8 Adventurous Sex Positions To Try At Every Stage In Your Relationship

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You know that feeling where you first start seeing someone, and you absolutely can't keep your hands off each other?

That feels amazing. You're having sex everywhere, in every position, and your body is so limber that you don't even know how you got yourself to become a human pretzel.

But after a while, that feeling can wane.

After a few months, a year, when you're fully committed, and even when you're married, you need to try some new, exciting sex positions to keep the romance alive and make sure that you don't fall into a monotonous relationship with your guy.

Here are sex positions to try at every stage of your relationship to keep the adventure and spice in your love life alive.

1. Just Hooking Up: Reverse Cowgirl

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Just hooking up can work a few different ways.

Sometimes, when you're in the beginning stages of dating a guy, or when your relationship is purely sexual, the sex is the wildest. You can't keep your hands off each other. You end up having sex in your car parked on the side of the road because you can't wait to get home.

I did that once — don't tell anyone.

However, if you're feeling a little nervous in the beginning stages of sex with your guy, but you still want to spice it up, try any position where you're on top, whether you're riding him or doing reverse cowgirl.

While most people may stick to missionary when just casually hooking up, if you're on top, he gets a great view of your body. Plus, you're asserting some extra control in the bedroom.

It's also easier for women to achieve orgasm when they're on top, due to the clitoral stimulation achieved from all the friction.

So you're killing a few birds with one stone and you're looking good while doing it.

2. Casually Dating: "The Speed Bump"


Known as "The Speed Bump," this position is half doggy style, half wrestling move: two things that men really, really love for some reason. So if you're looking for a position that will definitely turn your guy on, then this is it.

You lie flat on the bed, while the guy lies on top of you, penetrating you from behind. This position can be done anywhere: in bed, on the floor, and, if you want to get really adventurous with it, the back seat of a car. (I'm pretty sure public sex is illegal, though, so just pretend I'm not promoting that!)

3. Just Became Exclusive: "The Sexy Snuggle"

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If you just became exclusive, then most likely you've finally admitted to one another that you have serious feelings for one another.

The sexy snuggle allows you to experience some sexual intimacy while looking your partner deep in the eyes. While hooking up and casual dating sex usually involves avoiding eye contact at all costs, "just became exclusive" sex requires being present in the moment and actually acknowledging your feelings for your partner are more than sexual.

So while this position might not be particularly kinky, admitting that you actually like someone in this weird, millennial dating culture is a radical, adventurous act itself.

4. Together For About Three Months: Shower Sex

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Why do guys look so hot while soaking wet? Is that a me thing?

Once you feel totally comfortable with each other's bods — which usually happens around the three-month mark — move your hookup from the bedroom to the bathroom.

The thing about shower sex is you have to try out a few positions before you get one that works best (doggy style or you having your leg up usually works). This means you have to be comfortable having a few slip-ups along the way.

But once you find a position that works, there's nothing hotter than hooking up in a hot, steamy shower. Plus, did I mention that guys look really hot soaking wet?

5. Together For About Six Months: BDSM

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You've been together for a while now, and you're hitting that lull in the relationship where it's easy to get lazy with one another. You start wearing sweatpants to dates. You could not recognize your boyfriend's dick in a lineup. You wear your retainer to bed.

You know this stage in the relationship, right?

When you're getting a little bored with yourselves, maybe it's time to start pretending you're someone else. The best way to do that is through a little bit of role play and, perhaps, some light BDSM.

Bring some outfits into the bedroom or take on an alter ego. Incorporate some dirty talk. Invest in some handcuffs or sex toys.

After six months, your brain begins to stray a bit. Instead of thinking about what it might be like to be with other people, why don't you pretend you are another person in the bedroom instead?

6. Together For Over A Year: Anal


Listen, I fully realize that anal isn't for everyone, and I'm certainly not suggesting this is something that you should do regularly (unless you like it). But, anal sex can be a fun one-year anniversary present to your partner if they're into it.

However, it's important to remember that anal is not something you can decide to do in the heat of the moment. It requires a bit of prep, like using the restroom or an enema first, using lots of lube, and going veryyyyy slowly.

Finally, make sure that once your guy has put his P in your B, he absolutely does not stick it back into your V. That will put you at great risk for infection, and that is definitely not a one-year anniversary present that you want or deserve.

7. Engaged: Sit On His Face


Congratulations! You have agreed to be his wife and to spend the rest of your lives together! I hope that he got you a nice ring.

In addition, once you reach this point, you should sit on his face and have him go down on you until you orgasm.

Additionally, a nice thing to do to celebrate an engagement would probably be 69ing. Although I personally think that this is an unenjoyable and outdated sex act, it could be a romantic thing to do after you ask someone to be your life partner.

8. Married: "The Fridge F*ck"


Are you married and find that you and your husband have gained weight from being couch potatoes? Well, instead of running to the fridge for seconds, why don't you add some kitchen kink to your routine?

May I introduce "The Fridge F*ck," where your husband picks you up and you have sex against the fridge. You can also do "The Counter Coitus," which is where you have doggy-style sex while bent over the kitchen counter.

What I'm saying is, keep it spontaneous.

Keep role playing and engaging in reciprocal oral sex. Hop in the shower while he's getting ready for work and surprise him with a quickie.

Once you're actually husband and wife for a while, sex can get monotonous, so it's definitely important to have sex regularly, flirt, and date so you keep the romance alive.

Do you have adventurous sex tips for spicing up your relationship? Let me know in the comments.