says. "It's important to offer sensual, calming scents that help them slow down and be present." Orange, sandalwood, and patchouli are the notes that come through in Bohicket Apothecary's Sweater Weather. Pop this in your wax warmer and let the sensual cuddling begin.

Sunday Club Woods Candle

This Sunday Club candle in the scent "Woods" smells like lemon peel, eucalyptus, juniper, fir balsam, and cinnamon, among other natural goodies.

Drifter Organics Serenity Now Body Butter

As you can probably catch from the name, Drifter's products are certified organic. (Their slogan is literally, "Nature looks good on you.") Not only will Aquarius dig the frankincense, palmarosa, and lavender, but they'll find your sustainable beauty choices sexy.

Naturaleza's Apothecary Serenity Spray

This room spray from Naturaleza's Apothecary is lavender-, vetiver-, and sage-scented, meaning the perfect atmosphere to seduce your Aquarius is only a few spritzes away.

Bath & Body Works Frozen Lake 3-Wick Candle

Alexa, play "The Lakes" by Taylor Swift. "Frozen Lake" will tantalize your Aquarius lover with scents of lavender, eucalyptus, and juniper berries.

Every Man Jack Cedarwood Cologne
Chai Épicé Gourmand Candle

A little sweet, a little earthy, a little unusual — this woodsy Chai Épicé candle is right up your partner or date's alley.

As you're in the market for Aquarius-friendly scents, heed this last bit of advice from Woods: "As an intellectual air sign, Aquarius can often live in their heads, which can sometimes come off as distracted or detached to their partners," she says. "Offering Aquarius a grounding scent can help get them out of their head and into their body, which can lead to stronger intimacy with their partner." With that in mind, keep an eye out for woodsy, herbally, pleasant scents that'll set the ideal mood to get freaky with your air sign lover.


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