5 Sex Moves To Try With A Scorpio & Show Off Your Passionate Side

If there is one thing you probably know about Scorpio, it's their reputation for being passionate lovers... and folks, believe the hype. While there is definitely more to this sign that their sexual prowess, being highly sexual is part of the Scorpio package. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is all about power and transformation. This is a sign that likes to get a little dark and a bit naughty, so If you're looking for a few sex moves to try with a Scorpio, then it's time to throw out many of your taboos.

While Scorpio is undoubtedly sexual, there is a much deeper side to this sign too. Because Scorpio projects so much heat, it's easy to mistake them for a fire sign, but get close to one and it quickly becomes clear that they are a true water sign. Scorpio put up a defensive wall, projecting their power and confidence, but once you get past their defenses there is a deeply emotional and loving heart. This is a sign that desires loyalty above all else and wants security and a deeper emotional connection. Basically, Scorpio is the total package of all the passion and all the heart. Why not celebrate them by spicing things up in the bedroom with some new sex moves?

1. Dress The Part

Victor Deschamps/Stocksy

Scorpio is a highly visual sign. When they see something they want, they are aroused and have every intention of getting it. Play to this desire with a little game of dress up. Try some sexy lingerie, or slip into a costume that speaks to their fantasy. Roleplay is definitely on Scorpio's sexual menu.

2. Get Wet Together

Want a deep and hot connection with a Scorpio? Make love in their element — literally. Yep I’m talking about getting frisky in some H2O. Whether that means the shower, a pool, a hot tub, or on a beach with the surf kissing your feet and ankles, I’ll leave up to your imagination.

3. Find Your Fetish

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Scorpio has a dark and mysterious side and it's likely that BDSM, whether that's full on kink or even just the aesthetics of leather, appeal to to this sign. Talk to your Scorpio and find out just how far they want to take this kind of play beforehand, because the first thing you should know about getting kinky is that it is all about consent. Consider starting off slow by adding a little leather into your play clothes and slowly introduce activities such as spanking until you find your Scorpio's kinky sweet spot.

4. A Change Of Venue

Feel like the sex is getting a bit routine? Yes, that can even happen with Scorpio. Consider a change of scenery to freshen things up. Simply by moving your sex play from the bedroom out into the living room, a hotel, or the great outdoors (while adhering to any laws, of course) can give you both fresh eyes on the situation and make it feel exciting and new again.

5. A Visual Feast


I've said it before, but Scorpio is very visually driven. Catch their eye and you’ll find yourself the object of their desire. So ,why not give them an extra enticing view by bringing a mirror into the bedroom? Set it up in a place to maximize their viewing pleasure so they can take in the view while enjoying, well, you.

Honestly, whatever you end up doing to spice things up will likely be very appreciated your Scorpio because even the effort to impress them in the bedroom and embrace their powerful sexual nature will speak to the emotional side of this sign. No surprise here, but that is also a huge turn-on for Scorpio. This is what we call a win-win.