Get Yours, Girl: 8 Sexual Positions That Guarantee Orgasms For Women

by Alexa Mellardo
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Date night can be extremely romantic and special, from dinner to dessert. Speaking of dessert, sweets aren’t the only treats you and your partner can enjoy together. If you desire something extra special on the menu for your next date (or whenever), I’m here to let you in on what sexual positions guarantee orgasms for women. Elite Daily spoke with sex educator Lola Jean and Jess O’Reilly, PhD., host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast to get the scoop, and you may find it pretty sweet.

Being creative, spontaneous, and fresh in your sex life — when it comes to both penetrative and solo sex — can really spice things up. Jean points out there technically isn’t a “guarantee” you’ll have an orgasm during penetrative sex, because the vulva is always changing — most specifically when you’re getting close to your period. “On top of that, most [people with vulvas] require clitoral or external stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm,” she says. So while the positions below are great to turn to in the heat of the moment, they’re not the only ways to get you off. (As a matter of fact, Jean added, when it comes to sex, “We should be asking and challenging ourselves how we define sex and why the sole focus is on penetrative acts.”)

Below, you’ll find sex positions that will give you a better chance of achieving an orgasm, mainly because they’re moves that in some way will stimulate your clitoris. (However, Jean notes that although “you can access the clitoris internally — ahem, G-spot — it’s important to recognize this area is also the clitoris and it doesn’t make one [internal or external] orgasm superior over the other.”) They’re moves you can do with a partner, but also positions you can achieve just as easily when you’re on your own. If you’re femme-identifying, here are some positions to try out.

1. Pillow Talk

Who knew you could totally revolutionize missionary if you just put a pillow under your butt? missionary may get a “bad” rap for being “lazy,” but this one's good.

Lay on your back, in missionary, grab the fluffiest pillow you've got, and place it under your butt. This should lift the entire lower half of your body off the bed to allow for deeper penetration in missionary. Wrap your legs around your partner for extra depth. Jean says this position is awesome because of “the elevated and curvature of the pelvis this position provides.”

“When you elevate your hips or ‘cat’ your back (like in yoga class), you are shortening the distance of your pelvis, creating a bit easier access to your [G-spot]. This position is also easier on the body as the hips are one of our strongest and most stable areas. Grind those hips left, right, and around the world for added clit stimulation from body to body,” she says. If you want more control in this particular position, Jean recommends having a partner “stay still as you move and grind on them and vise versa to understand which combination of movements feel best.”

2. The Folding Chair

This is another twist on missionary, which Jean notes is a favorite position for a lot of reasons. “By elevation and ‘folding’ your body in half, you’re shortening the distance of your pelvis. You’re also in a hinge position so every time your partner leans forward, you increase the angle at which you are elevated,” she says. If you experience vaginal pain, Jean notes you should probably steer clear from this position because there’s not as much “depth control.”

Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen tells Elite Daily this position is great for getting the pelvic area moving, because you’re pretty much moving like a “folding chair” — hence the name. It allows you extra motion while your legs are against bae’s shoulders. She says movement in this position is a bit simpler than when you’re flat in missionary position, for example.

3. Sexual Spooning

For this position, assume a regular cuddly spooning position and allow your partner to enter you from behind. “The closeness of this position as well rigidity of your legs/genitals makes this position great for those who may find more movement painful,” Jean says. “Stay still and work on smaller hip movements as well as engaging your pelvic floor muscles on each other.” (Yes, that means both of you.) She adds, “It’s important to remember many sexual positions can be painful for individuals even with a copious amount of lube. This position is a nice one to get in the swing of things and increase your own natural lubrications.”

O’Reilly even suggests incorporating a “pleasure air toy” in the spooning position, noting the We-Vibe Melt ($149, specifically is an awesome slimline toy for couples. She says, “Many folks describe these toys as ‘suction toys,’ but they create intense pleasure with tiny waves of air directly over the head of the clitoris (or anywhere you want it). The Melt is perfect for partnered play (you can even control it from the app if you want), so either of you can take the reins of the control.”

Jean also recommends using a product like OhNut ($65, that’ll benefit both you and your partner. Queen recommends a couple “pro-orgasmic toys” as well, including cock rings (starting at $6, and the We-Vibe Unite ($99, She notes most of these toys enhance sex positions and are stimulating for your clit.

4. Cowgirl

There's nothing like being on top to make you feel like you're in control of your own pleasure. You can control the speed of the thrusting, the depth of your partner’s entry, and which walls inside of you they hit. So get on top, lower yourself onto your partner, and start moving up and down. “If you really want to up the chance of having an orgasm via penetrative sex, this should be your go-to because this position has the best access for external stimulation,” Jean says.

Queen says the cowgirl position allows “the ‘cowgirl’ to focus on what gives them the most pleasure. Not only can the rider reach their own clit, but their partner can too.” By leaning forward in this sex position, you may experience “clit-to-pubic bone pressure” that can help the person who is riding climax.

O’Reilly actually suggests testing out the sleeping cowgirl. She says, “Instead of sitting up, lie down and squeeze your legs together. Your partner can still pump in and out as you grind against their body increasing the likelihood of orgasm.”

5. Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl is great, but you have even more control in the reverse form of this classic sex position.

Get on top like you normally would in cowgirl, but turn around so your butt is facing your partner. When you're reversed, the angle from which they enter you allows for easier, more consistent access to your G-spot. O’Reilly suggests, “Have your partner bend their legs with their feet flat on the mattress. You can rub yourself against their thighs for extra friction.”

If you're not in a relationship with penis-vagina stimulation, Queen says one way you can get pleasure from positions like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl is by trying strap-on sex with a dildo. “These can look a lot like a penis, but not everyone is into that, so they can also look quite different and you can think of them as pleasure implements rather than as optional body parts,” Queen says.

6. The Double Worm

Lie on your stomach and have your partner lie on their stomach on top of your back. It should look like you're both about the do the worm. Your partner could either prop themselves up on their hands so they’re in a slight push-up position or just keep their stomach resting on your back. Now, lift your butt up so they can enter you from behind.

Jean says, “This position is great for deeper penetration with less movement required while also providing physical closeness and a nice firm pressure from their body atop yours. It’s also a great position that’s easy on both persons’ hips.”

O’Reilly suggests “[wrapping] your hands right around your vulva with your palm on your pubic mound and your fingers along your lips to create a pocket. Grind, pulse, rub, and press to your heart’s delight.” She says you can also use the We-Vibe Touch ($94.05, toy for taking things up a notch.

7. The Stand Up

If having both of you on the bed is getting tedious, consider switching things up. Your partner can stand on the floor in front of the bed while you scoot down to the very edge of the bed and spread your legs. Your partner can enter you while they’re standing, and the perpendicular angle will make your clitoris extra visible, so it'll be easier for them — or you — to touch it. Lift your butt slightly and place one leg on your partner’s shoulder for even deeper penetration.

Queen says how tall your bed and partner are will both come into play here. She suggests adding a pillow under your butt or trying sex position furniture.

And if you really want to take things to the next level, O’Reilly says, “Try this one from behind (by flipping onto your stomach) with a few pillows beneath your hips.”

8. The Straddle

This position doesn't require a lot of effort. Have your partner sit up normally while you straddle them so you're face-to-face. Now, instead of bouncing up and down, simply swirl yourself around and rock back and forth so they hit the wall of your G-spot over and over again. Lean back for easier access to the clitoris.

Like cowgirl, Jean says this position gives you the opportunity “to get your grind on” for the amount of pressure you desire. And according to, straddling your partner is a great move because it puts you in complete control. You decide how slow or fast you’d like the movement to be for ultimate pleasure.

In addition to these positions, O’Reilly suggests more movements you can test out, including the Rocking Horse: "Sit all the way down and rock your hips from front to back. Picture yourself sensually riding a rocking horse for this move"; Sitting on your knees: "Lean backward in a kneeling position and pump up and down”; or changing things up by “alternating between 10 very shallow pumps and 10 deep ones pressing your lips and lower thighs into [your partner’s] hips/pelvis.”

Additional reporting by Alexa Mellardo.

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