these lazy sex positions don't require much physical effort

These Sex Positions Don’t Require Much Effort — But They’re Still Super Hot

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I’ll say it, y'all — sex can be exhausting. During a Sex and the City-style brunch once in college, a friend of mine shared that she'd actually fallen asleep in the middle of sex on multiple occasions, and I don't blame her. We've all got enough on our plates, trying to balance career commitments and social lives while staying nourished and hydrated. It's hard enough to find the time and energy to respond to texts, let alone perform like a trapeze artist for your partner in the bedroom. Enter these eight lazy sex positions.

Maybe it's been a long week. Maybe you tackled a 90-minute HIIT class that morning and one workout was enough for you. Or maybe you and your partner are just having a cozy night streaming movies on a laptop in bed. Whatever the case may be, it's totally cool to want to get it on without having to give it your all. After all, sex should be enjoyable, and giving full physical effort isn’t always what feels good and right for the moment.

“Sex doesn’t have to be linear like in the movies,” Lola Jean, a sex educator, mental health professional, and domme, tells Elite Daily. “We can divorce ourselves from that, divorce ourselves from things needing to go on a really straight escalator, and instead embrace waning, ebbing and flowing, taking breaks, and moving from one position to another.”

Keep these lazy sex positions up your sleeve for the next time you're craving some laid-back intimacy with your partner. They're tender and hot, but require minimal effort on both ends — because you deserve a pleasurable break.

1. The Wraparound

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The name of this move might sound complicated, but it's really a piece of cake. While lying face-to-face on your sides, both the penetrating and receiving partners wrap their legs around one another and just grind slowly. It's super intimate, super sexy, and super low-key.

To help get into the position, which is also sometimes called side-by-side, have the partner with a vulva lift their top leg to allow for penetration before wrapping that leg around their partner’s waist and pulling them closer in. Getting into the position will likely be more effort than actually pulling the move off.

2. The Sofa Straddle

Talk about comfy: The sofa straddle sex position is similar to a lotus-style sex move, but it's done on a sofa, so you've got built-in back support and can therefore put in way less effort. The penetrating partner sits on the sofa while the receiving partner straddles them face-to-face, holding onto their partner's shoulders or the back of the couch for leverage. You can even keep an eye on the television, if you like, for a very lazy, sexy movie night.

3. The Tight Squeeze

Perhaps the laziest sex move of all, the tight squeeze, sometimes also called flat doggy style, is very low-maintenance for both the receiving and penetrating partners. “It’s really low energy and basically allows both partners to relax into position,” Jean explains. As opposed to standard doggy style, this position doesn’t allow for super deep penetration, as there just isn’t as much room to move — hence being coined “tight.”

The receiving partner simply lies down on their stomach, legs slightly spread, while the penetrating partner lies on top (resting on their elbows) and enters from behind. If you're the one receiving, feel free to clench your thighs and move your hips in a slow, circular motion if you want to spice this up and add some new angles.

4. The Swing

While perhaps a bit unconventional as far as mainstream sex positions with props go — not everyone has a sex swing installed and hanging from their ceiling — the swing is incredibly versatile and also easy to pull off, which is why it fits well into the lazy sex category.

According to Lola Jean, sex swings are “really great for assisting, whether you're sitting in it like actual swing, or you're bending over it so it can kind of hold your stomach. Or even if you are just able to hold on to the handles with your hands, whether you're being penetrated or doing the penetrating, that assistance can make it a lot easier.” In the same way a TRX band assists movement for working out, swings assist and lighten the load of physical movement for sex.

5. The Lazy Missionary

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If you're both feeling drained but DTF, there’s nothing like a pillow to make sex positions lazier. For this position, also referred to as wedge-supported missionary, first have the receiving partner lie on their back, legs spread, with the penetrating partner on top and entering from above. Let the penetrating partner drop their weight down and lie on top of the receiver, so they're not having to balance and support you both while doing this move.

Then, place a pillow under the receiver’s back or hips for extra comfort and support. “You don't have to get sex pillows specifically,” Jean says. “You can get ones that are made for comfort, just to have the right alignment with each other.”

6. Spooning

Spooning might just be the ultimate lazy sex position purely based on spirit and vibes alone, as it’s a position many people naturally gravitate toward while cuddling. All you and your partner have to do is get into a typical big spoon, little spoon position, which means both of you on your sides facing the same direction, and have the penetrating partner insert their penis or dildo from behind.

One thing to note, though, is that even this position does require a bit of effort to actually do, according to Jean, as neither of you have much leverage in terms of movement. It ends up involving a lot of rocking back and forth, as you are both on your sides. Nonetheless, the spooning position is perfect, cozy, and cuddly for lazy mornings and nights, as it is full of skin contact and intimacy.

7. Mutual Masturbation

Sex doesn’t just include penetrative sex. Activities such as oral sex, manual stimulation, and masturbation are just as valid and enjoyable. If you and your partner are really feeling like you want to keep physical movement and energy levels to a minimum, consider trying mutual masturbation — be it at the same time lying next to each other, or one at a time while the other watches.

You can make it as intimate as you want or an individual activity. Not only can it be arousing to watch your partner get themself off, but you might just learn a thing or two about what they like. Plus, there’s a guaranteed orgasm at the end (if you want one). Mutual masturbation is fun, pleasurable, and low-key all at the same time.

8. Erogenous Zone Mapping

Erogenous zones are another fun thing to explore during sex that don’t require that much physical exertion. As Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, sexologist, and author of All The F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life, previously told Elite Daily, "An erogenous zone is part of the body that, when activated, inspires sexual desire or lustful feelings — meaning it feels really, really good.”

Erogenous zones can be anything from genitals and lips to inner thighs and earlobes — literally any part of your body. “Research has shown that igniting different erogenous zones can elicit different reactions in the body, opening you up to sexual pleasure in a myriad of ways — ways you may not have thought possible," Engle says. With your partner, you can explore or map each other’s erogenous zones by seeing what different sensations feel good where. This could be done using your fingers, a feather, ice cubes, and other objects that create different feelings of touch.

All in all, should you and your partner be long overdue for a lazy Sunday morning or chill Wednesday night, there are plenty of low energy, high reward lazy sex positions to try. You might never want to work up a sweat again!


Lola Jean, sex educator, mental health professional, and domme

Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, sexologist, and author of All The F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life

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