these sitting sex positions will turn up the heat in bed
These 8 Chair Sex Positions Will Spice Up Your Sex Routine

Take a seat. 😏

by Amanda Kohr
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One of the easiest ways to turn up the notch on your sex life? Variety. After all, it can be so easy to fall into the same ol’ sex routine, especially if you and your partner have been together for a long time. But bringing something different into your sex life can help add novelty and reignite those Bridgerton-eque feelings of passion.

Even a simple, small change in location can have major positive effects on your sex life. (No public sex necessary… unless that’s your thing, wink-wink.) Simply move from the bed and onto a chair. Chair sex is great because it adds variety without you having to leave the house. To help get you started, Elite Daily chatted with sex educator and Ph.D. candidate Javay Frye and psychotherapist Rachel Wright. Simply take a seat and start the fun.

The Wrapped Lotus

Those who love snuggling with their partners will adore the Wrapped Lotus, which puts you up close and personal in the best way possible.

“In this position,” explains Wright, “the partner with a penetrative body part or strap-on sits cross-legged as the person being penetrated mounts themselves on the other's lap, facing them with their legs wrapped around their back.” (For this reason, this position is a bit easier on a wide chair or couch.) Increase the heat with a deep makeout, gently biting on another’s lips, or sultry dirty talk.

Sitting Cowgirl
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This position is pretty straightforward, and it can be done on any household chair without arms. (You could do it with arms and use them for support, but the lack of arms on a chair enables you to get a bit more free and frisky.)

Frye notes that she loves this position, as it allows for more mobility and movement while still getting the fun of sitting down. Simply sit on the lap of the person with the penetrating body part, and place your arms around their shoulders for support. One partner’s legs hang off the front of the chair with their feet on the ground, while the person on top lets their legs dangle on either side of the penetrating partner’s body. Giddy up.

The Champagne Room

Who doesn’t love a glass of bubbly? This position is similar to the one above, but with both partners facing the same direction, rather than toward one another.

“The partner with the penetrative body part or strap on sits on the edge of the bed, couch, [or] surface,” explains Wright, “while the person being penetrated sits on top of them, but facing in the same direction, or away from their partner.” Want to make it even hotter? Try this position in front of a mirror and watch the action from a hot new angle.

Doggy In A Chair

The nice thing about using a chair for doggy is that you give yourself a stable perching spot, making it a bit easier to hold the position while still getting all the benefits of doggy style sex.

Bonus: If the chair has a large enough seat, you can even kneel down while the penetrator gives from behind. If you have a clitoris and the couch or chair is stable enough, consider straddling the arm and grinding for added stimulation. (Just make sure it’s not too hard… unless you’re into that kinda thing.)

Courting Chairs

What’s better than sex in a chair? Sex in two chairs! To execute this position, bring two chairs so that the seats are facing one another. The penetrator will sit down facing the receiver, while they bring their pelvis to the front of the chair and lean backward. The penetrator can hold or spread the receiver’s legs, or place them on their shoulders.

The nice thing about this position is that it allows both partners to recline a bit and ease into those deep sensations. Because let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love the option to relax during sexy time?

Modified Wheelbarrow
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The traditional wheelbarrow position can be a bit of a challenge, but add in a chair and suddenly that advanced sex move just got 10 times easier. To execute, the penetrator sits in the chair while the receiver sits in their lap.

The receiving partner then bends over backwards and places their hands on the floor and the penetrating partner thrusts into them. The chair provides just enough ease to make this adventurous sex position not only doable, but also hot AF.

The Lazy Man

OK… so the Lazy Man is more of a couch position than a chair one. The partner with the penetrative body part or strap-on sits with their back against something sturdy (like a sofa with a back) and stretches out their legs atop the flat part of the couch. The person receiving the penetration hops onto their partner’s lap and straddles them with their knees bent so that their feet are toward the back of the couch.

“The partner ‘on top’ uses their thigh muscles to lift themselves up and down,” notes Wright. While it may require more work than the name implies, the angling of this position helps you reach some exciting new pleasure spots.

The Solo Ride

Reminder: Sex positions don’t always require a partner. You can use your couch or an armchair for some fun solo play.

To get started, throw a waterproof blanket or sheet over the arm of your choice of either a couch or chair. Straddle the arm and begin with small or gentle movements so you can stimulate your clitoris with consistent pressure, speeding up as you see fit. You can also add a bullet vibe for added stimulation.

And remember: Some of the best sex positions are the ones you discover for yourself. Use these tips to get started (or better yet, seated) and see where it goes from there.


Javay Frye, sex educator and Ph.D. candidate

Rachel Wright, psychotherapist

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