Try These Sex Moves When You’ve Pretty Much Tried Everything Else

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Whether you've taken up focaccia-baking, yoga classes via Zoom, or the noble challenge of learning all the hot TikTok dances, the coronavirus pandemic has proven at-home entertainment to be plentiful. If you're shacked up with your boo or a roommate who's DTF, you're probably able to add sex to your list of at-home activities. And even if you've tried every position under the sun, being stuck at home offers a lot in the way of sex moves to try during quarantine.

You may be suffering from insatiable quarantine horniness, a wide-spread phenomenon in which being inside all the time just makes you want to have sex all the time. Or you might be drowning in existential despair and not feeling sexy at all during quarantine, which is also totally understandable. If you and your partner are on the same page, chances are you're working your way through the tried-and-true staples of your sex life. When you're looking to give some fresh positions a shot, here are a few for your consideration.

1. Receiving Oral On Top

Typically, whoever is getting pleasured orally lays back and lets their partner put in work. Shake up oral by sitting on your partner's face to get eaten out, or kneeling on either side of their head for a blow job.

2. Anal Sex, Featuring Pillows

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Riding crops and spreader bars are delightful tools for improving your sex life, but don't write off the humble pillow. Have the receiving partner lay on their stomach and prop up their hips with a few pillows before they're anally penetrated. (If you haven't explored it yet, pegging your partner might be a nice quarantine-era, sex-life update.)

Pillows also come in handy when rimming: The receiving partner lays on their back with their hips propped up on pillows, so the giving partner has better access.

3. Extra Dirty Talk

If you and your partner are both consenting, try incorporating more dirty talk in the bedroom. Tell them how divine they make you feel. Spell out the lusty ways you want to be pleasured. You two may feel flustered by the filthiness, but the extent to which you get turned on might be worth it.

4. Swing Your Way Into Pleasure

If you don't have have a swing set in your backyard, make like Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne and buy some sex furniture — namely, an indoor sex swing. Instead of thrusting, let the giving partner stand still while the receiving partner swings back and forth toward penetration.

5. Your Favorite Position, In Front Of A Mirror

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Your mirror brings more to the table than cute 'fit pics for Instagram. Doggy style in front of a mirror means you can finally get to drink up what your partner looks like. You get a prime view of yourself if you do reverse cowgirl in front of a mirror. Even missionary sex is steamy if you look over, mid-stroke, at the hot vignette you two are creating.

6. Kneeling Doggy Style In A Car

Semi-public sex can be dicey — getting charged with a misdemeanor or a fine, among other consequences, is no fun. But if you're going to take chances during a pandemic, the best kind of "risky" is firmly inside a clean car, having safe sex with your quarantine lover. All the typical car sex positions apply here. But the giving partner kneeling behind the receiving one in the backseat makes for a pleasantly sexy change of quarantine scenery.

Quarantine Lesson #1: Even if you feel like you've tried out every new activity under the sun, there's still always something creative and refreshing you can get into to keep boredom at bay.

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