these easy sex positions aren't boring

These 6 Easy Sex Positions Are Anything But Boring

Minimal effort, maximum pleasure.

by Alison Segel
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Sometimes, I feel a lot of pressure to be an acrobat in bed. What does my partner expect of me? Do I need to be able to do a handstand or swing from the ceiling to be impressive in bed these days? The answer is no. In fact, some of the easiest sex positions can also be the most enjoyable. There are several easy sex positions to start with or keep in your back pocket if you're not feeling like getting too rough in the sack.

First off, it's important to acknowledge that sex isn't about impressing other people. You shouldn't go into the bedroom forgetting that you, too, deserve to come if you want to. I spent a lot of my 20s forgetting that I am also part of the sexual experience and have the ability to — and should — orgasm. I was so worried about looking hot and pleasing other people that I forgot that I deserve to be pleased, too.

When I'm trying to be "impressive" in bed, I am usually too stuck in my head to actually enjoy sex. But you know when I actually like sex the most? When it's straightforward. I can pretty much always come when I'm engaging in very simplistic sexual positions, so today, I am here to preach that when it comes to the bedroom, easy can sometimes be best.

Aliyah Moore, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist, agrees. “There’s something intimate about sex positions that aren’t the most complicated, messiest, or animalistic,” Moore tells Elite Daily. “Partners going for simple, intimate sex cultivates a shared experience of mutual pleasure. And often, when there is more intimacy and connection, there is more pleasure.”

She continues by explain that keeping sex simple often empowers people to be more in the moment and connect more deeply to the sensations happening. “You get to be present for each other without using all of your brainpower to figure out what you need to do next — or worrying that you’re going to make a mess, cramp your calves, or break your leg,” Moore says.

So, if you’re looking for something easy and enjoyable in bed, here are six uncomplicated sex positions to try when you have no clue what you're doing or just want to keep it simple.

1. Missionary

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How to do it: In the missionary position, typically, the receiving partner is on the bottom, while the penetrating partner enters you from on top. To vary the position, you can put your knees toward your chest, wrap your legs around your partner, or (should you be flexible) put your legs on your partner's shoulders.

Why it’s good: Missionary is a classic for good reason. For starters, it’s pretty intimate. “Missionary offers a lot of room for eye-to-eye contact and gives couples a sense of security with one partner’s arms wrapped around the other,” Moore says.

Plus, it’s a pretty versatile position as it has a bunch of easy modifications. “For instance, you can place one or two pillows under your bum to adjust the depth and angle of penetration,” Moore adds. Using pillows or a sex wedge, for example, provides deeper penetration and better access to stimulating the G-spot. Additionally, you can use sex toys pretty easily for “reinforcements,” as Moore says. “For example, a bullet vibe is perfect for giving vulva-owning partners clitoral stimulation,” she says.

2. Cowgirl Or Rider

How to do it: In the cowgirl (also known as cowperson, rider, or person on top) position, the receiving partner gets on top of the penetrating partner and gyrates their hips on top of them. This can be done on a bed, a couch, or a chair for extra friction and support.

Why it’s good: This position is great because it gives the receiving partner complete control over their sexual experience. “Vulva-having partners get to control the depth and speed of penetration,” Moore explains. “So, feel free to push your partner’s chest [or] lean forward and widen your knees to experience different sensations.” If you are the one on top, you get to control the rhythm and motion, which allows you to better achieve climax.

Additionally, the person on the bottom has a great view of their partner — so they're not getting the short end of the stick whatsoever. Plus, cowperson “allows couples to have more face-to-face time, hence, more eye-to-eye contact, [and] kissing,” Moore says. “This position is great for penetrating partners who want to lie down, relax, and enjoy the show (and view!).”

3. Doggy Style

How to do it: With doggy style, one partner gets on all fours (pro tip: do this on the bed, couch, or pillow, so your knees don't hurt), while the other person penetrates them from behind.

Why it’s good: Doggy style is another simple classic. With this position, the penetrating partner is mostly in control and doing the work. “Going for a subtler version of the classic doggy allows the penetrated partner to feel more relaxed,” Moore says. “At the same time, keeping both legs together creates a tight fit so your partner’s penis [or] dildo may feel bigger.”

This position also gives both partners access to their hands. For people with vulvas, “you can use your free hand to do other things, like stimulating your clitoris,” Moore says. “You can also let your partner wear a vibrating cock ring for more intense sensations.”

4. Spooning

How to do it: In spooning sex, both partners are are lying on their sides, with the penetrating partner spooning the other from behind. The receiving partner lifts one leg gently in toward their stomach to allow their partner to enter them, then they create a rhythm and start thrusting together.

Why it’s good: Calling all laid-back sex lovers, this one is for you. “Spooning is the perfect sex position when you’re feeling lazy (hello, morning sex!) or just want more cuddles from your partner,” Moore says. While this position promotes shallow thrusts, it’s perfect if you’re sensitive to deep penetrations.”

Additionally, spooning is great for intimate touch and stimulating erogenous zones for extra pleasure. “Although there’s no eye contact, having lots of skin-to-skin contact and being held by your partner means bringing your intimacy levels to new heights,” says Moore. Spooning sex also gives both partners access to their hands and thus toys for some added stimulation and pleasure.

5. Faceoff

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How to do it: For the faceoff position, you’ll need to use the edge of a bed, couch, chair, or any other stable ledge. The penetrating partner sits on the edge and then the receiving partner sits on their lap and straddles them face-to-face. It’s similar to rider but with both people sitting up. You can also give this position a spin by having both partners facing the same direction while still seated. “Do it in front of the mirror and explore more erogenous zones to add more intensity to the experience,” Moore says.

Why it’s good: This position is a great simple option for intimacy with your partner. After all, what is more intimate than sitting face-to-face with someone? “Like the good ol’ missionary, the faceoff gets you both up close and personal for some sexy eye contact,” Moore says.

The faceoff is also an easy, relaxed option for when the receiving partner wants to be in control of the movement but doesn’t want to put in that much physical effort. “If you’re the top partner, you can take control of the depth and angle of penetration,” says Moore. “And when you’re both seated, you’re not going to be drained from using up most of your energy.”

6. Mutual Masturbation

How to do it: The best part of this one is that there’s no wrong way to do it. The core of mutual masturbation is that both partners are pleasuring themselves near each other — be it at the same time or one at a time while the other watches. “Both partners can lie down or stand up while facing each other,” Moore says. “Make sure to look into each other’s eyes as you pleasure yourselves.”

Why it’s good: This one is “a super easy move yet makes all parties involved feel vulnerable,” Moore says. “Mutual masturbation brings couple intimacy to a whole new level. Nothing feels more intimate than maintaining eye contact with your partner as you move your hands over your body and focus on the parts that turn you on.”

Not to mention, mutual masturbation is great because it shows your partner how you like to get off, which they can learn from and incorporate into future sex. “This position allows partners to show each other how they love touching themselves and being touched,” Moore says. “It’s also a great way to teach your partner how you like to be touched and vice versa.”

All in all, complicated sex does not always equal great sex. In fact, when it comes to the bedroom and intimacy, sometimes less can be more. “While busting some gymnastics-level moves from time to time can boost intimacy and communication between partners, they can also bring confusion and distraction,” Moore says.

If you're a beginner in the bedroom or just a fan of keeping things simple, try one of these positions out for size. Remember, there's no shame in liking the classics. Own whatever positions you love, and don't let people shame you about your personal preferences!


Aliyah Moore, Ph.D., certified sex therapist

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