9 Car-Friendly Sex Positions For Getting It On In The Back Seat

Don’t underestimate car sex.

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Sex can get boring quickly, especially if you're always doing it in the bedroom. But car sex can be thrilling AF, and apparently, it isn't going out of style. All you really need to make car sex fun and exciting are some car-friendly sex positions, a spacious back seat, and a little bit of privacy. Plus, you can rest assured that you and your SO aren’t the only ones getting it on in the car: A 2016 study published in The Journal of Sex and Research surveyed 511 women and 195 men with a median age of 20, and found that approximately 61% of the men and 59.5% percent of the women said they've had sex in a parked car. In fact, 14% of those participants said the first time they’d ever had sex with someone was in a car.

According to Vice, previous studies have indicated that car sex started to decline in popularity in the ‘70s, due to “rising gas prices, the shrinking size of cars, the closing of drive-in theaters, an increase in anti-parking regulations, and advancing urban sprawl.” Thankfully, classics are hard to kill. Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, previously told Elite Daily that a quickie in a fairly public place, like a parked car or a public bathroom, are so fun because of the adrenaline of potentially getting caught. “The lustful intensity of being in the passionate moment” really makes a quickie feel more intense than regular sex, Levine said.

Additionally, cars are fairly convenient places for young people who live with their parents or roommates to hook up with a certain degree of privacy. “I don't think society realizes how important the car is,” Cindy Struckman-Johnson, lead researcher of the Journal of Sex and Research study, told Vice. “I think [parked-car sex] was judged to be irrelevant, like an old-fashioned behavior. But really the car is a refuge for young people... who want to engage in a serious, romantic sexual interlude.”

Before you get it on, a quick disclaimer: It goes without saying that while sex in a car can be really fun, it also still qualifies as sex in public, which is ultimately illegal. So illegal, that it’s officially known as “lewdness” or public indecency, and can be classified as a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor. If caught (and depending on the state), perpetrators could face fail time for up to 12 months, probation, a criminal record, a fine of up to $500, and having to register as a sex offender, among several other serious consequences. So if the back seat is your hookup spot of choice, proceed with lots of caution.

And on that note, you’ll want to be careful of accidental voyeurs. Some people are into a little exhibition, but make sure you aren’t parked outside a school or park. “People aren’t necessarily consenting to watch you in that type of a scenario,” Lola Jean, a sex educator, coach, and instructor, tells Elite Daily. “So you want a situation where they can be able to avert their eyes as well, so it’s giving the voyeur an opportunity to opt-in or opt-out.”

Aside from car sex positions, Jean has some more pro tips, too. For one thing, try wearing dresses, skirts, or non-restrictive bottoms for easy access. And if an orgasm is your end goal, you might want to pregame a little, if you know what I mean. “You might not necessarily be having optimal time and function, range of motions for orgasm, so if that’s something that’s really important to you during car sex, then maybe find a way to edge yourself or masturbate so that you’re already coming into the situation aroused,” says Jean.

Ready to get down? These nine car sex positions can help you make the most of your experience.


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Ah, good ol’ missionary. Missionary can get boring in the bedroom for some, so try it in the back seat — it might just reignite your passion for the position. If you run into the issue of repeatedly bumping your head on the car door, put a pillow or something soft (an old hoodie lying in the trunk, perhaps?) behind your head before you get going.


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IMO, back seats were made for lying down. Lie down horizontally facing the front of the car, and have your partner lay behind you so they can penetrate you from behind. You two might fit just fine in that position, but depending on just how into it you guys get and how much sweat and friction is produced, you may or may not roll off onto the ground, so proceed with caution. Put a pillow on the floor of the car, just in case, or push against the back of the driver's seat with your hand for leverage.

Legs In The Air

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This position is not only awesome for an orgasm, but it also ensures you won't be so squished in the back seat. The vertical angle allows the receiving partner to take up less horizontal space, giving the penetrating partner space to kneel and thrust.


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This is probably one of the most space-saving and easiest sex positions you can do in the car: As Jean says, cowgirl can allow for a lot of movement, but also works well if you’re just rocking in place. Have the penetrating partner sit in the middle seat, and the receiving partner sit on top, facing them. If you’re on top, keep your hand on your partner’s shoulders, or even better, behind their head to help support it and protect it from hitting the window. With all that bouncing around, you don't want them suffering from a sexcussion.

Doggy Style

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Back seats are actually great for doggy style because both you and your partner can kneel on the seat, and maybe even use the center console as a support. But Jean warns that this might not work for everyone: “With doggy style, it’s really difficult to make adjustments in a limited space if you have height differentials,” she tells Elite Daily. “You can always accommodate these by maybe moving your legs wider, but when you’re in a car, there’s going to be a lot less room for that.”

Reverse Cowgirl

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This position works best in the middle back seat, because it gives you the most legroom. Have the penetrating partner sit facing forward and reverse straddle them. Bounce up and down, using their thighs and the headrests of the front seats for leverage. It'll also be easy for them to bounce you up and down because you’re so close together in such a confined space.

Kneeling Lunge

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Get down on one knee in a lunge position and tell your partner to do the same. Then, while facing each other, have them enter you. Use their kneeling leg as a push-off point for riding them, and grab onto each other's backs for support. Added bonus: You'll both get in a pretty decent workout for your glutes.

The Top Hug

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For a super intimate moment, have your partner sit anywhere in the back seat, then mount them as you're facing them. When you get tired of doing the work, your partner can help you out by bouncing you up and down. “Generally [with car sex], we’re speaking about limited movement or range of motions, so we want to have types of movements that are going to be a bit less in and out, and maybe more of a rocking up and down,” says Jean. This position will help you move while staying in place.

Front Seat Oral

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When all else fails, go for the classic front seat oral. It might be a little tough with the center console between you, but don’t be afraid to move the action to the back seat if it’s easier. You can also recline the seat and try 69’ing; as Jean says, the reclined seat can work “almost like a built-in sex pillow.” Whatever you do, though, don’t go down on your partner when they’re driving. Sex in public is already a risk as it is, but try explaining that to an officer.

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