4 Sex Positions For When You're In The Mood To Be On Top

by Alison Segel

I can only come during sex when I am on top. It took me about 28 years to realize it (I just thought I was a woman who could not orgasm), but once I found the right angle and positioning, I realized that cowgirl is the right kind of girl for me. So to me, woman on top sex positions should be where it's at. Not only am I able to control how my g-spot is being hit, but my clitoris is also being stimulated at the same time. When I am on top, I finally feel like I'm taking charge of my own sexual pleasure. And as an adult, it became clearer and clearer to me that I'm not just a receptacle for someone else's pleasure. I deserve my own.

I found a lot of power from being on top. It might be weird to think of cowgirl position as a feminist act, but for me, it finally made me switch my perception of sex. Some sexual positions make me feel like a man is using my body to masturbate into. Being on top, though, makes me the boss. And you should be a boss, too.

So here are five sex positions for when you're in the mood to be on top. Get your pleasure, bb!

1. Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

Kylah Benes-Trapp

The most common of the woman on top sex positions are the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Here, the woman is totally in charge of the speed, depth, motion, and pressure of the sexual experience. It's your world, and your partner is just living in it!

In cowgirl, your partner is lying down while you gyrate on top of them for penetration. Your partner can put their hands on your hips to help control the pacing, and they also have access to your breasts, which are an erogenous zone. This position is also great for incorporating a sex toy if you want additional stimulation to your clitoris.

In reverse cowgirl, you are facing away from your partner. This is particularly beneficial if your partner is a huge fan of your butt. And your partner should be a huge fan of your butt! I bet you have a great butt.

2. The Octopus

The people over at Cosmopolitan give us The Octopus, a sex position that looks very confusing, but does involve the woman being on top. Here, your partner sits on the floor, legs spread apart, with his hands behind him. You then get in the same position — facing him — and put your legs over his shoulders. After you get in position, you begin to penetrate one another at an angle, although what angle that exactly is, I am not sure because math is not my strong suit.

This is great for the flexible people out there and people who are down to try anything at least once.

3. The Chair Sit

Kylah Benes-Trapp

The chair sit requires a — surprise — chair or some other object that provides back support for your partner. The firm foundation allows for increased friction, and with the added stability of a couch or chair, you and your partner can have rougher and more rigorous woman on top sex.

You can use the back or arms of the chair or couch to gain inertia and help get you into positions that a bed might not be able to allow. Additionally, try leaning all the way back in the chair while you are on top, while your partner stimulates your clitoris to add a little oomph to the position. Your significant other will definitely enjoy the view.

4. Face Off

Victor Torres

To put it delicately, you sit on your partner's face for this position. To put it not delicately, you sit on your partner's face, and they go down on you. Does this make you uncomfortable? It shouldn't.

We put a lot of emphasis on males receiving pleasure. Think about all the ways that men receive oral sex. Sometimes, you're going down on them politely in bed while they are lying down, and other times, it feels like they are practically jamming their you-know-what into your mouth. However, we attach some sort of vulgarity to sitting on someone's face, when it is, in fact, a woman on top oral sex position. Men receive oral pleasure like that all the time, so women should receive it, too. Sit on someone's face ASAP!

So obviously, I'm a big fan of woman on top sex positions. Huge fan of lady orgasms. I like feeling in control in the bedroom. Do you have a favorite position? Let me know in the comments. I could use some more tips.

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