9 Car-Friendly Sex Positions For Getting It On In The Back Seat

Sex can get boring quickly, especially if you're always doing it in the bedroom. But car sex can be thrilling AF, and apparently, it isn't going out of style.

According to a new study published in The Journal of Sex and Research that surveyed 511 women and 195 men around age 20, approximately 60 percent of men and 60 percent of women said they've had sex in a parked car.

Most of them tried it in high school.

Despite the fact that car sex started to decline in the 1970s, it's clearly making a comeback. Why? Well, it's a great way to spice up your sex life, Cindy Struckman-Johnson, lead researcher of the study, tells Broadly.

I don't think society realizes how important the car is. I think [parked-car sex] was judged to be irrelevant, like an old-fashioned behavior. But really the car is a refuge for young people ... who want to engage in a serious, romantic sexual interlude.

While all of this is true, you're going to want to be ready with these 10 car-friendly sex positions for you and your partner to try in the backseat.

But, just a warning: As much as I'm all for YOLO, I don't want you or your S.O. to get arrested, so maybe try these out while your car is parked in your driveway, and not in a Walmart parking lot in broad daylight, OK?


Kylah Benes-Trapp

Ah, good ol' Missionary. Missionary can get boring in the bedroom for some (although it's my favorite), so try it in the back seat. It might just reignite your passion for it.

As the girl, you'll probably have the issue where you repeatedly bump your head on the car door. If that's the case, put a pillow or something soft (an old hoodie lying in the trunk, perhaps?) behind your head before you get going.


Kylah Benes-Trapp

IMO, back seats were made for lying down. Lie down facing the front of the car and have your guy lay behind you so he can take you from behind.

You two should fit just fine in that position but, depending on just how into it you guys get and how much sweat and friction is produced, I can't guarantee that you won't roll off onto the ground.

So yeah, put a pillow down on the floor of the car, just in case. Or push against the back of the driver's seat with your hand for leverage.

Legs In The Air

Kylah Benes-Trapp

This position is not only awesome for the female orgasm (your guy really gets deep in there), but it also ensures you won't be so squished in the back seat.

The vertical angle is really helping you out by not taking up less horizontal space.


Kylah Benes-Trapp

This is probably one of the most space-saving and easiest sex positions you can do in the car.

Have your guy sit (preferably in the middle seat) and sit on top of him, facing him.

Keep your hands on his shoulders or, even better, behind his head to help support it and protect it from hitting the window.

With all that bouncing around, you don't want him suffering from a sexcussion.

Doggy Style

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Back seats are actually great for doggy style because both you and your guy can kneel on the seat, and maybe even use the center console as a support.

To help hold yourself up, lean your hands against the window you're facing.

And, maybe go ahead and crack that window, too, while you're at it. Things are going to get hot and heavy real quick.

Reverse Cowgirl

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Yes, you can still try your favorite classics! This position works best in the middle back seat, because it gives you the most leg room.

Have your guy sit facing forward and reverse straddle him. Bounce up and down, using his thighs and the headrests of the front seats for leverage.

It'll also be easy for him to bounce you up and down because you guys are so close together in such a confined space.

Kneeling Lunge

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Get down on one knee in a lunge position and tell your guy to do the same. Then, while facing each other, have him enter you.

Use his kneeling leg as a push-off point for riding him, and grab onto each other's backs for support.

Added bonus: You'll both get in a pretty decent workout for your glutes.

Girl-On-Top Hugging

Kylah Benes-Trapp

This position is super intimate.

Have your guy sit anywhere in the back seat, then mount him as you're facing him. When you get tired of doing the work, your guy can help you out by bouncing you up and down.

Front Seat BJ

Kylah Benes-Trapp

When all else fails — say, your guy is tired AF or you just don't feel like going all the way — go for the classic front seat blowjob.

It'll give your guy such a thrill because this really only happens in action movies to an undercover cop when he's on break.

But, you know what they say: don't blow someone and drive. It's like texting and driving... so keep your eyes on the road!