Every Different Type Of Orgasm A Woman Can Have

by Gigi Engle

I'm having a bit of an affair with a piece of equipment at my gym. It's the leg raise. This is a stationary machine, and you put our arms on two sides and suspend yourself in order to raise your legs for crunches.

That thing basically makes me come. I think it's because of all the endorphins from exercise combined with blood flow from suspension and the stimulating of my lady bits from raising my legs in a rhythmic fashion. I'm not misusing the equipment, I swear. It's literally the machine's fault.

These kinds of orgasms are actually called “coregasms” and are legitimately caused by exercise. I've heard from many friends who have had exercise-induced orgasms. So I know I'm not crazy. It's a real thing.

We think of orgasms as these elusive miracles, but I'm having them regularly at the gym. Dafaq is going on?

This got me thinking about orgasms (I mean, wouldn't you?) and all the different kinds of orgasms there are out there.

Erin Basler-Francis, M.Ed., content and brand manager at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, tells Elite Daily that every woman is physiologically capable of every kind of orgasm, but it's basically different strokes for different folks.

Let's start with “O” basics before we delve into her many faces.

An orgasm is as close as we mere humans will ever get to experience an internal volcanic eruption. We all know what it feels like.

It's that building of sensual sensation that rapidly escalates and explodes inside of us. It's not something we can ignore. It brings us down in one fell swoop. We are powerless before it.

According to Basler-Francis, an orgasm has four (very wonderful) phases: excitement, plateau, climax and recovery.

The orgasm itself is the result of muscle spasms during the climax phase, Basler-Francis tells ED. It is the “peak on the chart of arousal” followed by that characteristic orgasmic glow we bath in after the deed is done.

But an orgasm comes in all shapes and sizes, and through ways you may not have even considered.

According to Lorrae Bradbury, sexpert and founder of the sex-positive Slutty Girl Problems,

Someone getting a foot rub might feel pleasure, but they never think they could orgasm from it. Someone else may find that sensation to be intensely erotic, and can orgasm easily from it.

What allows us to orgasm is “the concentration of nerves, the nerve pathway, and the pleasurable feelings we attribute to the sensation." Every element is equally responsible for how easily we are able to achieve orgasm.

Some women find it very difficult to orgasm. In fact, according to Women's Day, a third of women report that they are unable to achieve orgasm from intercourse alone. And what's worse is that most women experience only clitoral orgasms.

Bradbury tells Elite Daily that orgasm is more of an art:

To reach any kind of orgasm takes a lot of experimentation, patience, and practice to find what's right for your body. Let go of any stress, relax, and allow yourself to feel pleasure … Don't try to force it, just allow yourself to experience the full range of sensation. It's about the journey, not the destination.

Types of orgasm: from nipple to anal.

Clitoral orgasms

According to Ian Kerner, a nationally-recognized sexuality counselor who specializes in sex and couples therapy, all orgasms originate from the clitoris. Everything is connected back to it.

Kerner calls the clitoris  “the powerhouse of the female orgasm.”

And Basler-Francis says that clitoral orgasms come from stimulating “both the visible part and its branches that run through the labia. The clitoris responds to friction, vibration and some pressure.”

Bradbury explains the reason your go-to orgasmic best friends are typically your G-spot and clit is because “some areas of our body are so densely packed with pleasurable nerve endings that it's easy to orgasm from those spots.”

G-spot orgasms

Your G-spot is the walnut-sized, spongy area inside your vag and behind your clitoris. It connects to three different nerves within the pelvic region.

If someone were to put a finger inside you and hook it under your pubic bone, he or she could literally pull you by your G-spot. How's that for visual stimulation?

Anyway, G-spot stimulation is the second most effective way to induce orgasm for most women.

How G-spot and clitoral orgasms differ and unite to leave you feeling ~amazeballs~:

According to Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, the purpose of the clitoris is “pleasure with more nerve endings than the penis. The G-spot is a nerve-packed area made of erectile tissue.”

Bradbury says:

Clitoral orgasms are generally described as very focused, intense sensations throughout the clitoris and possibly the labia and genital area. On the other hand, G-spot orgasms are typically described as broader, deeper, longer, more intense, and throughout the pelvis and sometimes the entire body.

So needless to say, a blended G-spot and clitoral orgasm will leave you (for lack of a better word and because I'm f*cking gross) quivering.

“It's achieved by simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and G-spot until orgasm. It takes some extra effort to get the coordination just right, but it's well worth it,” Bradbury tells ED. We believe her.

Nipple orgasms

Now, I know I'm not alone when I say there is nothing like some nipple stimulation to really send me over the edge.

Bradbury informs us that, “Nipple stimulation engages the same pleasure-centers in your brain as clitoral stimulation.” So when you combine clitoral stimulation with nipple stimulation, you're seriously firing up your body for an orgasmic effect.

But some women don't even need the clitoral stimulation. It's actually possible to achieve orgasm straight from nipple work, because the brain lights up in the same way.

Anal orgasms

Yes, that's right. You can have an orgasm through your butt. So it might be time to reconsider bae's call for butt stuff and think about the real ways that this could benefit you.

According to Basler-Francis:

[It] responds [to] pressure and a feeling of fullness (similar to the deep two-thirds of the vagina). There are also two sphincters at the base of the anus that expand and contract during orgasm, so things like anal beads simulate the muscle contractions of orgasm.

See, maybe it isn't just bae's wiener that gets to have all the fun during your exploration. You may just find that you very much enjoy a little harmless ass-play. Go forth and prosper. Just make sure he goes heavy on the lube and helps your anal muscles relax with a gentle touch.

*shudders but is still open to anal*

Cervical orgasms

You know what they say: “Size doesn't matter.” Well, if you like your cervix messed around with when you're doing the nasty, it sure as sh*t does matter.

Bradbury describes cervical orgasms as a deep and intense experience that can be felt throughout your entire body. Now, with that being said, too much peen smacking up against your cervix can be super painful and can even cause bleeding.

So, if you're all about that gateway to your uterus getting the old stimulus, you're going to need to be extra careful so you don't f*ck your body up.

Pro-tip straight from Bradbury: “Practice kegel exercises regularly to strengthen your pelvic floor and enhance orgasm throughout your vagina and cervix.”

Urethral orgasms

We hear about the G-spot good and plenty. But what about getting some love for your other hole? No, not the butt, guys. We already talked about that. Holla!

I'm talking about the P-spot. And by P-Spot I literally do mean your pee hole. Don't click out of this article. I am dead serious! This is a thing!

Basler-Francis warns that the urethra is sensitive and very prone to infection, so you need to be really f*cking careful. The pee hole “responds to light friction, light pressure, and you should always use something that can be sterilized (by boiling--so, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and silicone) and surgical lube.”

Sounds a little like playing doctor, right? I could get into this.

Energy orgasms

Your brain can get you off, ladies and gents. All of the nerve-endings that bring you pleasure in all areas of your body are directly connected to the brain. It truly is the largest sexual muscle in the entire body. Take advantage of it.

These types of orgasms are a both a physical spiritual experience and can be achieved only when you're at peace and in touch with both your body and mind.

According to Bradbury:

The concept is that you build erotic energy throughout your body until you experience an electric, tingling release accompanied by light-headed euphoria. To achieve it, lie down and relax completely, breathe deeply, and let go of any tension.

So, take some time to try to connect your libido to your brain. It really is possible to make fireworks happen with just the power of your mind.

And, most important: No matter what kind of orgasm you fancy, just remember that it's about YOUR pleasure and what feels good to you -- rather than trying to hit every single possible notch on the orgasmic pole.

As Basler-Francis puts it:

The fixation on separate types of orgasm is adding to the never-ending list of things one must do to have an excellent sex life and be a sexy bedroom beast. As long as people are satisfied with the orgasms they are having, there is really no reason to focus on the Pokémon strategy of cumming.

So, take from this knowledge what you will, and live your best life without shame. Cheers!