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10 Sex Moves To Try Using Pillows That'll Take You To New Heights

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Ah, pillow talk. Who doesn't love the dreamy moments after getting intimate with someone in which you emotionally bare your soul, after physically baring it all? While, as long as everything is consensual, there's no wrong way to get it on, these 10 sex moves using pillows might give a totally new meaning to pillow talk.

No matter how long you've been sleeping with your sweetie, incorporating pillows into your routine can help you and your flame switch it up and hit all sorts of new angles. Maybe you slide a pillow under your back and hips to allow for deeper penetration. Perhaps you lie down over a giant fluffy stack of pillows to give your partner easier access to your rockin' bod. Heck, you could even use a pillow to make spoon sex feel more secure or to play with your vibrator in a new way. Whatever way you choose to do it, inviting pillows to the party can bring extra comfort to the way you do the dirty.

And if you're ready to add some bounce and spring to your sex life, here are 10 moves to try with a pillow that'll take getting frisky to new heights.

Heightened Missionary

Lie on your back, with your legs bent beside you and your feet on the bed. Prop up your hips with a stack of pillows, so your pelvis is in the air. Have your partner sit on their knees, meeting your hips with theirs. Then they can enter or stimulate you with their penis, hands, or a toy. If you're feeling it, stimulate yourself for some added sensation.

Relaxed Reverse Cowgirl

Adding pillows can make reverse cowgirl way more comfortable for everyone involved. Have your partner lie down, propping up their neck and head with pillows. Straddle your partner, facing away (i.e., looking at their feet), bend your knees at their sides and ride them, resting your arms, and putting your weight on a stack of pillows in front of you. You'll be able to put your weight down and forward, and they'll able to lie back and relax. Can I get a yeehaw?

Down Doggie

Lie on your belly with your hips propped up by pillows. Putting your weight in your arms, lift your pelvis in the air. Have your partner enter or stimulate you from behind, meeting your hips with theirs. The extra lift means deeper penetration, and facing away from each other gives you some extra breathing room.

Lifted Oral

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the bed. Support your hips on a stack of pillows and lift your hips. Have your partner go down on you or stimulate you with fingers or toys. The height will allow for all sorts of new sensations and lessen the tension in your boo's neck as they get to it.

Edge Of Glory

Sit on the edge of your bed with your partner standing in front of you. Lying back, rest your head, back, and hips, on pillows, with extra pillows under your hips. Lift your legs up so your ankles are on or near your partner's shoulder (they can hold onto your legs and guide you). Propping your hips on extra pillows, have your pelvis meets your partner's, so they enter or stimulate you with themselves, their hands, or a toy. This angle lets you keep eye contact as you go at it.

Secure Spoon

Lie on your side, facing away from your partner, with them also on their side, spooning you. As they enter or stimulate you from behind, slide a pillow between your knees. Having extra support can help make your spoon sex feel more secure.

Standing Doggie

Stand up, face your bed, and bend over on a pile of pillows. Resting your weight on your arms, bend down into the pillows, lifting up your pelvis, allowing your partner easier access from behind. Have your partner stand behind you, also facing the bed, and enter or stimulate you. This position is great if you and your partner are different heights, as you can use a varying number of pillows to find your best angle.

Electric Bull

If you love the power of being on top, you'll live for giving yourself a little lift as you ride your partner. Put pillows at your partner's sides to rest your knees on them as you're riding. The height will let you bounce more and really take control.


Lie on your back with your legs in the air, resting your hips on a stack of pillows. Give your partner full access to your behind, so they can stimulate you orally or enter you with themselves, a plug, or a toy. If you and your boo are into butt stuff, using a pillow gives them a backstage pass.


Are you looking for a hands-free sensation-overload? Nestle your favorite toy between your body and a pillow. You can mount the pillow on all fours, or lie on your back and stack it on top of your vibrator. The best party? Ask your partner to watch for a sexy show.

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