Women Describe Their Experiences Having Multiple Orgasms And You Should Take Notes

by Alison Segel

Orgasming for women is no easy feat. Despite the clitoris having more nerve endings than the penis (I know, it's insane), we somehow don't come nearly as often. In fact, about three quarters of women can't come from penetrative sex alone. But there are apparently some Goddesses out there who are coming, like, all the time. Can they please teach me how to have multiple orgasms like they somehow do?

One hero out there discovered a miracle — she can have multiple Os — and needed to address the Internet about it in a Reddit thread, because where else do you talk about sex stuff?

YASSS QUEEN. She then asked for other women's stories and advice on coming multiple times, because if you're having multiple orgasms, then you should damn well be screaming about it to everyone and sharing your wisdom, right?

Here are how some other awesome women described their multiple orgasms. Read and learn. #Girlpower.

She can have multiple orgasms with a vibrator.


Oral sex does it for this woman, but only for so many.

This woman only wants multiples during masturbation.

This woman orgasms so much, she almost passes out.

Must be nice.

This woman can have multiples from almost anything.

"Super orgasmic" sounds like either a superhero or DJ name, and I am here for it.

This woman says orgasms are both mental and physical.

I can only orgasm when I'm emotionally invested in someone and trust them, so I totally get this.

This woman says multiples are less intense for her.

She agrees that the first always feels better.

Round of applause to these Goddesses, Queens, and Superheroes who are orgasming on the reg, seeking pleasure all the time, and sharing how to acquire it. You deserve it, ladies.

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