These 5 Hot Sex Positions Will Make Your Leo Partner Roar

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If you like lustful, indulgent, and cinematic sex, your best bet is to get freaky with someone born between July 23 and Aug. 22. Everything about Leo is glamorous and bold, so of course this sign is embodied by the lion. If you find yourself getting naked with your Leo crush, or you're looking for ways to feed your inner lion, keep in mind that the hottest sex positions for Leos will be the ones that put them center stage.

This sign loves a leading role. The lion is the king of the jungle, after all, which ties neatly into this astrological tidbit: Leo's ruling planet is the sun. Whether you find it sexy, frustrating, or a little bit of both, this sign's world-revolves-around-me attitude is their default setting.

Because Leo loves attention, sex in front of a huge mirror will be a major turn-on. This sign is also titillated at the thought of being watched or recorded while getting it on. Leo wants an audience, even if it's only an audience of one or two. (Just be sure to get your partner's consent first.) Here are some more sexy ideas for ways to feed your ravenous-for-attention Leo lover, and give them the spotlight they deserve.

Extra-Dirty Doggy Style
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A sex position named after a canine may seem counter-intuitive for a lion-born partner, but it's actually super fitting. Part of doggy style's appeal is that it's animalistic and primal. Especially if Leo is the one receiving, you know they'll deliver a super hot, Oscar-worthy performance.

Mutual Masturbation, Facing Each Other

Mutual masturbation is a win in Leo's camp, because it's all about putting on a show. They get to sit front-row as you bring yourself to ecstasy, and vice versa. As a sign that's all about bravado, Leo will totally be pushed over the edge by the symphony of moans, grunts, and growls.

Bent Over In Handcuffs

Outside of exhibitionism and voyeurism, bondage appeals to Leo's kinky side — particularly because it involves (consensually) gaining or giving up control. Having one partner penetrated from behind while they're in locked up handcuffs truly drives the power play home.

Riding One Partner While Anally Penetrated
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If Leo is a vagina-owner, double penetration would unequivocally direct all the attention — and arguably, the most pleasure — their way. Have Leo ride one partner while they're anally penetrated by another. And if a third partner isn't an option, a vibrating dildo — or a luxurious one — gives Leo's climax an extra oomph.

On Top, Face-To-Face

Whether they're the penetrating partner in missionary or the receiving partner in cowgirl, Leo on top is just *chef's kiss* for them. They get to be the only thing in your line of sight — the main focus in your scene's frame, so to speak. By reigning from the top, Leo is poised to dominate.

Any position that makes Leo the star of the show is bound to give them a roaring good time. Even if you're not a Leo and you're simply graced by one's sexual presence, be sure to speak up and advocate for your needs. Sex can be fun for everyone when the big cat of the zodiac comes out to play.